QAF Brian Proves His Love To Justin

The scene is from Queer As Folk season 5 episode 11. If anyone wants any other scenes from this show just comment

This is how their story ends and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.
Sophie Furlong
I became an addicted fan of QAF about 10 years too late but this scene always gives me butterflies! ❤💕💖❤💕💖
They cannot be together because of two things: 1. Justin doesn’t want Brian to change himself for his sake. Rather he wants him to stay true to himself and love him just the way Brian is. While 2. Brian doesn’t want anyone or sure Justin to sacrifice something to be with him. He truly believes he is not the person worth sacrificing for. And so they ended up leaving each other because they truly love each other. And loving someone is seeing them happy. Painful isn’t it.
You know I know they are not going to be together in end but I'm still HAPPY in this MOMENT ....Cause brian say "I love you"....he say "my prince"....he didn't say"marry me...!!!" but me mean it n want yes from sunshine.... Justin really deserve this and Brian deserve to be Happy in end when Justin left him and that's why I'm thankful to Mike when he dance with Brian in end on proud song.... ❤
Shontelle Fan
Justin is so luckyyyyyyy😍😍😍😍
Kyle Fire
D. Dee
Somehow I feel like I'm hearing emmet instead of brian..😂😂
tyler baker
Tyler hear I 💘 this seen but thay need to start queer as folk back up I would like them pick it up where thay left of
Kayla aka Gloria Borger
Such a beautiful video ❤
Michael Osimco
how can we watch the season 3 or where can we find this? please I feel in love in movie
Jermaine Roper
I'm sorry this is messing me up right now that so sweet I'm just hurting for that love to find me 😓😓😥 like I said on top that's so sweet
Ollie Greipl
This is so adorable! ❤️
Charmaine Stephens
Love them together. One of my fav moments of the entire series ❤️ such feels here.
2:58 Brian says he’s selling the club and his loft. So, even when Justin does leave for NY we know that he’s in this beautiful place waiting for Justin to come back 😭
Morena Dulce
Always the best and the most beautiful couple love them both 💙💜💜💙❤️😍😍😍😘👀
Brs Mymy
I love this show so much. It gave me a good impression coz in the very first episode of season 1 when Emmet had a problem and then he came back to be who he has always be and he said “God loves everyone and we deserve to be loved by him” I don’t have any religious but this made me felt happy
Stella maris
Pls someone/ somebody tell me were I can watch d full series pls
Nonya Business
Michael Osimco
pls give us a chance to see this movie it's a very beautiful story.....
Nickelbackist meinLeben
Naaaaaaaw <3
Blessing Precious
nice ending
Anilah Reynolds
Ngoc Pham
Kill meeee
Yayah Awiyah
How to watching this story full series?
Can anyone tell me end of their story...I can't find this in Netflix..
Nickelbackist meinLeben
Did they end up together or not in the final Episode?