Luis Nani Top 10 Goals For Manchester United

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Virakboth Kong
Nani play soo well in Manchester united. Most of his goals is batter then others good player.
Andrew Brown
Miss this guy so much was absolutely gutted when they sold him nuff love Nani #BALLER
Kunal Sharma
He could have been great, so sad too see him falling under CR7's shadow.
Nizami 13
Song - Steam Phunk - Feelings (Original Mix)
Hmar Tetea
Nani si my best footballer.
William Yung
second last goal was insane
teddy tatyo
To this day hes still somersaulting and doing flips
hyusoku Nimahs
omaewa mou shindeiru NANI!!!!!!
shah hamid
A few thought he wasn't good enough for the shirt but look what we got now compared to what we had. I think he was underrated.
As a Liverpool fan i have to admit his second goal is like something else.Just wow
What a player!!
Kweku Afful
Miss you nani
Addi Ak47
I really respect him
Dino Zizo
Song please ??
the c.f.a.
Deon Russell
What's the song