Vibrating Panties Prank On Girlfriend! (IN PUBLIC)

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Nasiah Brown
“she thinks we’re getting married, i’m sorry” 😂
Kenny Bazile
When she moaned 4:13😂😂
"her eyes gonna be rolling in the back of her head like the exorcist"😂😂😂
There’s literally no way she could not know those aren’t vibrating panties when she put em on. Lmfao
Tino Serrano
The coochie cushion 😂
I'm pretty sure this is an actual genre of pornography.
Guys if you don’t wanna waste money on your girl, put this vibrating thing on her. She’ll walk out the store 😂
How were you holding the camera, her hand and pressing the button to make her panties vibrate at the same time lmfao... this a funny skit tho
Can broly reach 2k subs
4:13 the moaning XD
Eddy Ramon
Lmao “babe what you got cramps”
Wait if he was holding hands with her with one hand and holding the camera With another how he click the button without her seeing the thing🤔
1:58 did she just said i never felt so good in my life?😂
What if she squirted while it vibrated 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
Lil Jass
He said "bae what you got? Cramps" 😭😭
Ty Artist
She low key could be an actress.
Meggy Deloatch
She probably thought it was a viagra prank lowkey 😂😭
A'Tavious Caslin
"Say u swear right now" "I swear we need to find somethin" 😂😂😂😂😂
casual gamer
Shiit!!!!!! Im trying this on my girl (Remembers he doesn't have one) *oh*
xX BluSparkleXx
Jay 2 Drippy
She was finna squirt
Paige Tonu
"the seats vibrating" AHAH LMFAOOOO
Nikki Boo
Catherine R
queen naija has that same outfit on in instagram same jeans and shirt lol.. except her shirt is yellow not pink
Elohjah Sabedra
"I'm such a 'thotful' boyfriend" lul
Mia Primavera
Should have held it down for a long time 😂
Reuben Smith
“Her eyes gon be rolling to the back off her head like the exorcism “😭😭😭😭
Living The Horse Dream
She’s pretty asf. 😂😂
Seth Thomas
Damnit I wish he kept the camera on.
kaché melli
mystic did this prank so he ain’t have to buy her no expensive shit 😂💪🏾 stay woke
Jasmine Weldon
Her shape 😍😍
Jhardwork Pays off
Best prank mystic has ever done 😂🤣
جديد يلعب
امنيتي عندي صديقه زي هذي يناس ممكن تلقاني حتى وانا نايم مبتسم من قوة الفرحه اجمل بنت سمرا شفته فحياتي
Al Cappi
Why ya look related?😭
Pho Meh
"You're on your period ?" 😂
She's moaning in public and that's freaking hilarious. 😂
Emma Grace
I feel like he has a new girlfriend every video lmaooo
Ruben Aguirre
congratulations on 4 million subs my dude!!!!!
Jesus Aloy Herrera Oregel
Ey compadre muy buen vídeo me diste muchas ideas Con mi novia jajaj
Cosmic Kings
I need to do this on my girl lmfaoo
faisal Al Ali
omg i need this for the girls to stop them from shopping
RTV Dexter
Ruth Jimenez
Man what chu got cramps lmao best part!!!!😂😂😂😂
Pit Dawg
What juu got girl, cramps?
Rose tongimvu
*Times like these I am so happy I'm single cause if anyone did this to me I would be so dramatic💀😂*
thumbs up coz she hella fine bro 🙏🏻🤘🏼
Eyeare 1
Mystic homie!! If she doesn’t know that what she has on is a vibrating panty then you must be doing something wrong in the bedroom!! Sorry doggy!!
Orlando Krump
This was published one day before MuBu Krump got killed
Ty Artist
Mystic got skits!
mike johnson
That's some funny as sht lmao had me rolling hard
Senpai Bitch
It's called "the coochie cushion" 😂😂
Danny Smith
'Girl, you still dripping' 😂😂
Andreas Harris
You FOOL boy
kristen martinez
How did she not feel that thing when she was trying it on ahhaha
Kaidra Red
"Y u looking at the bigger and bigger diamonds for im just confused" lmfaaaaaao😭😭
Ethan Gindlesperger
Damn!!!!! LMAO 😂😂😂😂
strawberrymoon f.l
This ya comeback prank 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ronald M
Everything is sexual with this couple 👫
Ally kat
They gonna get it in after the video lol
being in front of diamonds where she could have smashed them in a moment was not a good idea.
Rhianan Arthur
Why does he have a different girlfriend in every freaking video 😂 he’s such a player
Louisa Nicole
Cracked me up when you messed with her in front of the worker 😂
Karina Rodriguez
get you some fresh skechers😂
Yo this prank is hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣
They look like siblings more than girlfriend and boyfriend
Ellie Smith
4:12 she moaned
*gives judgemental look* your trippin😂😂
Ooops forgot to put Jaz's's @JazmineBJohnson
Antonio K
What’s the name of those I gotta prank my old lady 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Rafferty
That was brilliant I need to get them for the misses I don't think I could hold my laugh in tho
lx_KingxCobra_ xl
:You kno im saying :Yeah I know your saying it
joe P.
Lol....where you buy those bro.
She abaut to squirt 😂
Living The Horse Dream
4:13 she legit moaned. 😂😂
Kamran Khan
aww her cute smile 😍😍😍
Certified Kingz
Roses are red Violets are blue you just got clickbaited SO DID YOU
Martha Barajas
The moaning ❤️😂
mikyle charleron
He said Coochie cushion🤣🤣🤣
Miguel Gonzalez
Lmfaoo my boy said she looks like trippie red now I can't get it out of my head
Jlo Elieisar
I was waiting for this prank thank u mysticgotjokes biaatch
Restrict US
Why she lw look like trippie red girl version😭
EchoLandsAndNickValentine reactionDetectiveSquad
(G covers my eyes)ME/Frisk:G whats wrong...G:you don't need to know kiddo. . .(exits video)
Ikenasio Tuagalu
He’s always reminded me of will smith specifically in prince of bel air
Vashanti Osgood
She said she was pregnant in November she would have been 6 months in she got no stomach 😂
Antoine Buckmire
Seen some of these before....hands down this was the greatest! Beautiful couple....1!
Harmony Man
Your turn to take the vib. test Dude!
Jay Jay Did It
This was Crazy eiiish👌😀💯
She thought that his seats were vibrating!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tshupo Motoko
Almost nutted😂😂
Abby Lovex
HE was so satisfied wit da moan at 4:13 like WTF 😂
Landon Broussard
She finna squirt
armando marquez
Babe you was drippin I think you still are lmao 😂
Angel Rodriguez
Mystic crazy for doing this😂
Charles Quarterman
He complains but u do realised he has a hoodie on so.. .
Andre Renix
Moist like Duncan
Hazy Tony
You's drippen had me dead😂😂😂😂
Travon Semper
That new new 💀
chicken mane
“Sketchers store right here, let’s get you fresh sketchers”😂😂
Evie :p
SHE REMIND ME OF... wait...who does she remind me of? SHE REMIND ME OF SOMEBODY DANG ON IT
Aarya Gathani
Ninja technique for saving money when she is shopping 😂
Cookie O'so Beautiful
She is beautiful af but she kinda favors Ashley Tisdale...or am I just high af?😯