비밀 - Secret EP15 # 009

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Title : Secret (EP15) Website : />Showtime : KBS 2TV Sat 10:00pm Mon, Tue 2013/11/13 More Episode :

Sneha SS
Here in 2018 ...anyone watching it?
Hippiette The Gaming
i hopethey made another drama after kill me heal me i love this couple
lia sha
now 2017 and i'm still watch this drama... anyone else??
Did you see that?? Jisung touched her scar then he express to her cry a moment. I looked that i realize both of them connect feel. Awesome.and the kiss. Romantic !!!!!
Mehmet Özkan
Ben bu ikiliye bayIldIm muhtesem bir birlerine cokyakIsIyorlar boyle güzel dramalar benim tutkum cok seviyorum izlemeyi koreya dizileri ve filmleri sipessiyal diziler
Richadiana Kartakusuma
i love this couple verymuch ... they deserve each other well
redbelbet 53
OMG ... I love his lips... The more I look at it, the more I desire it ..lol... N I love his sweet voice. he's perfect <3
Marina Roberts
Beautiful song. I wish I understood the Korea language. He sings it with so much of feeling. wow! very sentimental.
Miss Ai
ohmyyyyyyyyyyyyy i wonder how they can act this scene???? i bet lee bo young must jealous
tina M
please anyone can tell me where i can find this movie with eng sub
Lady Purple
I love this drama very much still watching again 2017. love them both.
Mano Chitra
love it.....love this drama and ji sung hwang
Sum marhahhh
Ioana Mititelu
I love them in Kill me..Heal me. they are amazing together
mica alvarado
Jisung has a good character i like him.. Wish to see them all in person.. :)
syafiq zul
Sweet to the max!Been watching JS drama and film..This scene between JS & HJE so much calm and i can see JS love acting together with HJE.The way JS look at her very natural way and so much in love towards HJE.
louisa kingi
So sweet you two. And love the song. Including her reading. But so passionately in touch with one another. But don't for get t's only acting.....?
Michelle Wong
Oh..Ji Sung ears was turning red..lolz..he is cute and handsome
Jisung really cool guy. I envy.
مطبخ علي قد الايد sara
اسمو ايه المسلسل بالعربي بليزززز؟ ؟
Teratai Fatmasani
Anyone know, what's title of this song?
Marina Roberts
She tied the nott on the 26th feb. Wish her well. Congratulations.
Christian Paculanang
ganda talaga nakakainlove tong drama nato
Hwang Jung Eum did a really great job in this series tbh. She has a crying scene in every single episode...
Cristina Songco
Ahh...... omg kilig to the highest level na talaga ito :-). :-) :-)
Ja Kri
I like this drama i h0pe i can't see this drama again..
Nskks Skjs
why !!! she is so lucky 😢😢
Michelle Wong
Oh..Ji Sung ear was turning red...lolz..he is cute and handsome
Adelfa Monares Jacobsen
i love to watch this on english sub :( cant get too much on happenings
such an amazing drama! I loved the ending :D 
ji sung ost 😭😭💔 always best drama in my heart ❤
Noor Hannah
nice drama but no eng sub
hafizah freeze
The more i look at jisung.. the more its looks like taenim shinee..hrm.. and wow his ear were so red.. i wonder if it bcoz of the weather or the plumpy shy.. hahah
Joyjuliet Diamante
as my idol in that koreanovela so cute both
Sonya Mataz
this dtama drama is intense and the characters protayed the real feel of the script...I love,these guys are just good at their jobs period
Joeylla Sial
The most heartfelt kissing scene i've ever watch. love you both.
Vilma Silva
helen pasgala
I love this movie
helen pasgala
I love this movie
Norahana Hashim
I am.watching it many times.love it
Kazna Muhambetalyeva
Как называется? Name???
Clarisa Ocde
I love you hwang ji☺☺😊😊😊😊:-D
amanda smith
this show was good .
Reylnora Senang
Still hoping they will collaborate again 😌😌
lissy belt saravia doumenz
cuando van a poner el ultimo capitulo de mi novela preferida amor secreto
Mary Campos
me enamore de esta novela 😍😍😍
Cristina Songco
Ahh.......... omg kilig to the highes level
Linh Dang
cảnh tình cảm rất nhân văn, nội tâm, bộc lộ rõ tâm tư của nhân vật.
Aya Shi Lim
I'm looking for this for a long time and I don't find any full episode in youtube?!!! Damn! I wanna watch this badly!
Gian Jay Tuazon
grabe talaga secret love nkk inlove!!sa lahat n npnood ko korean drama ito ang pinaka gusto ko ulit ulitin...bagay cla tlga..
Michelle Wong
Oh..Ji Sung ears was turning red..lolz..he is cute and handsome
Phung Nguyen
Yeu Em yeu ca Nhung vet seo trong cuoc doi Em
Zaynah Khan
Alma M. Santiano
One of the most beautiful story in korean movie...Secret Love...❤❤❤
Shally Appiah
English sub for all the episodes pls.
Hatice Evci
Haksızlık ama bu kadar erken bitmesi ben sizi çok seviyorum
fitri chunmin
I hope too ...they're really good couple. ..and the jisung song excellent for this scan
vanessa dolores
es la mejor novela q eh visto
Marina Roberts
Of course. It was a beautiful drama.
Yvonne Morgan
Here we go again you always do you turn off the captions your last episodes drama KBS you are a pack of morons surely there is a
어어! 어!어어어어!!어어ㅓ어어ㅇㅓ!!!!!!!
상처 어떡해... 마음 아프다
Mercedes Martín Vizcaíno
Que guapo essssss
Hanna Paras
English subtitles
Chipo Maupa
The chemistry is KILLING ME... WHEW I need a cold shower...
Black Pink
People should watch this drama so fucking good and so much emotional.
Endang Novi
my favorit song..💙💙💙
Валентина Литвинова
Я наверное азиатка)) ,люблю всех азиатов! Какая то в них харизма... И актеры все приятно красивые.
Araceli Hernandez
K esena ridicula ella sin ropa y el vestido pierde lo romantico
Megan Hayne
That felt so awkward😂😂😂
Ivanete Oliveira
por favor 😟😟 posta em português quero tanto assitir
tuyen Tran
Virginia Daquina
I'm always watching it.. Ji Sung 😍😍😘😘
Anita Barnes
I think is is the most Beautiful scenery when he kiss her scar she crys because he made her feel Beautiful person in the world ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Susana Acosta
Este drama es muy bueno los actores me encantaron. 😋
nhung nguyễn
Gosh ... his expression in 1:46. I love him 😢
Shahana Shahu
I like the hero every much because of kill me heal me
Luciene Rocha
Amei ♥️
Sirinya Suwannapan
Janet Q.
His ears are so red!! Haha!!
spectra bhantom
Harika bir dizi
Alazne Cook
Great drama and couple too 💗💗💗
Mehmet Özkan
Secret EP 15 ful 00/9 aylavyuuu beybi bauetiful minyunk and yujin
atasiz HEYATIM.
Sara Elgaidy
My favourite scene💖
ninn Jam
how he can heal her heart !? lost age lost husband lost life lost son lost body 😭😭😭😭 can u treat broken heart !?
izyan nor
Sad drama. 😭😭😭😭
Reylnora Senang
Thanh Uyên
Horu Ozkan
😘 😘 😘 👌 🇹🇷 💕
Raymond Frias
English subtitle pleass
Cecilia Bodie
2018 and I am watching again. Lost count of number of times I have seen it. My absolute favorite.
Мирамгуль Джапарова
Как называется фильм?
2018 im steel watch this drama
Fulya Uludag
Very beautiful love
Evaneide Silva
Beijo pobre!