Priscilla Ahn - Dream (Official Video)

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The new album 'This Is Where We Are' - Out Now! Purchase: /> "Dream" from the album A Good Day /> /> /> /> Purchase Priscilla's new album 'When You Grow Up' + more of her music here: 

Lindy Candler
Hey who is listening to this song in 2018 and still loves it Such a pretty song
Rosanna Arte e Poesia
I love the Voice..i love this song !! I was a little girl Alone in my little world Who dreamed of a little home for me. I played pretend between the trees, And fed my houseguests bark and leaves, And laughed in my pretty bed of green. I had a dream That I could fly From the highest swing. I had a dream. Long walks in the dark Through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I'm supposed to be. The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep. I had a dream That I could fly From the highest tree. I had a dream. Now I'm old and feeling grey. I don't know what's left to say About this life I'm willing to leave. I lived it full and I lived it well, There's many tales I've lived to tell. I'm ready now, I'm ready now, I'm ready now To fly from the highest wing. I had a dream.
Rhiannon Caswell
Anyone else here from hearing this in an episode of Greys Anatomy? Such a gorgeous song, glad I found it
Massie Smith
I just realized, this song was played in Bride Wars.
Sanjay Sukralia
who's here from bride wars♥♥
"Dream" I was a little girl Alone in my little world Who dreamed of a little home for me I played pretend between the trees And fed my houseguests bark and leaves And laughed in my pretty bed of green I had a dream That I could fly From the highest swing I had a dream Long walks in the dark Through woods grown behind the park I asked God who I'm supposed to be The stars smiled down on me God answered in silent reverie I said a prayer and fell asleep I had a dream That I could fly From the highest tree I had a dream Oooooooooo [x8] Now I'm old and feeling gray I don't know what's left to say About this life I'm willing to leave I lived it full and I lived it well There's many tales I've lived to tell I'm ready now I'm ready now I'm ready now To fly from the highest swing I had a dream
Stephen Mackrill
You know how certain songs evoke such emotion when you hear them, even to the point of shedding a tear. Well this is one of those songs for me. I got the album it came off on the strength of this and it’s full of fantastic songs. But this one hits me just left of centre and I love it.
Vladan Ristovic
I've heard this for the first time.... And i love it... Why she isn't famous as she deserves? ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Zolooshdee Zoloo
Bartosz Talaska
Who's here in 2016? Love this song for such a long time now... Great job!
Sameer Shakya
such a soothing voice..
evolution 93
Thank you Grey's Anatomy for helping us discover beautiful songs like this ☺️
Jen B
scooping my heart up from the sky of stars it fell into  when i was a child and dreamed so of the light there it burned so bright and cool i thought of my future there...  and you remind me of being the young girl child i was xoxox
Eve Penguin
Your voice is just unearthly beautiful! I love love your voice! #dream   #priscillaahn  
michelle tiffany
This is just beautiful can't get enough of this melody.
yehia mostafa
Shikin Nasarudin
selena gomez bring me here. ❤
Scooty B
Nothing beats this original.
Sabah Khan
And I always get so emotional listening to this song. Music, background score and the voice. <3 Everything makes it so relatable. It takes you to your childhood and leaves you in your present.
N. Hitrik
Who's here after watching the Stars on Ice show (Zagitova, Medvedeva and Osmond's performance)?
it's just wonderful to listen to this before falling asleep ^^
Cindi Fuentes Catalogne
Manasvi Sinha
I discovered her just now after watching 'When Marnie was there'. She is really good!!
Priscila Silva Machado
música perfeita 😍😍😍😍
Pimpilai Somboon
I cried over this song. It's so beautiful I can't stress enough.
Emily winters
This song always puts a smile on my face, Thank You for that.
Susu Martins
faz tanto tempo que eu ouço essa musica e mesmo assim eu não consigo abusar . gosto de ouvir antes de ir dormir. me relaxa, em acalma.
My great love send me this song and with this song I could understand how she is feeling inside... I will always be there for her as long i live ...
What a beautiful song and so nicely sung.
Poot Toot
Last night I had a dream I was a student in a school a new one and the teacher gave me the pass to the vending machine full of so much delicious food and I couldn't remember it after so I asked him and he told me words to numbers the pass was believe ivan I wake up and Google define ivan the first thing that comes up? Ivan originally meant gift from God. I had no way of knowing this.
Anna M. Leyva
How someone as talented as this girl is totally left behind while others with no talent at all have all fame..
I had known her since I saw movie made by Ghibli.Her voice is clear & sweet.I'm always cheered up by her voice;)
Tyson's Fishing And Camping
Thank you
Zac Bragger
To be honest, I'm not a fan of the harmonica but this is one brilliant, beautiful, soul touching song. Why I haven't heard of this until now, I've got no clue
Kayla Jones Johnson
Hello from 2017!
rob warren
This is a much nicer version than that on the album
Marguerite Tyrrell
soo so good :D
eki sihombing
i just heard this beautiful song and it's 2016
David 1821
I Love this song. Thank you Priscila.
Who's here in 2017?
Used this song in my wedding ceremony. Such a beautiful song!
MacKenzie Fiorito
This is my ball at song
Aloosh albayati Bayati
This is so beautiful. I want to marry this girl and make babies with her.
Nina Nadhila
here from bride wars! come i never heard this song before? until 2016!
Lauren H
Beautiful song!! this seems to be the only song most people have heard of her for, but I don't understand why... She has sooo many amazing songs and has an amazing voice.  Her songs are so relateable and she's adorable!  I want to see her in concert again!!!!!
how come i just got to hear this in 2015??????????????
karen rachel
oh my god this song 😔
Christopher Partin
Heard 40 seconds, now I'm a subscriber.
rich perrotta
Beth played this song for me. I loved her but she was not someone i was supposed to love. but i did. she left because she felt she had to. Im glad she made the choice she made. But i cannot convey how deeply this hurt me. Its partially my fault and i accept that. but deep down, every time i think of anything near pertaining to this song. the sadness wells up again and yet another part of me dies. I miss her so much. the pain when she siad goodbye was like having your heart removed and replaced with a black hole. a black hole that sucks everything into itself. I felt like this black hole was pulling on my insides and it grew in intensity every passing second but my insides didnt move.....that is how i describe heartbreak, when you want to collapse into yourself but cant. it still hurts...this was three years ago
mAnoJ shArmA
Indian jaslen royal
lu Hez
Karel van Voorthuijsen
Its nice to watch a video of Priscilla singing and playing this song. I first heard her on iHeart Radio's Folk Train folk music strteam. They play several of her songs there.
Ranjita Chong
Came here after watching Moms night out 😬😬😬😬
Javier Ortega Rivera
I first listened to this song a few years ago, I loved it but I couldn't understand the lyrics so much. now I listened to it again after learning of English and her words flowed into me. my image of this song has changed, I love it more than before.
wonderful song
beautiful voice ! <3
xoxo joanne
Izombie ❤
Avneet Kaur
A friend sent me the link to this song out of nowhere. I listened to it and realised it's the song I heard somewhere and I'd been losing my mind trying to find it. He's superhuman, I swear to God it's a miracle he sent me the song I wanted and I never told him about it!
Paraskevi Tzatzani
That was pretty darn good stuff. Keep up the good work Priscilla Ahn...
Tariq Siddiqui
why I grow up I miss my old daysy
Mermaid Motel
This will forever be one of my favourite songs, holds a special place in my heart 💖
Marie Pfn
I discovered this song 8 years ago and I'm still in love with it ...
Tariq Siddiqui
very deep song my childhood is never come back I wish
KDS Edits
Came from Sel’s cover
anjem David
2018, 10 years..still here
Tariq Siddiqui
wow what a song
The Jeyuhhh
2018!😍💕 still mah fav
Amile Away
Why is it that I just found out about her!Uhh...she has such a soothing sweet voice..
masa galactica
Que bella esta vaina
Mira Garcia
10 years and I'm still in love with this song
Marek J.
2018 still in Love <3
Aishwarya Singh
I will always remember this song very, very fondly! 🖤
Piękna <3
Иван Якубовский
perfect song .hi from 2018
cha -chan
This song published when i was 6 lol but this is soooooo damn beautiful:")
Falling fallen
I did a ballet dance recital to this song and i sang along to the song in the dance while i was dancing
Joshua Ancog
I don't get those 47 people who disliked this video like how could they dislike this beautiful song? Just sayin'
I dedicated and played this song during my Grandmother's wake. I loved her sooo much and i miss her everyday. I still cry every time i hear this song.
We met at Point Dume a few weekends ago. We were out there flying our remote controlled quads filming the sunset over the bluff and the beach. Your father and I chatted for a few and he sent me a link to your music videos. I took a look and a listen to a few of them. Very nice...You have a beautiful voice and I'm impressed that I met someone with such a wonderful talent without knowing it till now. It's always been a "Dream" of mine to make music videos and someday I will. bd
wolfy ship
nope it's 2017already but I have been searching for this song since I was in third grade but have been listening to this song in my mum since I was little this song calms me down and helps me sleep
Fat Wi11y
I had this song for my dance with my Dad at my wedding. Beautiful song
Brooke Pearson
I have this song in my dance class at dancing feet in Andover in 2017-2018
Sylvia Beglaryan
2018 and I'm still here :)
Alice shi
hear this song again and again...
Mr. E
Miss u in 2018
helmi syafiq
know this song from Bride War Movie
Any one here because of bride wars just me ok.....
2018 and still loving this so so much!
Silent Market
Can't believe I've been listening this song for almost a decade now.
Simon Murray
Amazing what one can stumble upon randomly searching around youtube.... what a beautiful tune...and voice... :)
As beautiful this song is, this song can be pretty boring and sleepy.
Uziel Almeida Oliveira
2017 and I never forget your aweet voice. You are awesome.
kholoud sh
I still come back
Moon Love
Loved this song so much 💜💜💜💜