Besatt - Final War

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The fourth track of Besatt's Black Mass album. Besatt are a Polish black metal band that formed in 1991. Their name is Norwegian for "possessed". Lyrics: When the infantry is marching on the earth begins to quake Above the army black standards with pentagrammatic shapes The beasts from Hell need to satisfy their lust for blood It is the time of Armageddon, no mercy for votaries of god The sky is flooded with clouds Bloody rain drips the ground There is only hatred in our eyes Hear a powerful ominous roar Satan!!! Black armours shine Swords ready to kill Strength and blasphemy The mighty sinister scream Revenge!!! Tight armies clash in battle Heads fall off, dead bodies drop Mercy failed, crucifix covers by blood x2 Infernal victors uplift a black flag War War The era of Antichrist has finally come

IA'ie Cthulhu
such a beauty!
"Besatt" is not a Polish word, it's Norwegian/Scandinavian, but it means "possessed".
Gustavo Castanhari
foda demais esse som