5YO Kid Tavaris Jones Dances at Basketball Game Cleveland Cavaliers

Tavaris Jones dancing during the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers game. He was featured on Ellen DeGeneres. 5-year-old Tavaris Jones shows off dance moves during Cleveland Cavaliers game. Subscribe to the NBA:

Diane Perry
He is too adorable! Very talented!
Paramedic Zone
What a cool little guy! Amazing dancing!
HO MA GAD, hes so precious
Blitz_SniPerz Imagod
He’s better then me
What a cool little dude!
Tremayne Hill
Is that Joyner Lucas
Anjelica Dixon
I love You!
Hasanul S
Such Adorable
Is that Isaiah Thomas?
Crazy Baileee!
When a 5 year old dances better than you