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Flowers For Algernon "Charly" (1968) [360p] - Cliff Robertson Best Actor Academy Award 1968

Keenan Edwards
Why does EVERY 60's movie need a drug scene.
One of the best films ever.
marilyn stevenson stevenson
still stands up after all these years. superb acting by cliff robertson
Book is too good, totally recommending it
Emile A239
I read the book in school
Alis Jordan
Still makes me cry.
Winnie Fisher
Cliff Robertson gives an outstanding performance and well deserved the oscar
I think I like this version better than the 2000 version!
Elliot J
Great movie, crappy ending though.
Rob Simpson
So cool, I came here from an episode of Newsradio, where Dave talks to Lisa about this movie!!! Now I will know what he means about the analogy, or at least I will know this movie!!!
Nhat Vu
im crying, i watched this 2 times but it still make me cry
[Duck] Antics
Adrian too fresh
Harlis Viikmäe
Is it that same guy as the James Bond and Docktor No?
Hmmm ... seems Legit, never heard of this movie before ..
Philip Nute
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