Ewu Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Drama Starring Mercy Aigbe | Adekemi Taofeek | Niyi Johson

Shortly after his romantic proposal to his beautiful and sassy fiancee, complications arise between them as they are faced with great challenges, and a golden opportunity that will decide the future of their relationship. Find out more. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook : @apatatv

What happened to DIGNITY about N10M😳 cool cash though for a night if I wasn't gonna share it with my hubby 🙈🙄🤣🤣🤣
jumoke onah
Even though he passed all the tests but the last one,how could he av traded her for money? If akin wasn't Mercy's real father,that is how akin wud av slept with her.if such incident eventually happens,the husband will never forget n there is no way he will not put up different kinds of irritating attitudes towards mercy.nothing shud make u trade ur love for money.that kind of guy will do it again if he gets a better n higher price.not many can pass the last test but only the one who truly loves u sincerely will pass it.nice movie💞
Dauda Ramon
The guy try ooo who can past all dis test kilonsele it's too much jooooo Lori kini abeg ayomide you try jooo kudos to you all
Najeemdeen Sekinat Adedoyin
Watching thanks for uploading still on it Ramadan on point
Adejoke Abiodun
Here watching 👩‍💻 thanks for uploading ApataTv 📺
Holar dee
Here watching thanks 4or uploading👍👍
Ayobami Ayodeji
Kudos to you all Mr Johnson much love❤ sis kemi I love you so much 😘😘sis mercy kudos to you too 😊😊😊more blessings
Abayomi Omolade
Hello guys first to gboriwole
Adejokemi Adekoya
Apatatv always on point. More grace to ur elbow. Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim family. More strength to finish it
What happened to DIGNITY about N10M😳 cool cash though for a night if I wasn't gonna share it with my hubby 🙈🙄🤣🤣🤣
What happened to DIGNITY about N10M😳 cool cash though for a night if I wasn't gonna share it with my hubby 🙈🙄🤣🤣🤣
The best and most sensible ending. Very good movie. 90% rated.
Gloria Paul
Watching from 🇪🇺
Bosun Adejoke
Interesting movie 🎦 kudos to you guys and thanks to apata TV for uploading
Chris Wooders
More Greatness @MurphyAdeniyi KoredeFada Cares
Vercetti Ricks
28:30 The office provided everything, so you refused to do some savings or even invest? A house & a car is the essential which has been taken care by the organisation. You should have a good savings.
Adebambo Funmilayo
Haba d guy tried....we are alk human person no fit pass test more than that.....if am d guy i will do same ooo..shey o fe baye mi je ni🙄🙄😏😏
Abdulsalam Zainab
abudlkareem Rasheedat Ayinke
Hummmmm,So interested job well done to u all👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Olanlokun kaosara Olawumi
Fantastic big lesson,kudos to everyone in this crew,my two crush kemi and mercy, I sight u my actress
Temitayo Olatunji
Lovely movie with a rational ending. Like d way Fola reason out by begging his dad to let him marry d guy, also making him realise he ( his dad) could have failed d same test if he were to be in d guy's shoes. May God help us all frm all temptations here n there..
Ekere Esther
Waoooooo fantastic and educative movie, never trade a woman u love just because of money, I hope most of guys will learned from this wonderful movie
Oyindamola Gold
OMG 😱 This movie is so interesting and a lot of lessons learnt
mariammuhammed mariam
Wow interesting movies I love the way sis mercy play the role more grace I inshallah 🤲
Green Greener
That was a good test. That guy’s friend was a clown
Elizabeth princess
Waooooooo ......this serious tax ooooooo.. See expensive examination....thanks for d cast n crews....u did a very huge job
tinca island
What a risky move indeed, the husband almost gba penalty to throwing. Mercy somehow look like Regina Chukwu in the last 10 minutes of the movie.
Asia Fuseini
Apata TV u are the best really love this movie,,,the test is too much..kudos to all the cast and crew may God bless u all??
Kehinde Ladeji
Lol. This is the second movie Akin Lewis is playing, taking the same role.
Adelaja Adijat
My two crush on this one again,Kemi and mercy....lemme farabale and watch
Yinka Kool
Wen apatatv notify me i ignore it cus i dnt knw it's gonna make sense like dis infact i love dis movie like never b4 more Grace to ur elbow sis Mercy Apatatv chop💋💋💋💋
folashade akinrinola
Ok let me farabale enjoy myself with this beautiful movie... Comment after watching 💃... Interesting movie, that last test is too hard, kilode 99% will fail either "okunrin abi obinrin " thank God he av his wife back.
Adepeju Ademuyiwa
Queenshebbar Queen
Kudos to u all ileyin koni jonoooooo. I always trip for dis voice kudos to u
Jimoh Adejoke
Johnson is just a clown..... Daddy ni awon ma pe commission, o ni kin be be won😁😂🤣😃🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hafolashade latiff Mutiyat
Ayomide tried, but last test is too high.
Nifemi Mohammed
♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😍Woo so interesting,😍😍😍so touching, 😍😍😍God will continue to bless you with good wisdom and understanding 💟♥️💟♥️💟♥️💟♥️
Damilola Mercy
This test is loud oh ....it takes d strong to scale through💯💯Thanks for uploading
Sodiq Akanni
This is beautiful and lovely movie 💕💕💗 thanks so much for uploading 🙏🙏🌹
John w Mustin
Mutiat Abisola
Nice one, not all man can really pass d test 👍
cherish Gold
Lessons to some selfcentered guys out there... juz bcos of 10M, he traded his LOVE...( odi kwa very risky) according to my igbo friends 😃🤣😃... Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends here!... Thanks for uploading apatatv 💗
Adesola Gbenga
Na so Mercy Aigbe turn to bazaar. Olowosoungbogbotan 😂 😂 😂
ola Alao
Yea waiting is over thanks 👍💖 for uploading,Nd God bless Apatatv for us,very interesting,Nd lessons in it..
nifemi larry
Hmmmmm He did it for love ❤️❤️
John w Mustin
Pete WorldBest
the twist in the end sha. nice movie
alaba wemimo
Adeniyi Johnson is now very very good... Kudos to all the artist.👏👏👏👏
Mohammed Kazeem
they should return his job first before testing him with the ten million naira and see how he will perform.
Money is the root of all evil, absolutely nonsense to ask your wife or fiancee to go with a man for money. We know it's happening, end times. Well thanks for uploading.
dion craig
Wow!!! Great movie 👍🏾👍🏾
Mayowa Adeola
Interesting movie.. Job well done to all crew.. Thanks for uploading..
Trip 777
wow! from start till the end, this movie is fun to watch...really enjoyed it! Good script and perfectly executed.....I could never sell/lend my wife out to no one under any circumstances. I love her so very much. shout out to all the real couples out there...love is the key to Heaven, to love means to understand the beauty God has truly implanted in our hearts at the highest peak level.
Abayomi Omolade
Haaaaaaa 🙆‍♀🙆‍♀🙆‍♀🙆‍♀This is too risky How can a fiance trades his wife for money haaa and he said he love her hunmmmmm may God Help all ladies in this generation
Isiaka Omolade
Fantastic👌 💕💕💕
Nassirath Adjoke
Thanks for uploading apata TV 📺 where are you my Saudi Arabia Bebe's 😍💋💞 Ramadan Kareem to you all 🌃 Mr AKIN LEWIS With his characters he likes to play tests Sha but Ayomide really tried Seeing his condition he wanted to do that to earn money to take care of his wife anyway Job well done to all crew 💪 very interesting and educated When you love Should love even in any situation, never change your decision. THAT's my point of view
Bukola Balogun damilola
The guy really try and is a human he can't be perfect
Faoziath Bakari
Comment bfr watch cos i feel my only and only Mr Indo voice
Liskbarbara _
This chief again? 🤦🏼‍♀️
Esther Adedokun
Money is very tempting when faced with challenges in life. But it's too bad for a man to trade his fiancée for money no matter what. Its a big lesson. Such love can be trusted. Very interesting and educative movie. Thanks for the upload.
Oladayo Bushirot
wow! i love this movie. welldone guys
tijan diesel
This movie is dope👍
Very good movie with an unexpected twist!
Yinka Kool
Watching...comment later
Edith Edith
Omotayo Onyekachukwu
Akin lewis and his character nawa o he want to have this one wife again.
Sunmonu Rashidat
What a big risk to take....only God and love save Ayomide. Not everybody is luck...don't be too desperate because of money.
Olasexy Wemmy
D test is hottie,rare men can pass it***very interesting
Michelle Paul
But why is that it is always akin lewis when comes to bribing people’s boyfriends 😉😉
olori hajorke lateef kaosarat
Wow interesting I wonder why some guys are like this you say you love someone and trade her just because of money
Oluwakemi Ebun
Wow very interesting story 👍💋
Lakeside Odes
Good story line and theme but the guy really tried than the first guy
Ayodele Faith
Interesting movie 👌kudos to all cast nd crew tank for uploading
Queenshebbar Queen
So funny omo agba anoe lori segeeee
Unique bae
Omg 😮 how do we know who love ❤️ us whole heartedly 🤷‍♀️, selling your wife to be cos of money 💰 oga ooo. Anyway ayomide tried his best cos out of 💯 only two can pass the last test that was giving to ayomide 👍 interesting movie 🎥 with a good lesson. Ramadan Kareem to you all
Sisi Shola
The test is so expensive nice movie 😘💗💖
Shoyinka Funmi nice
Nice one
Okanlawon Opeyemi
Interesting movie ehhhh but d last test is very strong I didn't blame Ayomide ooooo even if is me I will 😀😀😀😀bravo to d cast ND crew more success
Adewumi Adegbenro
I love this
kanyinsola abiodun
Where are you my darling partners
Oladmeji Akogun
Love is just a word keep your love n give me loyalty!!!
Bola Ola
Great job👍
Akintayo Ibraheem
very interesting film👏😁😁👏👏
Blessing Asoah
Nice movie ave watch the English one
yetunde adewumi
I can't laphhh wot funny for me in dis movie is wen d chief is pricing mexy aigbe 10million wen d guy said did you want to kill her
Ayotunde Ramon
Fanatic movie
Idowu Feyisetan
Very interesting, is a good lesson to all man
Olalere Omowumi
Money is not everything
Sunny Fam
Good job Guys
How can your lover refused to go into your family house and you didn't think anything of it lol 🤣🤣🤣
Afolabi Zaynab Dasola
Awww nice film 😍
Anouf Marcos
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I laugh so hard
Bola Tosin
THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY,WELL SCRIPTED..To be sincere only 10%humans will pass the last test given to Ayomide.WE ARE ALL HUMANS AND WE HAVE BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH OUR VEINS. He loves me and they deserve each other.KUDOS TO YOU MURHY ADENIYI.GOOD STORY..👌
خالد حكمي
Wow verry interesting movie,tanx 4 uploading apata tv.
Opeyemi Victoria
Very interesting.... Nice movie can't stop laughing... Johnson oooh
Ronke Adebayo
Titilayo Oduntan
so interesting. but the test is too high
Bola Ola
Great job👍