Best Electro House & Bounce Mix 2016 (Disco Club Mix) DJ aSSa #245

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Leandro Takano
i like potato..... you like?
Gail Poveda
aSSa you will always be the best. very nice mix
wow awesome mix BIG LIKE :)
A great mix. Thank you ; )
steve i
Assa needs to come to U.S.A.
ar gospost
trop bien c'est mixé
Bia Russo
Great mix! like it :)
Różowiutka xD
jose meza
Patrick Lemp
naja, die Begeisterung hällt sich in Grenzen,ist aber auf jeden Fall ein zuhöhren wert. Geht halt Nix über Electro aus den 90ern und frühen 00ern.
Różowiutka xD
What music is it? 1:16
Mark Gnholologe
TRACKLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
Fritz Harold Aguilar
it made me dancing when I hear this music😂
Attila Csík
who 8:01 music?
Very Nice :D
yyyeehhhaaa .... und die Hände zu Himmel ...IST PARTY !!!!
niki momci
Izzy Zoey
kick one time
Szabó Béla
good job geat mix nice track list!
James Anderson
Ok, I don't typically pay much attention to exactly how one of these videos are mixed (I'm just here for good music, and I'll put up with a few seconds of cringe in between) but HOLY CRAP!!!! your transitions are incredible!!!