Frank Ocean - Seigfried

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Frank Ocean - Seigfried ℗ Boys Don't Cry Released August 20, 2016

Something that not many people pick up about this song, is the titles relevance to what he's trying to convey in this song. Seigfried is the German word for 'Victory'. This is reminiscent of the song in a much deeper level. Frank released the first version of this song in August of 2013, and quoted 'i'd rather go to jail... I'd rather try hell'. In the current version, he says 'I'd rather go to jail... I've tried hell'. Frank suffered pretty heavy depression, and attempted suicide. Hence why he was gone for so long. quoting he's 'tried hell', shows that he already tried to go to the darkside. But what makes this song so beautiful, is how overall it's saying how he was in such a bad mind frame, but he never gave up. To me, this is the most beautiful song on the album. I could honestly go on forever about the meanings behind it, but Imo it really shows his victorious story of overcoming a rough relationship, being in a relationship with a man whose a closeted gay, and struggling with depression. It portrays struggle and helplessness but signifies we all can overcome that, which is honestly such a beautiful testament to the album.
Jada Bella
when my father died this was all I could listen to and I cried every time. beautiful song
Julio Rivera
We don't deserve Frank
Stewie Griffin
There's something so nostalgic about the instrumentation in this song to me. The chord progression, the guitar and how it sounds like it's playing far off in the foggy distance; in a way it captures the peacefulness and innocence of childhood.
this song had me missin someone i aint even broke up with yet. shit. this song made me break up with myself
Chaotic Raisin
The Ocean is deep
I know exactly why I'm crying in the club rn.
Conor Aday
Listen to this when ur falling asleep there's nothing better
Mykolas Ranft
Speaking of Nirvana, it was there Rare as the feathers on my dash from a phoenix There with my crooked teeth and companions sleeping, yeah Dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought That could think of the dreamer that thought That could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God I be dreaming a dream in a thought That could dream about a thought That could think about dreaming a dream Where I can not, where I can not
The Kaptain
It's weird for me, I shove all my feelings for people in a box. When songs like this come on, the lid is blown wide open and i feel weak and submissive
Anna Rosa
been living in an idea, an idea from another man's mind
Antonio Porter
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Seigfried Frank Ocean The markings on your surface Your speckled face Flawed crystals hang from your ears I couldn't gauge your fears I can't relate to my peers I'd rather live outside I'd rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here Maybe I'm a fool Maybe I should move And settle, two kids and a swimming pool I'm not brave (brave) I'm not brave I'm living over city And taking in the homeless sometimes Been living in an idea An idea from another man's mind Maybe I'm a fool To settle for a place with some nice views Maybe I should move Settle down, two kids and a swimming pool I'm not brave I'd rather live outside I'd rather live outside I'd rather go to jail I've tried hell (It's a loop) What would you recommend I do? (And the other side of a loop is a loop) This is not my life It's just a fond farewell to a friend It's just a fond farewell to a friend This is not my life It's just a fond farewell to a friend It's not what I'm like It's just a fond farewell (brave) Speaking of Nirvana, it was there Rare as the feathers on my dash from a phoenix There with my crooked teeth and companions sleeping, yeah Dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought That could think of the dreamer that thought That could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God I be dreaming a dream in a thought That could dream about a thought That could think about dreaming a dream Where I can not, where I can not Less morose and more present Dwell on my gifts for a second A moment one solar flare would consume, so I nod Spin this flammable paper on the film that my life High flights, inhale the vapor, exhale once and think twice Eat some shrooms, maybe have a good cry, about you See some colors, light hangglide off the moon I'd do anything for you (In the dark) I'd do anything for you (In the dark) I'd do anything for you (In the dark) I'd do anything for you (In the dark) I'd do anything for you, anything for you (In the dark) I'd do anything for you, anything for
Jose Ceja
One of the top 3 songs on the album. hands down
This song makes me thing of a ex that even though the love was strong. It just didn't work. And I think about her everyday. Just found out a couple weeks ago she got married. And we only have been broken up for about 8 months. Don't mind me YouTube peeps. This song just got me venting.
Jairo Waters
Nights is cool but this is ART
This song speaks to my soul. I cant relate to my peers. Id rather live outside too. Frank Ocean speaks for the outsider.
ill fated
Best song on the album. No Question.
i really love peridot
The song is better when you’re in a very dark room, no lights on and lying in bed
Harajuku Li
"It's a loop, and the other side of the loop is a loop" Speaks VOLUMES: Realest line
Frank Bauknight
THIS: Retro, Blues Rock, Experimental R&B Funk on Shrooms. This song is so SLEPT ON!! This is so beautiful in literally every way. Its an album within itself. Lyrics, instruments, production, poetry, vocals (as usual)
Don't Say My Name
Frank is just one artist that never fails to impress. He's a legend in my book.
Jc - big mac
this song itches a part of my brain that idk what it is, either that or im high
JD pitmint
surprised when i heard jonny greenwood wrote the strings on this track... but not the guitar, they feel so distinctly radiohead-ish
oh all those tears that i have shed to that song...
absolutely in love with the end part of this song
Gabe Andrade
Sad there's not too many Elliott Smith fans here. Never thought I'd see the use and reference to the chorus of 'A Fond Farewell'. I didn't think much of Frank's music until now, but now I got a lot more respect for him and his music
D graves
I'd do anything for you... in the dark
This takes me back to lonely nights on my motorcycle in Asia.
Andromeda Hadouken
This guy is my little sister's favorite artist. Elliott Smith is mine. Never thought I'd see this kinda thing happen. XD Respect to Frank for the tribute!
Maybe I should move Settle down, two kids and a swimming pool I'm not brave I'd rather live outside... When asked why I haven't settled down and had kids, this sums it up...
whatever lexi
every time i hear the violins start at the 3:00 area, all i can think about is a boy whose face i can't remember anymore. all i can remember is how looking at him used to make me feel. and how he loved this album. and how he held my hand when i got anxious.
xan in da lean
sigh, the void doesn't go away
jonny greenwood on string arrangements here.
This song is a sad summer night
Paula Jung
when you've been waiting 4 years for this track.
Damon Clemons
Does anybody hear the very light "tick" sound? Almost sounds like a clock ticking very near yet distant.. lol Am I tripping? Edit: I can only hear it during the first half of the song tho.. Edit 2: It's probably a metronome lol, thanks Zach Forrester
Blonde took me so long to get used to. On my first listen, the songs i only liked were Close to you, Ivy and nights. Songs like Seigfried sounded so off tune to me at first, almost like an out of tune orchestre. Like i'd never heard anything like it before but it really did grown on me and is now one of my favourites.
sadie harry
id do anything for you in the dark
Alec Cartwright
High on coke, then the comedown starts, you get really paranoid and anxious about everything, everything starts piling up, and you start hearing the first chords of this song...and it all seems to start to fade, and the anxiety lessens...and everything gets a little better...this song is probably the best on the album, for me it evoked the strongest feelings, he's an amazing song writer, wish he put out content more frequently, although I feel like a lot of people overlook his visual album which also had insane pieces of music in it, let alone visuals, Frank is amazing
Jordan Dominguez
The markings on your surface...
Jerome Conrad
Love this song.. Best song on the album, but I love them all.
P Ls
One of the most beautiful songs I've heard
Maximus russo
I was just doing homework happy and everything, this song comes on and I just got really sad and started to think about life.
2:49 goddamn this man’s a genius
Bee Vapp
"This is not my life, it's just a fond farewell to a friend, it's not what I'm's just a fond farewell" <3
I’m just sitting here in class trying not to let my emotions go
Hey guys I'm depressed and I've been thinking about killing myself for a long time. But ik how hard that would be on my family. But the last part of the song made me cry because I would do anything for my family.
Josue De La Torre
You can always count on Jonny Greenwood for some great string sections
Trenice Brown
The only song that paints a new picture for me each time I listen.. every time I hear this song I interpret it's meaning in a different way!
Jonathon S
3:28 and on is what being emotionally broken sounds like.
Beno C
I really wish he made a video of this one
Invictus maneo PaxAmericana
Elliott Smith, beatles, heavily influenced....dig
Vanessa Williams
I’ll do anything for you.. in the dark ❤️🌻🦋
i just lost a close friend to cancer and im only 13. thank you frank ocean, this is better than any counseling.
Andre Keith
This song makes great use of a sample from A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith. Highly recommend anyone here check him out.
guardi guard
Mike Knucks
Elliot Smith tribute! "fond farewell to a friend "
Where are all the Elliott Smith fans at?
oh hi o
This is real art
Petio World
The instrumental is something i have never thought that my ears would experience..incredible + frank's unique vocals
Mikki H
I know a lot of people that have gone through tragic events whether they be outside influenced, mentally or self induced. For him to have been through such a low point and come back so strong and proud all while showing his weakness during that time is remarkable. Little does he know that he IS brave. He's making us all stronger by showing people that they can bounce back even from the lowest of lows. I have enjoyed songs on this album but never stopped and listened to this one until August 2017. I'm glad I did. The message is beautifully heartbreaking and the Melody is heavenly. I appreciate the way this song was arranged. He is a Genuine Genius.
Solace _
This song is so layered with sounds like the middle part where the orchestral sounds come in is probably one of my favourite moments in any song ever. It’s so simple yet it always makes me feel so much and the ambient noise that feels like it’s a weight on you is amazing. I adore this album and this song especially
Glittergasmic TJ
I had forgotten about this song for a while. This really fucking touched my soul. The strings in the middle of the song really makes me some type of way and I can’t explain it. I feel like this was the best song on the album
Cali Living
This song makes u feel the feels.. lost one of my best recently... the sound of this gem just places ur heart in the correct place.. i fucken Miss you brotha benny..
2:45 - 3:18 actually made me tear up its full of so much emotion geez
FireFort Productions
This song makes me think about someone who doesn’t exist
This song is like a portal
Best song of 2016
i love listening to this while on L$D
Green Teaღ
this music reminds me of a scene from a nostalgic movie it's just so aesthetically pleasing and... I don't even know it just invokes such an emotion in me I can't even describe
Jack Shack
this is my favorite song of all-time
Enheritance Derrico
I really love this song . it has so much meaning behind it . FRANK OCEAN IS A LEGEND!
Luke Berrie
Bruh when the strings come in and he sings “this is not my life, it’s just a fond farewell to a friend”, it hits deep. I almost cried the first time I heard it. I had to stop myself because I was sitting on the bus at the time haha.
Beast Boy
2:57 Elliott Smith reference
a guy
This song is haunting
Cadavre boi
This album only came out a few years ago and I already get a sense of nostalgia from listening to it 😢
It's so amazing to listen to Frank Ocean's progression with his music. Channel Orange was a beautiful masterpiece, as well as Nostalgia Ultra, but Blonde just peaked his consciousness. I never had my brain feel as active as it does when I listen to this album, creating videos and images from his words and sounds. His songs are so ethereal.
spooky hoe
can't get over how amazing this song is
Jamie James
The closest thing I've found to a modern day Pink Floyd. I wish I could personally thank Frank Ocean for creating one of the only songs that makes me feel free, 5 minutes and 34 seconds of clarity.
Just Peachy
He gets my feels every time, he's a genius. I've never had music touch me like this before
Your Entertainment City
danielle Brown
I remember the first time I heard this song, man I can't tell you all what type of emotions I felt but my God music like this should be cherished...... Just my opinion
This song makes me feel utterly exposed. I don't know if it's the guitar loop, or if it's the way Frank sings, "I'm not brave!" The way he sings, "I'd do anything for you (in the dark)." The memories of the parts of my life this song and album soundtracked. I love this song, but I can't listen to it in public. I don't trust myself to hold it together.
Collin Simpson
I've recently had a really shitty breakup and this song just...perfectly captures how it feels.
Maxima Mustermann
Frank is my new Drug!
4:30 best part (imo)
I sugest you watch the trailer of the vidéo games "the last night" with This music un the background. It matches PER-FE-CTLY. Just amazing
This is painfully beautiful, I love what music and the human experience can create...if you have a talent or passion, I hope you try to share it...
Raeez Samsodien
This is the standout from Blond, I love this song so much.
Yvs Sdi
i’d do anything, for you...
Jonny Arthurs
4:30 to end i would repeat and repeat because of how in love i was. Doesn't touch much closer to home
Yaoi Otaku
Why is everyone telling their sad ass stories?
Your Entertainment City
Croatian Master
When i,m feeling down Frank Ocean is my best friend ....
Buddah Green'Cloud
gives me chills IM NOT BRAVE !
I got some heavy 2001 space odyssey vibes on this track, especially at the end. The subtle synth sounds echoing in the back really do sound like space. The violins at 3.08 sound so nice and almost eerir in a nice way.Frank was a Kubrick fan so maybe he took some influence.
i’d do anything for you...