Raleigh, NC Slow motion lightning over the city skyline - 5/10/2018

1-2: Slow motion lightning strikes Shot Description Lightning over downtown Raleigh on the evening of May 10 after severe storms passed through SID: Matt Robinson

Nuclear Waste
This storm was great, since it wasn’t raining and there was a great lightning show I grabbed a chair and watched from my backyard!
Richard W
Soo Bloody nice, Almost a TOTAL whiteout in some shots, you looped the video ?? really ? unless you really want to show off those really good frames then dont bother... I have to love the crawlers and also that Mas mixture of lightning that came down like a giant J and crest-crossed its way before ending. But Dang did you get some really sweet stuff here.. What a shame you water marked it lol.....
Slow Mo Kez