Barcelona vs Chelsea 2-2 - UCL 2011/2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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The payback for that disgraceful 2009 game.
I don’t see Peter cech getter enough praise, for me he’s the reason we were the 2012 champs
7:36 the commentor falling off a cliff lol
Wesley Massumbukolt
Who's watching this after Liverpool?
rodwell muparutsa
I love Drogbas attitude when substituted he was a team player . Other players can learn from that
Memory Lost
Today is Torres’s birthday Remind me this miraculous and marvellous day as a Chelsea fan. Happy birthday Torres!
Who else is watching for the 7 year anniversary Time flies
Daniel Joseph Ila
I don't know why I love watching this again and again
Adam Brent
Lampard's assist to Ramires is so underrated.
Asad Lucky men
50,000,000 pounds Has just repaid by Fernando Torres
gena babila
"If there's a football God then He is smiling on Chelsea " -Comeback against Napoli -comeback against Barca -Cahill injured,Terry sent off No central Defender left -comeback against Bayern Wowww...Amazing!!! My team for life!!!
Jeet Sonwani
Games like this remind me that Karma is a real deal. They literally tried everything but they couldn't win the game.
abdikadir adan
Chelsea and Liverpool finally have one thing in Common that other English Clubs don't .
7:12 at 0.25 speed. AMAZING SAVE by Cech
As a Liverpool fan , this is one of my favorite matches of all time. GET REKT!
Mustafa Khan
It was at that moment, Torres fulfilled his 50 million price tag.
Trương Kỳ Channel
Chelsea champions! I love Lampard!
Muibhi Ayobami
Go to 7:30 and wait for the commentator's ogasmmmm😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣... Lolz. Very funny! This is the best Chelsea season ever and boyY Drogba is a legend for all of the wrong and right reasons. He is a good diver, yet he's one of chelseas most prolific scorers. You need someone to disturb the opposite defenders, Drogba is your man! In this particular season, got a red card, gave out 2 silly penalties but luckily for him, none was converted into a goal. The lucky man he is went on to win the champions league for his team. By far the most rugged and most character-filled Chelsea team ever!
eL S
Trailing with 2 goals, down to 10 men.... And then Ramires scores an outrageous goal with that chip. Barca pressed on but the arrival of El Nino smashed the hearts of the home crowd. Most satisfying revenge match ever. #ktbffh
ForsaKen21 _Pr
I loved chelsea. The best moment they ever had with Petr Cech, Drogba, lampard, terry, Ivanovic. Legends!
big boss
solomon tsegaye ጄቲቪ ሪሞት
ramires the most beautiful chip i"ve ever saw on a football pitch
Bobby Reza
7:33 one of the most dramatic goal and story in football history !!!!!
Yusuf Sadiq
Tundednut Edu
Who is here 2019 say hi
Hicham Doubane
We are in 2019 and am still watching this match. Really chelsea is true love
Ross Petit
I remember being the only Chelsea fan sitting in a bar full of Barca fans. After the 2-0 they started making fun of me lol. I watched the whole game in silence until that Torres goal. I screamed so loudly and started crying! I still can't believe we pulled this off. I come back to this video everytime I am facing a difficult task, just to remind myself that even the impossible can be done if you are determined. Thank you Chelsea!
Lance Uppercut
01:31 valdes with the double kill
Sahil Basera
Cech single handedly is the reason Chelsea won this.
Happy 7th anniversary guys💙💙
Matias Peña
En ese partido se hizo justicia por el afanó del siglo en el 2009
5:11 BAM ! Y'all heard that ?
Best Chelsea of all time after the one that got stolen from playing the final in 2009, what a beast of a team!!!!!
Daniel Timothy
A day I will never forget. I hope to see Chelsea in another champions league final.
enock alvaro
I will never stop watching dis match oohh
Meshack Elphace
The night I watched this game, I travelled alone in the whole dark but felt as if I have everything in the universe
Palaska rav
2009 revenge receipt
Ramírez R Ramírez
Que satisfacción ( quisieron robar las ratas pero esta vez no pudieron) 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anuar Cárdenas
2019 and I'm still cumming alongside Gary Neville 7:36
All_Naija's TV
This was our best match ever i swear
This team is real chelsa ,i love this match and this team
4:13 Lol who the hell is yelling in the background ?
Bintang Daffa
T- Rex
as a United fan this win from Chelsea make me happier than some of Chelsea fans this days makes UEFA can't handle the EPL clubs with her shity Barsa and Real and her refs
Golazo de Ramírez extraña a los antiguos jugadores.☺
Gio Wolf
This is the match foolball the best and most emotional.
ardianto bayu
Who else wathing because of Liverpool Comeback? 👏👍😂
When Chelsea was actually good.
General Grievous
Seeing this in 2019 when im 21 yrs old makes me feel like im 40, i miss john obi mikel and petr cechs helmet
dony torres
Now 4_0 liverpool LOL barca
Godlive Opoku-Duah
I'll never forget this moment. Torres was our savior and he was again against Bayern in the final that secured our win for the Champions league. Incredible moment.
Tedy D
when torres In, comentator said "he does have a very good scoring againts barcelona"...Damn its real
the dark night
Just watched the 2009 highlights. So satisfying...
Anil Byanjankar
Lampard, Terry, Drogba, Torres always love u...
David Klido
Ramirez arrives from no where to give Chelsea hope again
Sage Sasuke
One of the best match on the UCL history 🔥🔥
mohamed sulaiman
5:55 Torres sitting on the bench but still comes in and gives Chelsea the 2nd goal
Ngô Thái Bưởi
The best player in this match is Cech. I'm from Vietnam, and a chelsea's fan.
Shiv Kohli
I still get chills till this date. KTBFFH
KenG Brissy
You’re without a manager, 2 goals down, 1 red card and Cahill injured so did Piqué but Chelsea lost their their 2 best center backs, give away a penalty... They were crown as champions in the final against Bayern...
Philip pongezi vijana , i appriate you Kenga
Amazing comeback, Barcelona will know the fruits of overconfidence
Daibouken H!P
Yeah It's like watching one of those motivational videos, it never gets old.
Rotimi Akinyanju
Credit should be given to Cech. He was immense in us winning the Champions league.
lets vlogit
I remember the time is Chelsea used to be one of the best club in Europe
Mahamadul Hasan Bhuiyan
Even the refs couldn't save them.
Ramirez, similar to ENGOLO KANTE..
North-West Rap
i love that type of ''bullet of mercy' goal <3
Between this one and the finals, has there ever been a luckier CL Winner. Just surreal 😄
Franco Austin
No existe nada más hermoso q ver eliminado al farzelona y Madrid 👌 este partido nunca lo olvidaré
7:30 - The ref is running faster than the barcelona defenders xD
Kay Jay
6:39 - 6:41 ... "could this be his moment, I wonder"
Happy b-day Ramires. Thank you for this <3
eduardo hernandez
The day football was beautiful again.
A wins a win that's all
7:41 Torres!!!! *Misses it* Ww3 starts
Joan Ruiz Jacob
It's ok. Barça won their 5th UCL three years later. Iniestazo UP YOUR FILTHY ARSE FOREVER 2009. Abidal's red card, Drogba's diving, NEVER FORGET.
Palhy 14
El karma por aquel robo del Barça. La diferencia es que el Chelsea lo ganó bien. Que lindo es el fútbol 🔥⚽️🙌
Ciaran Smith
Great demonstration that sometimes grit and determination edge out talent. because in terms of technical ability there was no contest in that match, Barcelona were lightyears better. but even 2-0 down, and one man down, Chelsea had grit to spare.
sardar ehtasham
I believe without the luck no body can win Uefa European League..
yahia bit
Watch in #2019
7:36 sounds like the surfer guy from spongebob 😭
reza pahleufe
I always missing this moment, for the first time we be a winner championship. When somepeople say, chelsea without manager team that is impossible, torres can't do anything, you lose from napoli, no hope you can goes to final & bla bla bla bla bla.. But R. Di Matteo change everything, torres have a more spirit & confidence. And finally we can make everyhaters say.. 😱😱WOAAAH UNBELIEVEBLE.
Adhifa Agritama
BARCA X GOT COMEBACK name more iconic duo I'll wait
Daniel V
Cechs positioning was unmatched in his prime.
chiemela peters
This where Torres completed his signing deal
Edson Masamba
Thank you Drogba you are truly Legend
Vale King
The power of hope
Iván Martínez
Divine justice for what happened in 2009
I just came here after tottenham did the unbelievable against ajax Un Believable
Tedy D
never bored to watch this match
Jリーガーが3人いますね… そして全員得点に関与してるんですよね…
Da Prem
" U N B E L I E V A B L E" 🤣😂 I died
Chris M
Money well spent Torres <3
Jonathan Alfaro
6:37 “Could this be his moment?” Well... 7:30
juan carlos perez perez
Wow... What happened messing?? O es again!!! 😂🤣
Our journey to the title was jus hilarious, who remembers the Napoli, and benfica games..... The incredible goals from Ivanovic, Terry, Mirelez, Ramirez Lamps Drogba...the relentless defense and Peter cech's saves.... These guys are legends
Awng Sut
That was the night I couldn't sleep because of joy and excitement. Absolutely no way, but they did it WITH 10 PLAYERS. I remember at that time, managers were changing and Torres was not doing well as we expected. But the magic happened. I knew on that night that they gonna be champion.
siddharth khandelwal
Barcelona fans complainig about Chelsea not playing "beautiful football". Waiting for the day they understand what tactical genius means. Chelsea should not have stood a chance with that team and 10 men on the field. Matteo's master class on using resources wisely - defend superbly and the one odd long ball can be converted to a goal.Magnificent :) On the other hand Barcelon's "beautiful game" led to an almost arrogant 10 men push for a goal which eventually was the reason for their loss.
Wan Khizer
Watching this game still gives me goosebumps. And all the Chelsea players played this match like their lives depends on it. KTBFFH