Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4 Head Designs, Part 1 - Jerk Flies

Episode 4 of Tie Like a Pro starts off with an introduction to this 4 part episode where we'll be going over an array of streamer head designs that impart/or are unique to a flies derived action. Part 1 showcases Jerk Flies and explores the 2 primary methods for developing a "profile turn" action, as well as giving two tying examples for building a durable ultra thin "Jerk" head. Topics include hook selection for Jerk flies, physical characteristics and creating the vertical sail, and momentum/viscosity principles. My Website:

Katie Lee
brah, if you gunna just inform, focus camera on you would be dope....
Pip Hiscocks
Wow,you make it look so easy ! Getting 'em aligned is just the most important thing. Tearmender,where do I get some?! Love the video
Chris Koen
Man, I LOVE these videos! It’s awesome how you bring in the physics of streamer design into all of it. I feel like some tiers just try to make it look fishy, but I love how you are being intentional with the way these flies actually swim! BRILLIANT! Keep em coming!
This tie like a pro series is amazing. I'm 58 years old and have been tying flies for over 40 years. Your tying videos, and this series in particular, have rejuvenated my tying and for that I thank you.
Dwight Fletcher
Great video. I have used several of your technics. Thanks.....
anthony s.
Excellent video Gunner. So much information presented so anybody can understand it. Can't wait to tie some big game streamers! Thank you!!
Larry Smith
gunner, can you help me with my golf swing?
Sergiy Revkov
thanks a lot. great video.
Forrest Earnest
I have to agree with Chris and everyone else. I have been thoroughly enjoying watching your custom fly tying videos for about a year now and have tied a few myself. I really enjoy how thorough you are and that you explain the science and principles of Fly Design behind each one. I have tied many big bugs and streamers, but never thought of the reasons why I need to do this or that to such depth. I very much appreciate the knowledge sharing and can't wait to put them into action. What a great series you have created. Tight Lines.
Tim Wirt
Hey Gunnar, I'm really learning a lot from this series. I have a question about fishing these jerk style flies. Do you generally fish them with full sink or floating lines? I look forward to hearing from you as well as the rest of this series
chris hanaghan
Awesome videos Gunnar. Whilst I don’t fish for any of the same species I’m very impressed with your understanding of fly design and construction and equally your willingness to share the information in detail. Thanks!!
Dave R
This series is fantastic. The tear mender makes a big difference and I can attest to the consistency and quality of the heads you tie with it. Everyone I have ever showed your Hollow Point flies to can't believe they are hand made heads.
Barney Ewing
Very cool. All I've ever used tear mender for is gluing zonkers together on double bunny streamers. Finally I have another use. No more sticking fingers to the eyes, either. Best episode yet.
Chris Cox
Sean Mooney
Hey Gunnar, I am enjoying the series. I have to watch several times to absorb the information. Love the HMH vise too. They are made in Maine. They're not any cheaper here though.  Thanks for sharing. Sean
Thanks for these videos! Really helpful for a new flytier. I have one question about using tear mender on the head. When Ive used it on heads with black dubbing. the dubbing tends to become more white than I want to. I suspect that its because I touch the head to much causing the tear mender to cure ontop of the dubbing, instead of inside. Any thoughts on this? Have you encountered the same?
Samuel Barnett
I am total deaf and wear a cochlear implant. I am trying to learn from you videos. They are great. But I have trouble understand every thing that is said. I was wondering if you might not care to list the material like the cements you us here in the body of you information. I know you tell what you use but I can’t understand. I go over and over what you say but I just can’t understand. I am trying to get a list together of all the cements. UV coatings tools. Etc. Thank you much for all you videos.