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That was mine that you won the bid on...please take good care of her...had her from day 1 Enjoy 😊
Steven Butler
I wish bae looks at me like Ijustine looks at apple products
no j
Omg that ipod is bigger than my future
Is that a baby or an ipod? Her reaction tho!!!😂😂😂😂😂
tank united
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Next video: "I shattered my new old iPod"
Arturo Espinoza
Back in 2001 I had a portable cd player
Hanifah A
I'm so young dumb and broke that I'm watching this on an iPhone 4s
InfInItY GonE
She got 100k views in 19 hours and I would get 10 in 2 years
Quinton Y
You should get the first iPad or first MacBook
Mohammed Gharbiya
It's crazy how we forget about how much new advanced technology we have, that we get fascinated by old technology... 🤔
Jimmy Tries World
Clearly you're in love. One day too late Justine, Valentine's day was yesterday! 😉
Dustin R Collie
unbox the first ipad
Liked this if your watching this video on an Apple device
Isaiah Cardamone
1:29 listen with your eyes closed
Daniel Dickey
When Justine is 70 she will either work in an Apple museum or open her own Apple museum? Vote below:
rich attom
i got something you can hold
The music sounds like something from sims 1
Fraz Wazz
Congrats on 5 million!
I always reminisce about my t-mobile Sidekicks
Michael Nguyen
The original GameBoy, still have mine and loving it.
It would be cool if it had original hit songs from those days!
iBernard !
Thank you iPod for bringing us iJustine🙏🏼😁
The best thing about the original ipods was definitely the clicking sound. IDK man.
For me it's the Game Boy Color <3
Ashley Jade
I had the iPod nano 3rd gen in silver 8GB in 2008. It was my first Apple product and It was my baby (My dad still uses it haha) .. Ahhh the invention of ITunes was definitely the best thing ever for me!! :)
Marvel Scarlet Spider
I have an IPod Touch 5th Generation that works very well.
Milton Messimer
I miss firewire 400/800 for HDs and Video equipment. Firewire is still faster than USB 1.x/2!
Devin Crutcher
You'd need a Thunderbolt 3 > Thunderbolt 2 (for new MacBook Pros), Thunderbolt 2 > FireWire 800, and then a FireWire 800 > 400 adapter. That would be 2 or 3 adapters needed to connect it a modern Mac. And even then I'm not sure how iTunes will handle it.
DAT FireWire 400 tho
Ian Baker
Anyone know the song during the showcase shots?
Gabriel Leung
"My nails match it, so that's nice." WHAT
Joudy Shahtout
Do a video were u use ur iPhone 3g for a whole day
what song played on 4:03 ?, except darude fckn sandstorm..
Every Day Stuff By Ryan
How to you manage to get so exited about this ........ It's a geniune question lol
Manuel Avila
A 2006 Zune MP3 player please!!!
aidan christensen
I really miss my Nintendo Entertainment System... my parents decided to give it away... Also my Genesis... which they also gave away...
David Taylor
A true Apple fan would know the original iPod was a 5GB. That's a later one from 2002
Michael Cramer
I ordered an ipod classic gen 5 black
Mimi Mura
What was the very first apple product????
David Reggiardo
I reminisce about the iMac g3
I wasn't alive back then! 😂🙈🤦‍♂️
LOL I can't wait for the iJustine Museum Of Apple Products to open in the future.
Movie Games
"You're what started it all" Actually the Diamond Rio and the Creative Nomad started it all. Those were the first commercially successful mp3 players.
amirhosein sari
Rip Steve, I’ve missed you soooo much
You mad Bro
Hope you enjoyed your ipod, I've kepted it in good condition before putting it on ebay. Take care of her she was bought brand new in 2001 😊.
Haii Justine😄✨
10 GB wow.... my first mp3 player had like 258 MB
Halie Bakes
Oh my goodness did anyone else watched the weirdest ad before this vid 😂
Game Day With Bella
I am so happy for you and I love the clinking sound to I am with you girl
Maria Freking
6:16 MAJOR flashback!!
James Grant
Check that out...charging while listening to music. Oh the good old days eh?😉
Karla Guevara
I used to have an One or the original iPods i think that it was the 3 generation back in 2012
Sami Elpus
iPod Nano I still have it for camp tho
I can't believe what I'm holding in my HEEEIYAND😂❤❤
U should use it as an emergency game player thing
Ivo Sotirov
It still amazes me they put a tiny spinning hard drive into this thing!
Ad- ík
10GB in 2001? Already? I'm impressed.
There was always something so comforting about the click wheel!☺
4:17 **trying to make an aesthetic vid.**
Let me're going to shatter this ipod too😂
Georgel Olenici
i can relate love the Harmon kardon speakers came at same time
Callum Clark
Even by 2001 standards it was bulky!
"10 gigabytes!!" Only 6 below from my iPhone 😂
SNES Supper Nintendo Entertainment System My favorite game system of all time
Helmi Nurfuadi
Kudos to the original owner! 🙌🏽
I'm a broke college student, but I still watch your videos 😭😭
Juscos alter Kanal
The first iPod had 5gb. This is the 2nd
Sara Carin
omg justine your crazy,not a hater,i love you so muchh😘💓💕
A Court Of Throne And Glass
Did you have to pay extra to download all those songs?
Stan Lee
What a reaction :D
Aisha Nicole García López
I love that person! You can tell he/her is an early Adele fan❤
aliemarps _
Hi justine I love yur knifes ! and yur work!
Jack Vlogs
If it has 10gb it's the 2nd gen lmaooo
Technically not the first. The first one had only 5 GB. This one has 10.
5m subscribers to a ditzy woman? Madness...
Jozko Andrejko
LOL 10GB Memory :D
Da Truth
I'm using a 2010 mac mini to watch this Vintage unboxing video Apple Rocks " Sometimes " lol .
I miss my memory card for psone that had my composures from mtv music generator v:1
10 gigs?! So cute! And fire wire! So classic!
Hailey Sewell
I loved my game cube and dearly miss my game cube... rip!! 😩
Azlan Said
What music during the montage?
Next Original Ipad & macbook
Steven Espaniola
"my nails match it, so that's nice"!! LOL
Aghiad Hakeem
Please can you review the Beats X earphones 2017 !! 😁😁
Tyler Review
My iPad has 12 gigabytes 😪
that montage was frickin awsome
Abdullah Fahad
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Justine is
lerone Johnson jr
the best thing about the original ipods was the clicking sound IDK man .
Captain Josh 2468
s3xy soooooooooo s3xy
ibook clamshell, i just bought 2 haha
Garret Richmond
Is it me or does she remind me the girl version of the guy of unbox therapy haha
It's like she got a puppy XD
Kristel Joy Macaraeg
Nokia 3310. I really miss playing snake there
Zane Roote
Um... that's not the 1st iPod the first ones were 5GB, the 2nd Generations gave you the 10GB option
*Okasu Nayumi*
My mom had that... But it got squashed by heavy stuff and it broke 😭
Rahmana Toric
Are we watching the football game and then the weekend with you on that show