Krampus - The Trial (Lyric Video)

Official Lyric video for "The Trial" Taken from Krampus new album Counter//Current out November 15th and available on all Digital Stores! - Fear the Krampus - Follow us on facebook />Website

I miss the old Krampus
Bon Dziorno
It sounds more like industrial or electronic metal than folk, but still sounds great.
Trollwar Official
Hi Krampus ! I want to give you a big horns up because you have to be proud to try new styles of songs. Perfect work btw. Continue to explores horizon of metal.. \m/
๖ۣۜPinguim de Geladeira
It's one of the few folkcore bands, the best in my opinion. Keep going like this, you guys are awesome!!
Loïc Kiefer
I gotta say, new Krampus sounds more like Folkcore than Folk Metal. But so what? It's fuckin awesome!
INERTIA Official
I´m not into this album, but this track is pure fire and the lyrics are lit! ^_^
Kim Saburi
Oh, I love this.
Krampus always delivers
Alex Hercules
Folkcore <3
Background sounds like Linkin Park's "Lost in the Echo" This sucks man WTF????????
Jiří Tonar
You've given up completely the folk part of your music, haven't you?:D Still sounds good though...
Albert Suchan
I don't care about the core influence, but the vocals bothers me, cause they are really really weak and boring.
Ghost Player Games Reiter Concatto
Noel Rostohar
Was about to say sounds a lot like linkin park, at least the music part of the song. Lyrics are a bit dull at times, but those few lines at the end are killer. The mix is a bit off in my opinion but the song has a lot of potential, could've been more. all in all after a few listens I'm sure I'll love it just like the rest of the new stuff ;)