Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 20] LA Part 2

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Sierra Lakin
I remember being there at that concert. I have to say that was probably one of the greatest concerts I have ever been too. The energy, the music, it was amazing. <3
marya stewart
@Sierra Lakin i'm so fucking jelly (jealous) ! ._.
Iem Coolas
Jay Z & Nicole Sherzingger :) NICE! Im pretty sure Tom was flirting with her the whole time ;) hehe
Lousine Petrossian 에리
OMG! Poor Tom, What are they doing at 3:09 ?????
Oh lol wut, when I saw the bit at the end with the plane taking off, I thought the engine was like an exploding bomb or something :/
Why is there a video-response about a skunk..? O_o
Kimberly Davis
I look brilliant that is the most important thing! lLOL XD
Lulu 4 Presidente
@xNinaPx looked like Tom was gonna get raped by those fangirls and it all was going to start when she pulled on his shirt xD
When that girl grabed his shirt he was like 'Give it back to me bitch' HAHAHAH!
Love how Tom is beating up that bottle! :P :P
l look brilliant-that's the most improtant thing! HAHAAHHAH! Man l love him!
was it not a girl that got up on stage ans grabed tom ?! why do we not get to see that ? :O answear me please <3
Kyra Farrar
i love when bill bites his lip at 2:26
Shahla Naderi
im really just rewatching this coz ilove go bak to history f mai fav artists !
they did good. and i'm glad they like the u.s.
Mara Gillis
hilarious how one person was grabbing tom's shirt and he pulled it back... :D lol
Ella Jones
3:10 haha some girl catch toms t-shirt..xD
i love bill so much when he's nervous:x..i love him too when he's not whatever i love every piece of him:)
@TheHappyPinguin they're nutters...
Señor Gato
3:08 owó
lol!! at 3:08 - 3:11 The girls grabbed the shirt of TOM!! LOL
Karin Dávila
Oeee!!! x qe jalaaan aa mii Tom ... xD haha maz rezpeto x favor =P ...ii ezoz paziitoz...bill ^^!
Sarah M
@colddbreaker yea and he was looking back at the girl....
but Bill doesn´t use big shirts, I love him ♥.♥
Andreea Mirabela
i like tom more and more
Anne Christine Steffensen
Hahah, Bill's really abd in english, I think he should stay talking German.. (; I mean, he can still get international popular... Und so lange ich in verstehe, ist alles andre egal.. But he's actually not that beautifull, especially not in that zebra-hat!! No, I'd better like Tom, he's what I call hotness! Aber Tom findet beschtimt irgen'ne frau mit grosse brüste und ein fetten hintern... i'm not worth him (; Anyway, I still think it's unfair they've not been in Denmark yet! Røvhuller!!
Bill looks so beautyful with and without makeup, he is just perfection
i think that's their make up artist. i know the artist is blonde but i can't see her face so i don't know for sure.
she's either the his hair stylist or makeup person. lol
LOL 3:10!!!! XD The fangirls are all like "Toooooooooommmmmmmmm......Tooooooooommmmmmmmmm!! Come with us Tooooooommmmmmmm!" and then Tom is all like "WTF?!?!" and had to take his shirt back from them. XD priceless.
3:08 poooor Tom and he ALWAYS has to talk about how good he looks because of his fans
The girls of the first rank who catch Tom's T-shirt it is funny. They should have more hardly fired and to bring down him(ah ah)
Lilian Gomez
his makup artist person thingy haha dont worry shes too old for him haha
Darshika Kumar
dude tom is alwayz talkin about how good he looks
Mandi Vera
a girl tried to pull Tom's shirt....OH HELL NA!!!! Let that girl come to Hialeah! I'll show her how to pull a shirt, and how to break a leg, and arm, and everything else! Lmfao jk.....maybe *cough *cough I love Tom *cough *cough
1:25 LOL so cute
to refresh their fans ;) and even because fans love it XD
why do they throw water after they preform?
AWESOME!!!! ^^
D g
nope they need come bacl to VEGAS omg i miss them
tom has learned not to get close to the crowd because of his long shirts
tom has learned not to get close to the crowd because of his long shirt lol
Shawn Abeziz
Dont jump
omg did u see they were pulling toms shirt and tom was like no, no pully
Swantise Dorn
Why should someone remind her of that. sorry dear but 30 is not old not to her.Or to Tokio Hotel,its not your business anyway.Again think small-minded people how many women marry men younger than them.Demi moore is 20 years older than Ashton.Your just jealous get over toocoolqueeniee
Anna Frenkel
Poor bill sounds so nervous at the beginning of Scream And at :26-:28 Tom has deep manly voice It sounds like he needs to clear his throat xD
Carlos Verde
best band ever live
haha.. it didn't really look like rachael ray tho.. lol
allie fellows
ya some chick was yanking at toms shirt!!!!! poor tom
they should go everywhere the same amount of time they've been to California and NY. not fair lol Hallo. Vote for Tokio Hotel Monsoon, for Video of the Year, I've got the link on my channel, and there are links on other people's channels, egal! The voting ends on January 24th, and there are many David Archuleta fans that are making Tokio Hotel look bad, and I just want to do something bad to them, dankeschon! Connect the v with the o for voting, then it works.
Naya C
Yo,they we're at the filmore in my city(detroit) TWICE and i couldnt go either time!!!
Thank you. I went to the Phooson 2008 concert, but they didn't throw any water on me, maybe they had dry throats and need the water, I think so.
Elvish Prince
3:10 wow. really crazy fan.
lol haha the girl pulling toms shirt was funny...tho then agian it seemed a little idk......sorta like no respect((it actually looked psychotic to me but then hey its tom!Any fangirl of his who was that close to him would obviously do something like that....i guess...or maybe even worse....idk))
Haha that's funny, =D they're so funny omg, thank you, now I know =)
Why do they throw water on the fans? Do they do that at every concert? Is it water that they drank from? wow that is sooo cool, I'm gonna have their DNA all over me... lololol
lol at 3:08, I would pull his shoe, then he would fall backwards and wow that would be fun... o no, maybe he'll injure his head, o , that's not good.. =P
hot very hot, it's not so nice to be the first in the row when you have those guards standing like right face to face with you, like "get away, eww, I want to see them not you" it would have been better if it was a little fence instead of those 'bad smelling' guards... loollz
ask him, I think it's very sexy
i agree, stupid whore tom and bill are haaawt
Gee Amores
some girls pulled toms shirt in 3:10
oH wAt? Jay-Z hiT up dEy sHow? hA hA! Po0r Tom. NearLy g0t pulLed int0 dA crowd...
omg! cant believe dat chick pulled on Tom's shirt!!! i wonder how he felt about it....?
Tom nearly getting pulled into the crowd just MADE MY LIFE. I'm re-watching all the TH TV vids and I CANNOT believe I forgot about that!
Tom's so egotistical. but we love him:D
Re Clark
If his shirt wasn't six and a half sizes to big, he wouldn't have had that problem.
Yes Tom, u did look brilliant. but then again, u always do. lol and i love how at the end of the show everyone in the crowd was tugging on Tom's shirt. lol. i wish i could pull it... off. lol LovE you Tom!♥
videofan77 -Louise
i love bill stripey hat! ^_^
I know. But a lot of their female fans are that way. I don't know, but he kind of makes himself out to be the type of person that likes that kind of thing, don't you think. But I thought it was funny when he was talking his shirt away. It was like "Get off me!" But Tom, if you're going to talk the way you do, you got it coming. Either put up or shut up.
ahahaha !! Cant stop watching the part where they grab Toms shirt !! Lol !! 0.o
Steph Colsrud
anyone else notice that tom is always telling us how brilliant he looks or how amazing he looks? haha thats ok we luv ya tom!!!
Yeah that part was funny
Melissa Maya
HAHAHAHA THAT WAS SO FUNNY! wot a cutey! WOOP TOKIO HOTEL FTW! Bill ur too cute! xoxo
he's just very talented and dedicated. he probably worked hard to perfect his diction on those songs.
i love bill dance :D
LOL thanks for pointing it out! so funny haha, what an idiot.
omg, Bill looks like he's gonna pass out @ 2:07!
wheres, rachel ray at?
Kyle Plante
whos rachel ray?
Wild Flower
that was the best show ever! mi 1st TH show! =D
Sarina T
I see Raychel Ray
HAHAHAHAH!! At 3:09 someone totally tried Pulling Tom into the crowd!! He was like "Oh shit!" and yanked his shirt back!! Hahaha!! I dont blame them though!! Id pull Tom on top of me too=] Lol
michelle tran
Tom,you are so full of yourself,ahaha. but it's true,you do always look fabulous P:
Nani Navas
grrrrr nicole was wif them..... i read somewhere that she went to dinner once with tom...grrrrr...i like her but...AWAY from TOm
A mi cuñi Tom casi le tiran O.O
Y k pasa con las fans españolas ? Y las fans europeas ??? Y el aprecio x sus PRIMERAS fans! Las que les han dado TODO !!???? Yo no lo entiendo =S Pero es muy injusto..... Todo ha cambiado.... Si lo supierais !!! Madre mia...K FUERTE! Pero aún así..... FANS DE TOKIO HOTEL HASTA LA MUERTE!
Hahaha yeah. Sorry I didnt answer you right away. My dad's laptop died as I was watching THtv episode 22. RIGHT in the middle. And the fucking screen was jumping and then everything went black. In my dad's charger, a wire was lose and it screwed up the WHOLE fucking computer. But I've caught up with the videos (Thank GOD)
Mollie T
Toms always saying he looks great and stuff. I bet he was pissed that his shirt was stretched. haha! He's so CUTE!
Oh, why the F did they let Tom grab his shirt back?
poor Tom I bet that's how his shirt got so huge =P
Nardos A
ha the shirt grab classic he almost fell in! GEEZE but i probably would've done the same thing XD
Tom- "I look brilliant---that's the most important thing" lol Sexy dancing! BUt then someone grabs Tom's shirt and he's like MEINEN and grabs it back lol I loved the view from the plane. It was really pretty Sennen
I cracked up when someone grabbed Tom's shirt His face was like 'WTF...get off' and then he snatched it back He should wear some form fitting shirts He'd look even sexier (Though I dont think its possible) He's soooo concieted but its so funny. Haha LOVE TH they are AMAZING
LMFAO , i saw that i was like .. i wonder if anyone else noticed that.
Amber C
"I look brilliant --that's the most important thing." - Tom I love that guy. ^_^
It would have been hilarious if that person pulled him into the crowd!!
georg was soooo working the hair:P:P:D