Clippers 'seamless fit' puts them ahead of Lakers for 2020 title — Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss who will win an NBA title next season. Hear why Chris Broussard believes the Los Angeles Clippers 'seamless fit' puts them ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. #Undisputed #NBA #Clippers #Lakers SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: /> ▶Watch our latest NFL content: />▶Watch our latest NBA content: />▶Watch our latest MLB content: /> ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: />▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: />▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: /> See more from UNDISPUTED: />Like UNDISPUTED on Facebook: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Twitter: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Instagram: /> Follow Skip Bayless on Twitter: />Follow Shannon Sharpe on Twitter: /> About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED: UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. Clippers 'seamless fit' puts them ahead of Lakers for 2020 title — Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED /> Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Who will win the NBA 2020 title?
Every single NBA game on TV next season gonna be a “reunion game” 🤦🏾‍♂️ …
From “Clippers out” to “Clippers are the best” in one week. 😂
LeeTravius Mckay
Nobody: Chris: labraawwnn 😂😂😂
LeeTravius Mckay
Shannon: I like my two PGs better rondo and Bron Skip: why did you put Rondo first
Brooks Orlando
I agree, but man...I can't look at Broussard the same way after Kawhi signing. He was trying to be ahead of the curve and made himself look like a fool. I hope he just sticks to critiquing ball vs trying to break news
Steve Jobs
"My sources are telling me that Jalen Rose is 99.9% sure of things." - Chris Broussard
Walrus Grande
The way skip says “tHe kLaW” makes me laugh almost every time
Luis Acosta
Chris: ten years ago lakers would have won it.. ten years ago lakers did win it with Kobe and Paul gasol lol
Sometimes Shannon sounds like a younger version of Robert Freeman from Boondocks lol
Jalen Early
Kawhi me a river Skip. It’s ok man, you took an L. It’s time to let go.
Pain Killer
How did broussard already know the clippers have a seamless fit when they haven't even played 1 minute together? Maybe they won't fit immediately and will just learn to adjust like everyone else? I guess he knew the same way he knew clippers were out. lol
Ryan Arroyo
I just don’t understand how people can say who’s the best team of nobody has played yet??? These are the same people who thought they knew what Kawhi was going to do!
yusef immanuel
The NBA IS BACK!!!! Man I haven’t been this excited for a season to start since the early 2000 and late 1999
Dominique Hale
As a Lakers fan, I think I like Broussard's ranking with the way his predictions been working out lol
Blakelee Speer
Clippers Lakers in the playoffs Lakers even if they lower seed quess what they vs Clippers that building will be full of laker fans. No home court for clips.
Daye Fubara
Someone close to the situation - Chris Broussard
Randy Kt
2 years ago Utah beat OKC, but Houston beat Utah 🤷🏿‍♂️...Context!!! Can I interest you in that Chris???
Broussard has lost all credibility
Javier Shergill
There’s no knock on Kawhi’s mental toughness skips bias comes in spurts as a spurs fan
the jazz will be interesting to watch, so much potential, if mitchell takes the next step, that team will be nasty
Curry will be burned out by the time Klay comes back.
Chace Toxic
Telling y'all, utah is the dark horse this next season. Everyone sleeping on the jazz but If they have a good chemistry with these new guys they got, they gonna be scary.
Jon Peacock
They should call him skip baseless, cause nothing he says ever makes sense
Utah so overrated. In the west. Gobert is not effective offensively, so can be left in certain spots of doubles. Conley is good, but really, not THAT good. Mitchell has talent, but lets see him ACTUALLY play tge 2... and guard the 2..
Jon D
Shannon is grossly obsessed with lebron.. the way he talks about him tho?! 🤣😭
Harry F
1. Clippers 2. Jazz 3. Lakers 4. Nuggets 5. Rockets 6. Blazers 7. Kings 8. Spurs 9. Warriors
Welp, Broussard said it you know what that means... Congratulations to the LA Lakers, NBA champs 2019-2020
Aidan Glenane
How do they know the clippers roster is going to work pure unbiased opinions
Martin Brankov
So many injury prone players wait until the playoffs start ...
Who will win the load management competition “ skip 😂😂💪
Michael Plowman
I love how Shannon thinks a guy who's been the #1 option all his career is going to be the same being the #2 option.
Proppa Music
*Who else hype for next season to start? I can't wait*
Cerebro Mind
When your phone says 94% battery left then it dies... yeah that’s Chris Broussard.
taco meat
broussard took a big L give him recovery time like kd and klay
Stephen Pl4ys
Lakers are winning the chip
Devon Dolphin
The claw wasnt that sick just fed up and tired of the spurs system and hypocrisy towards him
Conley is a baller. Utah is for sure going to be the sleeper team in the West for the 3rd year in a row. If they can piece it together they will go deep in the playoffs. Sad to see Rubio go tho
Shevay Williams
The Lakers. I don’t understand how they don’t feel the same way about the Clippers as they feel about the Lakers. They both returned at least 5 starters but I take Bron + AD over Kawhi + PG any day
Need Em
Isaiah Richardson
Lmao they've literally had this same topic for 2 weeks straight
david sanders
Ain't gonna be NO point in Klay playing next year. He should sit the entire year
According to LeShannon the Lakers are winning the title until the day they are not.
Portland, Utah and Denver watch out for these teams in the playoff
Ahmil Adams
Thats not the same 73-9 warriors team because of their bench
Yvonne Johnson
Yall get paid to talk but don't know wat u talkin about..just speculatin every day all day..
ryan phillips
this reminds me of how, in the nhl, "experts" think winnipeg is gonna win every year.
My questions about GS 1. Where will they be record/seed wise when Klay returns? 2. Klay as a defender. I think that's where the ACL tear will affect him initially coming back.
Ryan Dupont
Man you ALL are sleeping on denver and Utah in the west. I actually think they will have the two best records
Utah and Denver over Houston??? Lmao Chris"multiple sauces" Broussard strikes again😂😂😂
Does any one else think CB has lost his credibility too??
:Mikko :See-Life
Shady Slim
Making the playoffs will be tough in the West
Savon X
Wonder what's going to be said about Houston after they get this chip ...
Lucius Walker
Lakers number one Lac number. Two.
andrew sorokan
fox better than espn rn because their analysts aren’t on load management
Samuel Verlinden
no Skip the most underated pg of your career is Rod Strickland. no debat
Eyan Andati
Westbrook already repping the rockets in the icon😂😂...He's that dominant
LeeTravius Mckay
This has been the best off season FA ever and I can't wait for the season to start
Wayne A. W.
SHAN-NON! Skip! Nah-nah... nah-nah - nah - nah! No.1: LeKing/AD; No.2: KD/Kyrie; No.3: Kawhi/PG
Skips right about Klay. The ACL tear won't affect Klays game going forward. Have a bad feeling KD will never be the same tho
Oso Sean
73-9 couldn't handle the Cavs. I like Bron, AD, Boogie, and Kuz a lot more than Bron, Kyrie, and Love.
ronny lopez
Nah, we the title favorites. No way you can tell their fit is seamless. Lakers winning the chip
Skip likes several WNBA teams more than any team LeBron is on
Real Nigga
Just woke up from a 8 year coma how is my OKC doing?
Someone like Utah making/winning the Finals would be SUCH a breath of fresh air...
Trevor Hernandez
AD and bron are an infinitely better fit lmao
I like this new young lady they replaced the mean one. She smiles genuinely without making funny faces when Shannon becomes animated. That's most likely why the ratings are rising again.
C.I.A The Central Intelligence Agency
Any team from California vs the NBA
aldrin phillips
LA Clippers... they’ve been due for a big break common man... you got two homegrown LA natives on the “other” LA team. Let that sink in. #ItTakesEverything
PG and Kawhi are basically the same player. The Clippers have a duplicate. How is that a seamless fit? Selfless players fit better. Which team would you say has a selfless roster? Not the Clips.
Bruh the Knicks over everyone and when talking about duos taj gibson and Bobby portis
We Lit
Who wants to bet Broussaurd says Houston is a top 4 team by mid season lol 🧢🧢🧢
i don't Chris, one day you say Lakers gonna win the title, the next day clippers are ahead. Let me know how many days interval it takes for you to switch minds.
Joe LaPonza
Broussard coming FULL-CIRCLE.
Robert Garza
Who listens to these clowns anymore?
Kenneth Brown
Clippers or Nuggets “I feel the Nuggets could shock the whole NBA if they can score, defend right if not then Clippers”. Utah is my other dark threat but a Western Conference team will win the 2020 title that’s for sure.
Tamar Lockhart
CB da WOAT Sports analyzer
Victoria Johnson
At least Chris give Warriors respect unlike those ESPN bozos!
Allen Griggs
You shouldn't sleep on the following teams blazers spurs jazz nuggets
Khal Drogo23
Both teams fully healthy Ill take Lakers over them. My problem is that the lakers will most likely not be fully healthy. This coming from a Bron fan that has seen his teammates get injured year in and year out. Kinda get used to it lol
bobby tan
73 - 9 warriors are very good at that time, but the opponents are very different this coming season.
The Truth
WestBrick for CPZero. Good luck.
Max Showell
i can't wait to hear people cry about the warriors having 4 all stars
Your threes aren’t going to matter when we have TWO low post superstars
Ser S
Awesome! This means the Clippers definitely won't win!!!!
Lakers on 6 WCF
Linda Leg
Clippers today. Lakers tomorrow. Golden State next week. Come on Chris!
Dru Moncatar
Shannon starting to hate on Kawhi coz he didn't joined his boyfriend Lbj... LOL, backtrack to a month ago, Shannon is a fanboy of Kawhi...
Raquel Voltz
Warriors still have a working system in place
No respect for Dame n CJ
Chris “clippers are out of the kawhi conversation” broussard
sade Mitchell
Only bc it’s Lebron is it questioned how well it gonna go for the lakers. The new look clippers haven’t played together yet either, no1 knows how that’s gonna go
Lo Key
I'm a La Fan..but Houston has a strong shot at the chip now
Player One
Skip needs to get over kawhi leaving San Antonio already too many big ole women over there ask chuck Barkley
taylor malone
Why dont these dudes wait until pre season at least starts before they start declaring the next champion
Celtic's will be the team no one expects. Not a fan but i think they could rep the east low key.
T-shirt guy
Footbal season is starting NEXTweek! Any news?
Antwan Nealy
Lakers best team hands down Chris go to sleep