Persona 4 The Animation: 1.11 Funny Moments [English Dub]

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Persona 4 best and funny moments from the english dub version =D Since that many people out there made the original Japanese dub of P4 funny moments, I decided to make the english one. Part 2: /> Part 3: /> Playlist: /> Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO. A million thanks to A.I.C. for making this possible!

This really was a good dub. Better than the game's in my opinion.
So basically, Yu's dialogue was written by that one guy who picks all the funny responses in the game.
Persona 5 the animation completely falls flat
Henry Aung
I actually like this versions of Yu, unbelievably calm but says the funny shit and is secretly a pimp lord
Lunatic LK47
Kanji: I'm going to walk over and sleep in the girls' tents. They got more balls than you! Yu: For some girls, that's true.
Princess Lucina
So *apparently,* bringing a sword into the food court is against the law now. -_-
LOL Narukami's ringtone for Ai is the Game Over screen from Catherine.
McKenna Sees
"I saw it all, want a copy?"
C o l a
"I'm going to take on an extreme challenge for you!" **Yu repeatedly presses the Record button**
"Want a copy?" Best line.
Parker Peters
"You don't look good in red" Yukiko - "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!??!" Gets me every time.
Mastermind Monokuma
ah yes the kanji chase scene i never get tired of it
Piers Watson
"I'm going to strip!" Presses record three times to make sure
Scarlett Fooshi
"There are some things, I don't wish to try..." -Yu Narukami LMAO
i love how Narukami is spamming the record button when Rise is on the Midnight Channel. xD
God Damn it, Kanji's Shadow... But seriously... I wouldn't mind paying 3000 yen (what's that's around 30 dollars, right?) for that beef bowl.
8:42 Even being drop kicked off a mountain by two beautiful girls, Narukami does not react.
Yosuke: Hey you see that Yu: I did Yosuke: So then you saw- Yu: I saw it all. Want a copy? Yosuke: uh-NO  LMAOOO!!!! XD!!
Sans The Skeleton
I have a feeling Mr. Yong Bosch had a VERY fun time voicing Narukami in some of these scenes.
I love how Yu's dialogue is basically a mish-mash of all the dialogue choices from P4. So Yu may randomly say some cool stuff, and also just casually go "You suck." or "I may be dying."
DJ Oshawott
I just love the stoic-ass personality of Yu in this animation!
Yoshi Stover
I love his really calm, I might be dying quote XD.
jazzy j
2:00 That ring tone just spells an untimely doom.
Touko Fukawa
Yu kept a straight face when being kicked in the water. How does that mofo remain so freaking calm? O.o
I wish the P5 anime was this funny...
I was avoiding the anime all this time. I see the error of my ways. 
The Red Mage
Johnny Yong Bosch and Yuri Lowenthal are PERFECT together.
Shahir Hameed
Johnny Yong Bosh. Best voice actor ever
Adrienne Desens
Yu's sassiness is over 9000
Storms and Saugeye
*Furiously pushes the record button* Rise x Yu was always my favorite.
You know, even if the animation in P4tA isn't amazing, this anime holds special place in my heart. I don't care about the quality, the anime itself is really great (and it helped me get my three best friends into Persona!). I really love Yu's character in this.
5:20 Izanagi's expression: -_- Izanagi's thoughts: LET GO OF ME! HELP! SOMEBODY HEEEEELP!
Touko Fukawa
I like how after Shadow Kanji showed on TV Yosuke calls Yu - Yosuke: Hey, you see that? Yu: I did. Yosuke: So then you saw- Yu: I saw it all. Want a copy?  Yosuke: Uh, no. -_- XDDD Yu seemed to like it.
Turbo Tom
2:03 Best thing about his ringtone is it's the game over theme for Catherine, another Atlus game. This episode came out way before the game was even released!
4:27 - "Want a copy?" I just died.
Daniel Balfour
I love how the Mega-Beef Bowl was an analogy for the mystery, and how you couldn't see the end, but kept persevering.
Love that Kanji's Shadow : "..all this steam is makin my blood start to pump" Chie: ARRGGHHHHHH ♫ I PHASE OUT, I HOLD OU...♫ Teddie: come on Chie not you too!? Chie: Sorry but this guy really bugs! XD epic
Jordan appleton-joslin
That meat bowl is more daunting than Tartarus.
We can all learn from Yu. Calm. Focus. And smashing that record button. 10:23
Was Troy Baker stoned out of his mind when he said those lines in the bath house?!
Platinum Rage
I want to touch Yu's butt ._.
Phantom Thief
I was really hoping that Persona 5 the animation would be just as comedic and entertaining, but the tone is too different. I gotta admit that P4A is league's better than P5A.
Gwen Poole
And then there was a wacky chase scene! "NO COME BACK I LOVE GIRLS!"
Teh Boonvillains
I wish Yu said this shit in the game.
Fly High And Paint Me With A Tear
Oh, Yu. XD He's so calm and blunt. XD "I saw it all. You want a copy?"
I love how the thumbnail is just Yu's face like.... Yu's seen some shit.
Pretty much the only English dub I really like. The cast did an amazing job, for both the games and the animes.
Yu has experienced too much shit to be phased
1:58 Is that a Catherine's Game Over sound on Narukami's phone?
jazzy j
10:24...I have now word to describe how I feel right now. I'm drawing a blank, but dang boy how many times are you going to keep pressing that record button
1:59 Nice! Catherine reference!
1:10 Guess what's sharper than a Golf club~ :D
"I might be dieing" XDDDDDDDDD
9:43 Kanji went down like a final boss
Some Asshole
Smig Bick
Yu's delivery was done so perfectly in the anime.
Alderon Spacey
Yo: Hey , You See That ? Yu: I Did. Yo: So Then You Saw? Yu: I Saw It All , Wanna Copy ? Yo: Uhhh, No . LMAO
Sanic Heichou
"Are you okay?" "I might be dying" XD
I'm so happy about what they did with Yu. It's like a mix between a completionist and a troll playthrough.
locodesert 2
i love how the main character can talk
SnesRulez - My Game World
I'm just waiting for Narukami to start shouting "KYRIEEEE!!!!" every 3 seconds XD
I love the underplayed acting of Johnny Yong Bosch here. He really makes Yu a hilarious character.
Ephemeral Lilium
Who wants to talk about MURDERS?
Nightmare Chaser
Man Yu is so.... Blunt and straight to the point
Yu's expressions never change lol!
Thomas Roth
I'm not even done with the video. I'm just saying, our Protagonist here...he's a genius. They turned the most viewer-fill-in designed character ever, literally THE PROTAGONIST, that's his name, and gave him a character. Geniuses I say!
Mike J
10:23 Uhhh Yu, what're you doin- Oh. a TV remote. Yeeeaaah, that wasn't suggestive at all..... (seriously, it looked like he was jacking off for a minute there ._. ...... And given the circumstances, I Don't see why he wouldn't be.)
The guardian
was he clicking the record button
School Camping Trip (Night): Troy Baker, Yuri Lowenthal, and Johnny Yong Bosch. Gentlemen, three legendary English Voice Actors... ...Sleeping in one tent.
The english dub just made this show ten times funnier.
"Wanna copy?" "Er, no." I can't stop laughing! :'D
This anime abridges itself
Jakira Kumahata
See what kind of life Lelouche Suzaku and Milly could have had without the crazy Brittanians?
Iain O'Brien
"Want a copy?" Oh my god Yu no
"No it's too gay in here" ~Yosuke Hanamura
Joseph Hernandez
0:06 Her face! XD
jazzy j
1:59... When you hear that you know you're doomed
Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
Whenever someone says Sub Anime js better than Dub Anime. I show them these Persona 4 the Animation English Dub funny moments. And it changes there mind set on Dub Anime to liking Dub Anime. Alright go Dubbed Anime. I like Dub and Sub both. But for Persona 4 the Animation English Dub is way funnier and fits better than the Sub for Persona 4 Anime. :3
Jordan Felix
7:16 And no one ate dinner that Night
LOL. Nothing scares Yu... except for Ebi.
If they do a persona 5 anime i wonder what they will do to akira
βrawl 乱闘
just saying right now Kanjis voice actor is probably the best English voice actor ever
Lol..."i might be duying"
Carli Dratel
I love how Narukami has such a PERSONALITY in the anime
Izanagi almost got raped...
10:05 amazing delivery
It's like I'm listening to Shinra and Izaya from Durarara hahaha
Yu and Adachi have the same voice in the anime? O.o da fuq?
Double D
3:30 Jon and Arin win, they realize friendship is more important.
Callum Lyall
Troy baker has played a lot of amazing characters but I think Kanji's shadow would have to be one the greats
Wow, that's a hell of a ramen shop. I've seen the scene where they claim to deliever anywhere, but not only do they deliever ANYWHERE, they know where to find you to deliver it too! That is a talent!
Joseph Hernandez
2:54 Troy Baker is the best video game voice actor
Joseph Hernandez
My opinion Anime (Animation) P3 6/10 P4 8/10 P5 2/10 Manga (Comic) P3 6/10 P4 4/10 P5 9/10 Main Character’s names I like P3 Minato P4 Yu P5 Akira
Alex Jay
Johnny Yong Bosch best voice actor to represent Yu Narukami
1:11 Guess what's sharper than a golf club
Levin Siow
probably the only anime i watch in english dub
Kaera Neko
I'm gonna watch this twice. Once with dubs because they are amazing, and once with subs for comparison.
The Tasty Tango
I've only just realised Yu's ringtone is the game over music from Catherine.
Eniola Oyefeso
3:34 Yukiko dose not realized that she will get banged so she just's like "Chie here's 100 yen." LIKE NOTHING BAD IS HAPPENING, THEIR A BIKER DUDE CALLED KANJI ABOUT KILL WITH HIS FISTS
TheDesert Pro
Yu the only guy in the game who could keep a straight face the whole time... Almost