Arkadii Kazakov Superunknown XI Semi-Finalist

We've spent the past few weeks sorting through well over 100 entries from around the world, and choosing the Semi-Finalists was no small task. While one could put up an argument for dozens of other entrants that were close to making it in, these are the 16 bestowed with the honor. What does "Semi-Finalist" mean?!?! It means that next week viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite of the bunch, and they'll be awarded an official "Wildcard" spot in the Finals and invited to the Superunknown shoot with the other 9 Finalists in April. That said, we'll also be releasing the Superunknown XI Finalists videos next week, so stay tuned for more hot action! Read here for further info on the contest:

Amazing camera, amazing editing, amazing music, amazing riding.....Creativity, style, flow....This is the winner for me right here. Big up man!
Luke Steiner
Sick as hell! Song name?
Benjamin Bogorad
best video
0:34 did he just Grind on a fighter Jet? :o
Igor Banaszuk