What Would Happen If North Korea Launched A Nuclear Weapon

Tensions between North Korea and the United States have escalated during the Trump presidency, with threatening tweets and talk about the size of each country's nuclear "button." But what would happen if North Korea actually decided to follow through on its threat and launch a nuke? We spoke with a few experts on North Korea and missile defense to get detailed look at what the early stages of nuclear war with the hermit kingdom. -------------------------------------------------- Follow Business Insider on Twitter: />Follow BI on Facebook: />Read more: /> -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.

Michael Josias
trump should just challenge kim jung un inside the octagon
Christopher Schutz
Pray this never happens- it is not some game where there is a 'winner'. Everyone loses.
Nick King Televised
If N. Korea launched they'd be wiped off the map before they had time to high five from the confirmation of a hit.
Martin Fee
Looking at this, it is absolutely hysterical all the "Trump is going to cause a nuclear war" nonsense. What's sad is the same people screaming the loudest about N.Korea and their 60 may work nukes, is pushing for conflict with Russia who has thousands of nukes. Trump Derangement syndrome NEEDS to be listed in the mental health reference book
Frost Roxie
What would happen.... mmmm South Korea would have plenty of parking.... as soon as North Korea stopped Glowing!!!!!
Steve Price
"What would happen if North Korea launched a nuclear weapon?" Answer: Earth would shortly have a new night light in East Asia.
Original Wasta
6:48 Soggy Biscuit?... That's one game I hope I never lose.
Edward Miller
Doug Yates
They would have their ass handed to them in about 15 minutes, and they know it!
After 7ft, it would crash back down and obliterate themselves.
Johnnie Walker
I nominate Kim Jong Un to be the first man to land on Mars. Just him no supplies no return trip.
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
We could just build obsidian around our houses
Andrew Phillips
Remember the end of the movie "War Games" where the super computer says "There are no winners"?? It was a simple but exact phrase.
Eric Smith
Short answer there wouldn't be a North Korea anymore.
Your Pocket Mechanic
It's never going to happen. I grew up in the Cold War era and spent most of my child hood through the 1960s and 1970s and even my young adult hood of the 1980s listening to this same nonsense about USSR, or what we now call Russia. We had duck and cover drills in grade school to prepare us for attacks, and everyone bragged of their bomb shelters. All because the news warned us an attack was imminent. The news did exactly what it wanted; instill fear and earn viewers. And it worked. It also earned customers for those who sold bomb shelters. It also guaranteed budget funding for the Civil Defense. Bottom line was the USSR didn't want a nuclear war any more than we did. No country wants it. Nuclear war is messy, and an unprovoked attack is suicide. Don't live your life in fear of a nuclear attack. You'll more likely die of a lightening strike than a nuclear attack.
Theo Schutz
Within 1hour there will not be a NK anymore...fact
Xyz Xyz
Fear mongering and borderline Trump bashing should be the name of this video.
If North Korea launched on us, it would be the Last thing they ever did.
Orn Gorn
I'll tell you what would happen - Kim Jong Un's petty dictatorship would come to a screeching halt.
Mr. Mango
The Koreans are firing test rockets and they failed and we have Navy ships surrounding North Korea just in case the Koreans comes close. We're ready for war the real question is "Are they ready for us?"
Elias Puolakka
Why did a chicken cross the road ? Because it knew North-Korea can't shoot missiles that far.
Michael Angelo
Kim Ding Dong will not fire on the U.S. It would be suicide and he wants to remain in power
Look up 10 hilarious threats made by North korea. Kim is insane and needs to die now not later
If North Korea does dare to launch a nuke, then history will say that there use to be a country named North Korea but it is now glass.
Scott Gordon
Less than 5 minutes after they launch they will become a CRATER
Aurα вírdч
Be hilarious if it failed and dropped and he nuked his own country 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tony Bautista
The next 'major' war between nations... does not have a happy ending, for either side. 3:)
Roger Terry
2+ minutes later,N.Korea would GLOW IN THE DARK!US6th Fleet SSBN!
Lyle Benzo
This is just an attempt to smear Trump that didn't age very well lol
Burton Williams
My father was in the Army during the Korean ''police action'', said we should have nuked them then.
Edo Flo
Wow just listen to all the wisdom posted here..
Ben Hodge
Getting rid of all nuclear weapons is like banning guns in america. Where do you put them? Who gets to take them? And theres always that 1 guy who will have a stash
nathan hughes
The filipines and america need 90 nuclear weapons... .-.
JPF Fernandes
The North Koreans can't hit the broad side of a barn. Their soldiers are literally starving and their equipment is incredibly dated.
jon doe
The US won’t strike first..... But if the north launch a nuke at the us, South Korea would become a beautiful tropical island in a matter of seconds
Anthony E
If they want beef, they are going to end up well done
Ken Angerstein
If China suspected Kim was going to launch first, he would be dead in a heartbeat.
'We have to get rid of nuclear weapons." Maybe in a perfect world but at the end of the day no country would truly dispose of all nuclear warheads as they are the best deterrent a country can currently have. If we got rid of nukes I guarantee you would see way more wars start across the globe. If I'm gonna be attacked and potentially killed then I want to make sure I take them with me. I mean think about it. Say everyone gets rid of their nukes but Russia hides a few back. All of a sudden they control the field as they remain the only nuclear power. They could conquer smaller nations simply by threatening them with nuclear bombardment. My point is that it would be stupid to get rid of them. Instead we need to focus even more on counter defenses to the warheads so they become even less of a threat to us.
Who ever script this are so delusional! Don't know diddly squat about our arm forces defense...stop putting fear on American citizens. And Nobel prize winners are all paid for their no longer earned....so much bs..
Beary nice
Reading the comments I realize how stupid people are. Not everybody of course, there are some smart comment but the rest...
Mark G.
What would happen if North Korea were to launch a nuclear missile? North Korea would get nuked until they glowed in the dark.
Larry Ellis
If. They. Fire. A. Nuke. They. Are. Done. Too. We. Are. All. Dead. No. One. Will. Win
Marshall Eastwood
Playing fall out on high specs. Lulz 😆😆😆😆
Robert Stevens
They would get their wang dang sweet poontangs blown off And kim would have his ill sung vaporized
Robert Davis
Well honestly i see china or russia taking military action before nuclear war. Those countries don't want a nuclear wasteland right next door.
Norman Cantrell
We will wipe North Korea off the world.
Jonny cat6a
North Korea would be turned into a smoldering pile of ash! Our ( USA) Nukes are Farrrrrr more powerful!
The double-A Brothers Cooley
I'm just going to say they threaten us first
20,000 nuke missiles USA will vanish
Jess Webb
What would happen. Give me a break. We would turn North Korea into a smoldruing pile of ash.
big ass dude
Not anymore. An adult just got elected and is taken control of the situation
Steve Ent
We set off castle Bravo before NK even had discovered Fire.... I think we'll be Aighhht
Japan did a bloody nose attack in World War 2, we know how that went
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
President Trump understands the "Israel Whirlwind Prophecy".
Banele Nkambule
Can I suggest that heads states firstly challenge each other in a boxing ring and fight because it turns to be innocent people that suffer the most in a war.
Mars Bars
If we don't do anything right now, the problem is just going to keep growing.
Don't fire anything at a US ally that you wouldn't want exploding in your own atmosphere.
Thumbnail looks like a 'fatman' is launching nuclear missile in Xbox....!! 😂🤣😅
Michel John
Popeye 99
Really a tweet could cause a Nuclear war? Lol How dumb do you think we are lmao
James Lewis
if north korea nukes any US property, the US will turn north korea into vast flat glass parking lot. there will be no survivors
The US would totally destroy North Korea if they ever launched a nuclear weapon. Let’s hope they never do.
poppy smith
Just how would cardboard cutout models reach the Shite house ?😎
Sick Nightcore
If this happens we could just push US somewhere else. (Yes. This is copied. But in my own words) ;D.
Obi Won
The orange man would take a warlike posture. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✊🏿
Donald Smith
Who are the people that are in here and what makes them the experts on anything? Sounds like just some nuts talking.
joshua's !!
Hope it does not start BC BARKSDALE IS MY BASE I love the planes I love the base
kenneth levitt
The Pacific command is not on the island of Hawaii. It is on Oahu. Your map is wrong.
Old man: I dont it will start war Me: Man, come back here (1941-1945)
I wonder why BI felt it was "journalism" only to interview a bunch of anti-nuclear activists and propagandists..
Aljan Vivar
SJ Marax
Stop doing this crazy stuff..bcs U guys will regret fighting at each other . The end of the world..bettah go n fight in space..
Rick Darby
Nothing because it wouldn't make it very far. It would crash into the ocean lmao.
Michael Chamberlain
The US would take out that country
Tim Edmonds
The states are more than likely keeping a OHIO class sub in the area it could by itself glass over the whole region. They had 2 there at one point. The world looks to this POTUS to fix problems left over by others.
James Thomas
The US is in NATO. We wouldn't have to respond, the 27 other nations would do it first.
Vince Chin
Easy, South Korea would become a beautiful island nation.
Dallas Davis
I'm just thinking about it they try to attack us and our nukes just bombarding them while America tuck yeah is playing
Russell Coleman
Aegis,laser intercept,Thaad ER,Thaad,Patriot PAC3 ER, and PAC3 intercept systems have a good chance of intercepting the warheads that actually make it to US soil. I think the reliability level is also in question for any North Korean ICBM system making it through every phase with any accuracy as well. The actual yield of a North Korean nuclear device is also another question mark.
Joe Don
Any chance North Korea would dare Launched A Nuke while the U.S. President was meeting there? You think the U.S. already thought of that?
YouTube google
I was just fine, now im frightening
Haven’t they already launched a nuclear weapon?
why does take 10 minutes to explain "The nuclear weapon be blown down before it can even reach a target"
Elias Cervantez
man your experts were way off 😂😂😂 nice try fearmongers
Where I go for all my military advice, NOT!
A 30 weapon strike would end NK for good.
What would happen? *Oof* Thats what
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
Watch it be an April fools joke Yes I know I’m late
John Peel
The Korean war is still active.......its only been under a ceasefire for the last 60+/- years
bill smith
If that happened,nk would be obliterated.simple
Joseph Patton
If N Korea lobbed a nuke at us, I would be in favor of turning thier country into a smoking hole in the earth.
Saira S Kamal Tiba
He won't do that..trust me...he is just playing around
Krystian Johnson
Just fight it out like men...PATTY CAKE PATTY CSKE MAVES UR MAN
Christopher Marsh
What about an airborne laser? Or an AEGIS ship with a laser? You could stuff a few nuclear reactors on ship and have all the laser power you need.
Sorry Music
How can we get rid of all nuclear weapons if we couldn't even stop North Korea from having them?
Brian Conroy
We would wipe them off the face of the earth
we would win N.Korea with a C5 full of MRES .
Far is Near
Only an insane persons would punch someone with a AK / 50 cal in his hand.Last thing you would want to give a bloody nose to a nuclear power
Brian Williams
Rocket man do u feel lucky