Blackmore's Night - All Because Of You - HQ (720p) GERMAN TV

Blackmore's Night is a British/American traditional folk rock duo led by Ritchie Blackmore (acoustic and electric guitar) and Candice Night (lead vocals, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist). Fires at Midnight is a Blackmore's Night's third studio album released on July 10, 2001 through SPV/Steamhammer. In comparison with their previous two releases, there are more electric guitar parts on this album, whilst maintaining a folk rock direction. On December 2001, Fires At Midnight was a finalist on the New Age Voice award for the best vocal album of the year. In 2004 the album went Gold in the Czech Republic. It featured the singles "The Times They Are a Changin'", "Home Again" and "All Because of You". www.blackmore´

Mark Belserene
So disappointed to see Ritchie doing a Lipsync perfromance
Igor Daniel
nemecke publikum,playback...priserne
Valeriy Blinov
pretty song. are they doing playback? e.e
Adi Worker
Wonderful Music
Horrible miming.
Adi Worker
What a nice woman:-)
Anton Wieser
What a waste of a legend :-(
jerry swan
Love Candice!
Anton Wieser
What a waste of a legend :-(
Adi Minzer
Was für eine schöne Frau, un dwas für eine tolle Stimme
Garry Andrews
Great boots, Richie. Alvin Stardust had a garage sale, did he?
They are a surprisingly good band live so I see no need why they had to get on that stage and pretend. Ritchie must be going senile or something because its blindinly obvious during the solo that he's not really playing that instrument.
Oh God no. This is so sad in so many ways. Why Ritchie, why????
Dee Johnston
Love the song, hate the lip sync.
gippo k
Mats Nyman
It's funny to think that Blackmore's like "What the HELL am I doing here? well the wife's nice so I'll play whatever" but that's just silliness he loves it!