Travis Barker & Yelawolf - Whistle Dixie

Buy Out of Control Now: /> Music video by Travis Barker & Yelawolf performing Whistle Dixie. (C) 2012 Lasalle Records Inc. USA

buzz tone
I wana hear a song with Yelawolf and Die Antwoord, hell yeah!!
MrDooney - Gaming Funny Moments
Now how can you not like Travis?
Shay Fields
FUCKING TREJO!!! I always loved the song but this makes it way more legit!!!
Sounds like Beastie BOys
Pawel Gorniak
FYI: any argument, no matter how good, gets thrown out the window into the toilet and flushed down if you can't tell the difference between you're & your. period, end of argument, and I've seen seen some of that shit in this thread
gavin tarron
that snare though
Qcripple The savage
I can't believe that Danny Trejo is in this music video
Danny Trejo really is in everything
Gabriela Andrea Ramos
they got Mr. Trejo for the video. Boss
Outlook Entertainment
yela is still with shady yela is coming with a new album produced by eminem again!!!
2 much illumaniti shit in this video... still love it
Retro Gaming
If I'm not mistaken, the corpse is Danny Trejo, right?
Donald Floyd
Danny Trejo was perfect for this!
I looooove the way he flips his hair 0:36
I can't hate. That was sick
almost has a beastie boys flow and vocal style to it at certain parts
Danielle Guarino
Dopest beat ever
Mishanya Ogorodnik
awesome song and video!
Derrick Jr.
Man this is Dope!
Shreyus Bhagawan
He could do a sick Rage Against the Machine cover right? Especially with the flow of the final verse. Anyone agree?
Stern EU
I wanna see Travis Barker Ft. Die Antwoord! That would be AWESOMEEEE
Anybody know where I can find the instrumental?
sky love
yelawolf is soooo sexyyyyyyyyy😍😍
Elevated Spirit
Been digging Yelawolf since I saw him on the BET HIP HOP Awards "The Cypher" years ago. 
Lord Haari
This song is seriously addicting.
Mick Knight
This almost blew my sack off.
Chyane Naraskivitch
<3 all that ink in one video !
Lil Red eye
Mexico secret service has never looked so good
bait morte
he made the severed ties sign
Erika Rubio
machete :3
justin williams
He's from the south where the rebels are from, the rebels a mean by the civivl war, he is about rebellion somewhat and in the south they are somewhat against today's values, respect his music  and think he is a great rapper.
lynn horton
I think im seriously in love with him lol
Robert Mathis
Kind of a Beastie feel! =)
everything  Yela  does  is  rad,,,tackles  all  styles:  check  out: "til  its  gone"  &  "tennessee  love",,,much  respect !!   &  skillz  that  kill !!
Joshua Tyler
my homeboy yelawolf from Alabama CRMISON TIDE STAND TALL
Brian De Jong
Straight whistling this everywhere imma go, 6ft under or not word
Teanna Davis
Just listened to this like 15 times in a row.
Gwen Summers
Luv u yela.. Dana G.. 931
Brandon Bitsilli
Kinda has the beastie boys style to it, I love this.
Glenda Simmons
Jeff Angst
happy birthday to me!!!!!! lol thx for all the b day wishes it means alot to me. I will let you all n know when my party will be  i plan on poker and call of duty party with b day hats lol  I do not want presents just hang out and catch up  holler .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;m 50 lol
john bob
Beastie Boys
debilnypes dedinsky svätý
never believe to people with sunglasses.
I bet they went for tacos after.
Danny Trejo 0:17
One of the best music video I've seen in months !
Desolate Mario
Sophie Marie
is the Mexican looking guy from sons of anarchy? I swear, he looks so familiar
VeliC Music
That ultra-illuminati final XDDD
that is awesome they got danny trejo to participate in this video
Whistle hook is sick
This is sick and Danny Trejo is cool
Daniel Chavez
Dana Gwen Summers
This shits awesome!!
I see those signs
Jerry Fortuna
Brendan Smith
Tortuga !!!
Naughty Cub
this is awesome
Gabrielle Jean
can we just take a second to appreciate the drum line in this song 😂😂😍😍 country fresh💯
Jax Herbert
YEA! Country Fresh👊
Should have just used a drum machine if you were going to "produce" the drums into sounding like shit. Otherwise the song is ok.
Love it
Anthony Sleeth aka Show Me Scratchers
Holy shit he got Danny trejo in this video
Lizard Punk
lol is that danny trejo?
does anyone know if the interior shots were shot in pasadena? think i've shots stills there got a video once. rad place.
I’m so Cool
I can't be the only one that hears the the candy crush theme. Lol
Ricegum anyone?
Jason Wood
Who doesn't like to watch someone lip synch their own song while Danny Trejo wanders around making clown faces for no apparent reason. heh
Ebony Wilkins
Love the song and the video.
Head Ram
beat is dope, yelawolf sucks
lizard chang
Real stuff
re-visiting this on halloween. STILL THE BEST HALLOWEEN SONG HANDS DOWN
Пираньи Наттерера
Дэнни Трехо? Круть!!!!
2:12 Travis Barker I wonder did that scene take you back to your high school marching band moment's?!?!
Scar Face
Those whistles call all Doggs
M Sr
I'm Cambridgeshire country fresh haha woof yellla
M Sr
Travis is a superstar
Logic One
Love Yela. Love Danny.Danny Trejo never die. As Ylelawolf too!
M Sr
Your my new go to for music now fukin hell his story and his span of talent he can square dance too daylight sing mc and country style n rap and rock it's a melting pot for my soul.
MikeN Ike
Ron Jeremy ? 0:18 LUL
Yall peep #420bastardboy 🔥🔥 Texas artist
Daniel Rivers
Amazing take! Good on ya, Yelawolf!
James Wildrick
They locked me up for that
Chris Greig
is this new yelowolf please system yes ha ha
this beat is insane
Koda Haze
They should be a permanent duo. It's like its meant to be.
Chris Soltesz
own it! this has to be top ten of all my tunes! Seriously, yea!
Jeannie Davis
my current favorite song! love it! Yelawolf goes off but TravisBarker is t God of Drums! so flippn BadAss&so hot! watchn him do his thing is mesmerizing! musically&visually!
April Kieswetter
William Muttathil
The flow he got in this song kinda reminds me of Afromans - Colt 45.. can anyone relate? :D
Anthony Wagner
Travis Barker heading a Drum line that is AWESOME!
Jeff Smith
How much is a Danny Trejo feature?
Omen Serious
is yelawolf gkd?
Roxanne Silver
I thought this video was really interesting.  What I really, really, really HATED were THE 5 POP-UP ADS THAT KEPT COMING UP RIGHT ON THE VIDEO!  If that weren't annoying enough already, I had to MANUALLY CLOSE THE X on every one of them INSTEAD OF ENJOYING THE VIDEO!!!!!!!  I used to think that Google buying this site was a bad idea.  Now, I KNOW that it was a bad idea.  They really need to quit being such revenue whores.  They are wrecking the product.
Faded Perfect
I don't usually comment but god damn is this freshy. #talent
Adolfo Martinez gutierrez
Esto es un temazo
Armageddon MFG
Punk ft Hip Hop nice genre..