U2 - California (There Is No End To Love) Lyric Video

This is a lyric video for U2's song California (There Is No End To Love). Comment down below to suggest songs and also don't forget to follow us on Twitter! Buy Songs of Innocence on iTunes: /> FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: /> Family Friendly Gaming Content: /> Professional websites, web hosting, graphic design, printing, marketing, lyric videos, worship song videos, and worship slides: /> California (There Is No End To Love) U2 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara California Then we fell into the shiny sea The weight that drags your heart down Well, that’s what took me Where I need to be Which is here, out on Zuma Watching you cry like a baby California, at the dawn You thought would never come But it did like it always does All I know And all I need to know Is there is no Yeah there is no end to love I didn't call you Words can scare a thought away Everyone’s a star in our town It’s just your light gets dimmer If you have to stay In your bedroom, in a mirror Watching yourself cry like a baby California, blood orange sunset Brings you to your knees I've seen for myself There’s no end to grief That’s how I know That’s how I know And why I need to know That there is no Yeah, there is no end to love All I know and all I need to know Is there is no Yeah, there is no end to love Barbara, Barbara There is no end to love Oh oh-oh all I know and all I need to know Is there is no Yeah, there is no end to love, whoa oh oh oh We come and go But stolen days you don’t give back Stolen days are just enough Written by Adam Clayton, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen, Paul David Hewson • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group We do NOT own any rights to this song and we do not make ANY money from these videos.

Skippy Cavanaugh
I know this song is about California, but believe me, it’s actually quite motivational. The rhythm of this song is amazing.
Geraldine Garces
Was I the only one that had this song in their iPhone randomly like literally this was in my phone when I got it and I’m not mad they’re pretty good songs
doobie soda
Been considering the move from NYC to California. This helps. 😏
Jocelyn Ortiz
not gonna lie 20% of the reason I chose to go to UC Santa Barbara is bc they chant "Santa Barbara" at the beginning xD
An infectious song... In a good way. And great video!
Dazzling Flare
Starting chorus is legendary 😍😍
שילי סול כהן
i came here from SaraBeautyCorner this is one of her fav songs lmao btw beautiful song
Alex Mong
That song was my alarm melody & motto for nearly one year. It all started back in 2016, during the times when I was resting in Vietnam preparing for a technical interview with a Google project. Even before that. It was still there after my relocation to SF Bay Area. Just to be replaced by Blink-182 — California :)
my favorite song
NPC #011011001
I always wear earbuds when listening to this band, my guilty pleasure of music. I am always listening to heavy metal amd hard rock, but this band has some great songs. Can't be seen listening to something soft.
Jamshaid Ali
I love how the lyrics are kind of sad and depressing and there is some cheerful music playing in the background
.... Sin dudas uno de los mejores temas.... CONGRATULATIONS U2! 😇 ☀️👍☀️🗺️😇☀️💪 Anthony, Canary Islands Spain 🇪🇸 🇨🇺 🇮🇨 🇨🇺 🇺🇲
This song got me through hard times when I first moved to Cali.. Music can take us to crazy places mentally.. Thank you U2
Собака Ричи
My favorite song 100%.
Luisa Sorbello
Sempre grandi!
Only Aazan
In love with this song!
6 66
When i working at singapore i set alarm at 2.30 am and this is song my alarm...hear this song make me remember lonely time going to work from malaysia to singapore everyday...very tired but this song...make me forget the rough time
Isaiah Sivaram
Ma' favourite song. Especially at the start.
Branco Lemon
U2 sempre Fabuloso.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
This is great feel-good music. Especially great for driving.
Jimmy James
Is there a reason you didn't include the lyrics at the very beginning of the song?... Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara
Turd Of Jingle
I love this song so much!!!!!
Allison Trejo sotelo
Jackson Goldstone!!!!
Allahın Malı
How could i not find this awesome song before
This song reminds of my road trip I took along the California coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Most beautiful drives I have taken.
Carolina Quiroga Delgado
Me encanta excelente banda
Amani Goda
I came from the iPhone. My uncle/grandpa? Gave it to me and this was on of the three songs on it. THANK U FAM!!!!!
This song reminds me of 8th grade second semester 😊
Fabiana Vidal
Demais sem palavras...
Wanda Fischetti
Carlos Alves
great song, love the U2ers, great video production
Sofia Gasperoto
Amo essa música 🎶
Sandee Correa
I first heard this song on the first day of the California camp fires, during this whole ordeal which is still only 4th contained. I have been meditating on it, believing all these fires will just stop. Please never stop singing for California we need you all right now so many missing and way to many deaths & fires this year. I live in Lodi right next to Sacramento which is so,close a hour away from the devastating fires. Love you guys thanks for this beautiful hopeful song. Your the best band in the world XO 8
Nubking GG
İm really did this Song my morning alarm
Lucas Harris
Wow! Just wow!
Turd Of Jingle
Kezann kayvier Kayan Vlogs
I purchased this song in iTunes
Stella Fokas
The best song they have done lately
Jcarloscorona 0205
I love this song is the best
Elizabeth Armstrong
Stolen days would never b enough for a true kings man at the round table. Unless you are afraid to cry
Attuahene Mensah
iOS brought me here.
Mike C
The opening chants remind me of Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys
Ouardia Ouardia
j'aime saïte musique waw
Chad Alarcon
This bugged the hell out of me everyday while my phone was transferring to my car because I have a iPhone. It got stuck in my head finally to the point where I obviously looked it up to see what the hell the lyrics were besides the obvious ones. My friends were making fun of me because I listen to country and Alice and chained type of era and I would feel like I had to explain myself every time lol.....anyways just wierd
Beach Boys tribute song & excellent! U2 rock
himanshu kumar
They are chanting Santa Barbara but video showing Golden Gate ...haha
Debbie M
Is that the Beach Boys at the start that they ve incorporated into the track?
Masitah Rahman
Blackout Astro ria Vs FOX Family Movies
J.D. Simahan
World's biggest band
Marco Tabani
Someone could explain me what's the mean of: "which is here, out on zuma"?
Ryan Waconda
Good song... reminds of me going to AA retreat 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Śmieszek Audykowski
Ba Ba Babura ,Santa Babura + No Babura, Santa Babura -
Adrian Pablo
La mejor banda de todos los tiempos
Orange Gurl556
I miss third grade
Slappy Your friendly puppet
i play this when im play payback 2 with my cousin that passed away 3 years ago😿😿😢
Anyway... San Francisco is the most foggy city I have ever seen...
Masitah Rahman
CH 104 vs CH 430
Masitah Rahman
CH 104 (123 HD) CH 430
Triple Z
It' to good
Masitah Rahman
Blackout Johor Astro Ria vs fox family movies
Scott Minerds
Wow what a song
Gabi Breuckmann
Wow perfect
Diabolical Entity
My favourite song
Diego Escalante_Santiago
Can you come to Oregon?
Alexiane Le Monze
I love U2
WishIcould showmyname
I believe that his is all about the Edge's love to live in Malibu and the poor guy is being extorted to give up his investment on that land. Really, the locals and others are really being rough on him. Just my opinion.
Elan Cohen
Aditya Mannur
Tamar- cita
Come back!
Aaryan Pagare
good song by U2 .................
MettuL trusts
Mr. Sponge
This song brings back memories when I first got my iPad. I wld always play this song while playing sonic run....👌
Jaden Moore
Anyone live in SB?? Like if you do
Zeyad Breel
I love thes song
andrew playszgg
its very cool music
excellent titre
Maybe the wtf didnt go
Leon Chen
I use to know this song
Orange Gurl556
Paulo David
Very nice song! I love this song
Juana Ascencio
Werd af
Emmanuel rassiat
wunderbar !!
Théo Allemand
Watching yourself cry like a baby
I am a baby
This song automatically plays when I plug my phone into my car because Apple “gave” everyone that u2 album forever ago. The “bar bar barabara Santa Barbara” everytine I get in the car makes me want to die. I try to delete the album and it will be gone but mysteriously be back on my phone a few days later. I JUST WANT THIS SONG TO LEAVE ME ALONE AND NOW ITS IN MY RECOMMENDED ON YOUTUBE
Ghost Nite
Very good
Gerard Way is a sass queen
Ba ba Barbra say ma Barbra I'm sorry I'll leave
This song sounds like a SKIP AD> song