Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray

Two cigarettes in an ashtray, My love and I in a small cafe. Then a stranger came along, And everything went wrong. Now there's three cigarettes in the ashtray. I watched her take him from me, And his love is no longer my own. Now they are gone, and I sit alone, And watch one cigarette burn away. I watched her take him from me, And his love is no longer my own. Now they are gone, and I sit alone, And watch one cigarette burn away.

Agah İlata
36 dislike: Angel Pine Sheriff Department
Night, car, desert, this song....I miss those days, GTA SA<3
The Nomadic Lawman
GTA SA Brought me here
"Anyone knows how to pull out his pistol, but it takes a cowboy to know when to shoot! K-Rose."
Tylor Deal
I remember putting in the flying car cheat, right before sunset in the game. This beautiful gem of a song would come on every time I was flying out in the country. GTA SA - for the win.
Steve Eidem
Who's listening in 1992?
I feel i need to go and drive for a good time in the desert with my sanchez....
☠💀 Ms.Discombobulator 💀☠
my favorite music/song on k-rose from gta san andreas
Magno-Lazarus Barbora
Even CJ loves Patsy!
God, I get goosebumps whenever she raises her voice.. It's like if she was singing right next to me, such a beautiful voice.
Tired asF
First time i listen when i was driving a car trough the angel pine to mount chilliad in GTA San Andreas *sad*sad*sad* very unforgatable memoriess !!
Wade Baker
I remember driving a motorcycle in the woods to this song and crashing into an 18 wheeler 😂😂
Dave Claessens
K-rose ! 
Lucius Stevens
Nobody But Mrs. Clines beautiful voice brought me here.
Kitana Kojima
My song would be "23 cigarettes in an ashtray" lol
Niaa Diamond
San Andreas memories when the song played while i ran over this lady who tried too beat mee up 😌✊
Akash Dhange
here in 2018. anyone?
Mario Cavallero
To think I would have never found out about Patsy Cline if not for GTA San Andreas..!! Best singer ever!
Will Simpson
hello world, Isn't patsy cline just amazing....
Steve Henry
who knew this song before selena lol
My mom used to listen to Patsy Cline records when I was a baby, (this took place in 1985-86). I was raised on Patsy Cline and many others, it makes me happy because I respect all music, not the shit that was popular in it's era.
Dece Tutt
it's so sad to knw that she died in a plane crash
Christian Laister
Hello from Vienna  Austria!!! Still a great song after all the decades!!! Patsy forever!! Love all her Songs!! Her Music will always be forever!!! Thanks for the upload!!!
GTA san andreas brought me here
Adam Oliphant
I imagine a cool, damp and foggy morning in logging country. This song plays over a small radio on the dated and browned glittery laminate countertop of a nearly empty diner.
John Aurelius
K-Rose. Gta SA really made my childhood.
Radi Karoum
Ah, driving my rancher around the state especially in the Greenland. Ah good times good times
I came here because of Patsy Cline.
Gat ToFreshy
k rose form GTA sa
Shady Rabbit
😭😭 i miss gta sa parking on mount chiliad at night staring at the big moon while listening to k-rose❤❤❤
Liam Blackman
Patsy Cline and K-Rose forever
Gta. <3
Keaira Crosby
my moms hates this song cause i wont stop singing it
Clifford Reaux
stefan x
reminds me of some hardcore drifitng. sa baby
Fernando Rios
kratos ps
who still listening in 2016?
G. León
2016 and still being actual..
pledge 7
OMG what voice 🎶🎶🎶🎶
danni ross
fantastic song best song ever!!!!
Karar Karim
Though i from Iraq but i always listen to Patsy she is very very legend I love her
Thank you K-Rose. GTA San Andreas for life.
Mahmoud Khudairi
Rockstar was professional to select GTA SA Radio tracks 💖💖
love this song!
Mahmoud Khudairi
When you road sanchez bike around the country side 💖💖 [GTA SA Lovers]
3kt_ryo •
beautiful women. I don't know why a 60-80 year-old woman has such charisma and amazing beauty.
K rose 😍
Midnight, clear skies, full moon, driving through a national expressway. Oh it truly gives me the same vibes I used to feel when playing GTA: SA
Ah, SA, the beautiful green countryside at night
2:13 i hear a pre echo before she sings burn away
i would*
Dude, she died 50 years ago :/
goddammit what a game!
Jan Pečenko
what a voice :) <3 i would marry her :*
Cody Green's Mom's Broken Vibrator
A stunning musical triumph on every level---catchy song, fabulous orchestration and the voice of Miss Patsy Cline. Patsy soars and soars on this one. You want it to keep going on and on and on....but alas it's only two and half minutes.
I'm really happy that both of the top comments are about GTA. :)
i always mean TWO cigarettes and not Three.
Black Velvet Cabo
my musical taste brought me here!! shut up now
Ante CRO
around 50-60 years
Keenan Corcoran
gta sa
daniel ainsworth
patsy cline, hands down, the best female country artist to live
S Darling
"Trailer park poetry" Hahahahahahaha! You must admit that she is very talented, unlike the commercial garbage you hear today. This music is timeless and so is Patsy Cline.
Patsy Cline released the original album with this song on August 5th, 1957. The song was recorded between Jan. 5th, 1956, to May 23rd, 1957, however, not available as a single, and was never released as a single, so we can only say that it was roughly 56 to 57 years old now.
GTA San Andreas taught me this tune!
this one was from k-rose.........
I love K-ja west channel
jonny cade
This shit is pure trailer park poetry man I love it. I grew up in the projects and cant tell u how many times I got drunk alone at night and put on Patsy Cline and silently cried. She's Got You is another great song.
Fun Ky
dubstep still doesnt exist, since its not even a thing.
Ena Latifovic
Lyrics and music are nothing.But her voice...BEAUTIFUL!This song is good cause of her voice,in 1962 dubstep and that shits doesen't exist only important thing is voice!
Tarit Rai
Vault Boy
Elioputa Ville Stories 5, ¿nadie?
GTA SA brought me here.
i think if she includes too much detail, it leaves the listeners with no imagination and in turn become not relatable. like poetry, song writing is to make it relatable and impressionable, so to include her specific details, it may ruin it for people listening. that's one thing with folk/country music back then is how many working people could see similarities between songs and them.
foley muzieklover
lovely song
caitriona moore
best country singer ever, beautiful voice. up singing with the angels now!!!!
william mcnab
the greatest female country artiste ever
Adam Oliphant
Taylor swift need to take some fucking notes. *tears*
Many songs are "shallow" as you define it. But if you like the melody, the artist, or simply the beat it is valuable anyway. :)
Agreed. I went from a very narrow appreciation of music to one that surprised me. I guess the lesson learned is good music is good music, regardless of genre.
*crashes his car into the river, has to find a new car *angry because no good cars in countryside *steals a slow shitty pick-up truck, it's raining loud *K-Rose is automatically playing, this tune is on *Eventually decides to take the scenic rout to ride until the end of the song...
Ever thought of how empty the lyrics are? They speak about absolutely NOTHING other than her husband leaving her for another woman. No description of events, their former relationship, feelings or anything. Apart from the awesome line "Three cigarettes in the ashtray" this song is as shallow as the retirement fund of a terminally ill child. Still beautifully performed and a great melody. Love this song :)
Who would dump this girl? If she was dumped
Give me cookies
why the fuck you cant control your capslock? and she can sing about whatever she want so shut the fuck up
Rachel Goulbourne
It,s a reference to after having sexy time smokers have a cigarette but he's doing the dirty hence the extra cigarette
Saraya Mia
KROSE! Ah I miss playing San Andreas. Can't wait for the 5th GTA!
Laura Trejo
Ok, I Love Me some Patsy but HOW THE HELL DID THIS SONG EVER MAKE IT TO THE CHARTS! LMAO!! Honestly 3 Cigarettes n an ashtray? LOL I know her life had to be more interesting than to sing about this shit! *Still ROTFLMAO*
because back then everyone was a smoker.
I love Pasty Cline, Dolly Parton, and Shania Twain
Now we have Adele for sad songs. Back then we had Patsy Cline. I prefer Ms. Cline.
Willy Stroker
ahahahaha you said "loads"
Goda Sasnauskaitė
hahaa just reminded myself of that one! nostalgiaaa. what a good time in our lives eh?
Same do you know the bam bam 1 by the pliers i loved listening to that in San Andreas oh the old times with San Andreas ah good times :)
gunar westening
Sounds a bit like the music you hear in bioshock
everytime i listen to any patsy cline songs it makes me cry because it reminds me of my nan who used to love patsy cling rip nan miss and love u loads xxx
PfählerKrieg ᛟ
This takes me back to when I would fly around San Andreas in a Jet plane while listening to this song. Oh how relaxing that was.
Rick Robinson
Just got hold of a supposed "definitive" Patsy Cline collection, and this piece is NOT on it. Ain't nothing definite about it!
Jasmin Valles
Steven L
San Andreas