Rihanna @ The Today Show

Performance de Rihanna @ The Today Show avec les chansons : «S&M», «Only Girl (In The World)», «What's My Name» et «California King Bed»

8:42 always cracks me up.
Adriana Andrade
Demetra Tz.
Queen of my heart 🎀
Perú AQP
she is the Best! !
Krystian KK
@Justinee25 so you think than ri is best on bee? Hmm I don\'t think so hm
@Gumszo todays star can't sing .. Bee, Riri Gaga.. so.. playback in the king of today;s music ;) but i like Rihanna much more than Bee.
Krystian KK
she try sing
Adriana Andrade
emanuel garcia
La mujer mas hermosa😍 de todo el mundo, Rihanna👑 es la mejor❤😍
Jacob Patrick Poulsen
Was this Rihanna concert not around the same time as Lady Gaga´s concert in NYC on Good Morning America? Rihanna was in the beginning of her Loud Tour and Lady Gaga had just released her "Born This Way" album. I remember watching something on E! and they said that they both had concerts in NYC the same day. They made it into a popularity competition. :)
Rihanna Teams
Mulle Maus
1:20 :D