ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

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To be honest, a few of these weren't worth 50 points
VC, Gordon, LaVine 🔥
Brent Nelson
I think I'm honestly more impressed with Spud Webb than anyone else. Anyone who is 6'10" can jump, dunk, and make it flashy. Webb's dunking required insane precision timing. He's barely getting up there. But the fact that he is at 5'7" and delivering those dunks is insanely impressive to me.
Jay Mustin
Jordan kept doing the same dunks
Chris M
All I’m gonna say is Aaron Gordon got robbed.
Gabe Yung
Spud Webb dunk was amazing for his height 💯
4:22 - how is this quality so good AND IT WAS the year 2000
Jun cruz
my top 5 vince jason richardson dominique zach lavine jordan
Now they are handing out 50s like halloween candy
R3Börñ Jûp!tër
That Aaron Gordon jump over mascot under legs was nasty!
Fire Nation
And now Diallo dunks over shaq elbow dunk
Nation Gurung
Is anyone going to talk about how Dwight Howard‘s dunk wasn’t a dunk? 5:44
Alambir Bedi
Vince carter the best dunker ever.
Voice of REASON
Carter was just on a whole different level... well, Richardson was there too! Stoudamire and Nash was creative tho as was Gordon. Ok ok Lavine is beastly and that Oladipo 360 reverse was sick as well lmao!
And yet I play NBA 2K, and I do a 360 windmill catch off the glass from a teammate as I jump over four other guys and two motorcycles and I score a 36. That's some straight up discrimination.
You're telling me Blake Griffin jumping over a car didn't score a 50??
Back in the 80s, the judging was based on execution rather than originality (kinda like gymnastics). In 1984, Orlando Woolridge merely got a 48 for the very first between-the-legs dunk in the contest's history.
12:18 CJ is that you!?!?
st uno
vince, jason rich n zach.. best dunkers ever
Chuy Garza
Aaron Gordon got robbed in 2016
Xx Papi_u_so.fuegoxX
n.a.v gang
Zach lavine bruh!🤷‍♂️
Not the average Joe
Vince Carter killed it bro💪💪Jordan's dunks was weak honestly
Paul Trigger
Lavine is my vote for the best. Just so smooth it's crazy
daniel blazing borruel
Jordan got 50 3 times for the same dunk? Wack
Melted Ice Cream
0:25 I just came here for this 😂😂😂
Jonathon Bevers
Vince Carter is by far the best dunker the league has ever had!!!
yo momma
All jordan does is LONG jump.. lame
Vince Carter was the pioneer of the modern dunk. Before him it was all just jumping from the foul line and doing a simple 360
ten 2twelve
Jasaon Richardson Off the glass between legs is as good as it gets..
I'm enjoying myself Personally, I think the completion of Dunk is Air Canada's Vince Carter.
Gold6 -
Vince Carter is the best dunker 🤬👊
Javier Valerio
How many times is MJ going to do the same dunk?😂
j Barnes
Well you can easily see through a blind fold lol
how many times MJ gonna do a free throw dunk in this video?
Saitama Sins
Zack Lavine is the King of 50 Points for Slam Dunk contest.
Ryan Nijjar
Zach lavine's dunks were clean asf
Shout out to the guy who wore the Space Jam Jordan Jersey
Alex Aguilar
Zach Lavine vs Vince Carter...
Yung Mickey
So we not gonna talk about how Dwight just yeeted that sht
Pika _
Zach LaVine Best dunked ever Next to Vincsanity
Barış Akpınar
All of the Jordans dunks sameee. ...
Marcus Pearcy
They didn't show any dunks from Mr Kemp? 😡😡😡
Tepro 16
Back then: windmill=50 Now: double windmill 720 over a pickup=36
Tiger Woods
Spudd webb is unbelieveable to be that short and doing those types of dunks .
Greg Skinner
1. vc vs mac 2. gordon vs levine
batıkan öztürk
aaron gordon's first dunk was the best
Їжак Сопливий
Drew Rycerz
Vince Carter is the GOAT for dunking
Max Fignole
How yall gonna play Blake Griffin Tho !!!!!!!! my mans jumped over a car
Omega Squad
Im here because i watch 2019 slamdunk contest and only the best part is diallo dunk on shaq
These Dunks are Iconic, but trust me... NOTHING IS WAY MORE ICONIC THAN SHAQ WITH HIS HANDICAM 0:26
MJ doing the same thing since his rookie season (1985)
Mannie Fresh
VC elbow dunk gets me every time when I see the players reaction
LaVine hanging in the air just scary.. Like 80's rim was shorter than now. smh #freethrowline #leaping
Moses Slater
Maximum respect goes out to Dominique Wilkins the real Slam Dunk champion. Mike only was the favorite but Dominique is the man.
Chris Sanca
Skill wise D,C is easily top 5 big man so underrated....
Dimitrios Tsiomos
Dominique Wilkins dunks are so smooth and still powerful, amazing
Farhana Nazmin
Who remembers the day when getting a 50 was actually Rare?
Derek Dubz2434
Jason Richardson hands down best performance alongside Vince . So underrated.
SOS Hollywood
Drinking game: take a sip every time Kenny says "let's go home"
J Bilbs
1986: “well that was a 360 move that was rather impressive!” 2016: “damn I ain’t know he had bunnies like that”
Zach Lavine is the man
Bibek Bk
Zach Lavine is a greatest dunker of all time❤
Slime Kun
Judy Chen
5:37 you need long arms to dunk that far
Knotty God
VC’s reverse windmill is the best dunk of all time
Habibur Rahman
Early 2000s had the best dunks in nba history.
Orlando Johnson
Nate jumping over a standing Spud Webb was cool!!! Vince is one of my favorites!!! lol Jordan doing same dunk several times!? Inside the free throw line....meanwhile josh smith does same thing with 2 hands & gets a 41 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.... Lame!!! Note to self... always get the crowd behind your performance/dunks.
Usually not a big fan of taller dunkers... but Zach LaVine is absolutely absurd! Quite possibly the greatest dunker ever.
Adin Icic
Carter, Spud, and D Wilkins. Best ever.
Michael Jordan doesn't do anything fancy but he literally flies.
Marq Lock
Everyone's reaction to Vince arm in the rim dunk still gets me😂
Teddi Hern
Jason Richardson so underrated in the dunk.contest, had so.much power
Night Power
when nba dunk contest was an actual contest...good times.
Patrick Browne
Jason Richardson or Vince carter in their prime dunking who ya got?
Michael Ford
I could be wrong, but it seems as if Kenny wants us all to return to our place of residence.
lamar frazier
Top 5 NBA dunkers in a contest 1. Jordan 2. Wilkins 3. Lavine 4. Carter 5. Richardson
Chris Carr
No Harold “Baby Jordan” Minor? Larry Johnson? Blake Griffin?
Hunter Churchwell
2000 Vince Carter: Let's go home 2016 Aaron Gordon: Let's go home
Michael Zen
Wilkins and over. DW could power Georgia with those windmills
Justin Scott
What people fail to realize is that Vince Carter did every one of his dunks the very first time. Greatest dunker of all time.
Jc Ramirez
Lavigne behind the back in the air was nasty think that competition between him n Gordon. Was one of my favs That dunk over shaq this year was dope too
Some of these guys are already 6' 10" plus. No big deal for them to dunk.
muhammadridwanul akbar
zach lavine , vince carter , and aaron gordon is the top 3 dunker in my opinion
Pi A
Spud Webb 🔥 Insane timing and precision!
Benadryl Cumberbund
VC will always be the best.
ßlàçk Kîñg
MJ had the best dunks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
TC Swag
Not one of those dunks had the power of Wilkins . J Richardson way underrated
sam hawkz
The best dunker of all time goes to Jason Richardson and spud webb!
Gerald Gray
I Swear Jordan did the same dunk like 17 different times
Conclussion: There are Vince's type of 50s and Ceballos' kind of 50s
rakistang pinoy
didn't know Steve Nash was a soccer player at 5:15 Stoudamire's trick was brilliant...haven't seen that one before
Did Nate Robinson dunking over Dwight Howard not get a 50
sdghv lvhgngv
that remastered footage of vince carter's dunks is beautiful
asvin soma
everything a 50 now a day ....SHOOT a damn no dunk is a 45
"That was a 360 that was rather impressive." vs "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Angel Jimenez
13:38 Shawn Kemp,is that you?!!
GuestRizzo Zack
None of these compare to what you can do on nba jam am I right?