ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

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To be honest, a few of these weren't worth 50 points
Knotty God
VC’s reverse windmill is the best dunk of all time
And yet I play NBA 2K, and I do a 360 windmill catch off the glass from a teammate as I jump over four other guys and two motorcycles and I score a 36. That's some straight up discrimination.
Zach lavine and aaron gordon going at it is the best dunk competition i’ve ever seen. History. Don’t @ me.
Plague Doc
How the dunk has evolved in just one video. Went from being amazed by windmills to now seeing people do 360 windmills in games.
Benadryl Cumberbund
VC will always be the best.
cool dude
This First Aaron gordon dunk is probably the hardest and most difficult dunk ever done in a dunk contest
Ain't nobody gonna talk about Spud Webb's dunks???? Those were insane BRUH!!!
Cody Douglas
Jason Richardson is really one of the most underrated dunkers ever
Queen Nai
5:24 Nash did most of the work for that 50 lol
jordaine Nembhard
Maybe jordans dunks were good bck then. But they look like crap to me now. However vince's dunks, s STILL LOOK AWESOME
Paul Padilla
Michael Jordan's dunks were so lame in these 🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Bolen
Dwight’s Superman one looked kinda cool but he didn’t even get a good enough jump and had to throw it. How’s it a 50 if he didn’t even dunk
John Tompkins
Zion dunked from the free throw line and he is only 18. These young kids coming up are extremely athletic but VC is the all time best dunker.
Coffeerelic TV
I think 2016 dunk contest is one of amazing dunk contest
Henry Edillor
The reason why Jordan's freethrow line dunk was impressive was because he actually dribbled the ball. It's easier to do such a feat when you just run to the free throw line without having to dribble the ball. It's harder to gather the momentum if you're actually dribbling.
Dominique Wilkins, Jordan, even Spudd Webb at 5ft 7in was amazing. My vote goes to Lavine. He's tall, lanky, so graceful and athletic!
Rushing Hacker
Jordan's dunks were pathetic
Khalid Elgalal
Best dunk contest was when the allstar weekend was in Toronto HANDSDOWN MANS DOWN!!
Anime Games Online
Zach Lavine... damn, it looks so easy for him
That Stoudemire/Nash dunk was pretty dope!!
Knowledge Is Love
Naruto would get a 50 every time. Do you know how high dude can jump?!
Young Callo
First time seeing AI pass the ball
Alex Meyer
So Freethrow line and between the legs gives you 50 Points, safe
Anybody notice how at 4:21 - 4:28 the camera quality went from modern day, back to 2000s lmao
Somebody needs to fire Kenny Smith
Maurice Markray
Dwight Howard superman dunk was trash
Zach Lavine got my vote
Michael Ford
I could be wrong, but it seems as if Kenny wants us all to return to our place of residence.
Chuy Garza
Aaron Gordon got robbed in 2016
Zack might be the best of all time. He jumps out the gym, has tricks and flushes with power.
Marouane HM
Vince Carter was the one UNTIL ... 2016 LAVINE vs GORDON !!
2016 dunk contest is the best there ever was and probably the best there will be in quite some time.
maipiu cosilontano
Only Zach lavine and Aaron GOrden are white .... it's most impressive thing......
Zach Levine and Arron Gordon battle is a classic. IMO Best slam dunk duel in NBA history.
Delbert Williams
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Howard Kwok
One day someone will jump from the 3
Jarod Morris
Serge Ibaka should have gotten a 50. He took off BEHIND the free throw line
Annas Art
Ich weiß nicht was das ist aber ich finde es cool😂
Chris L
The reverse 360 windmill from Vince is the best dunk of all-time!
18 years later and Carter still putting in work
Joel Mankoo
Vince Carter's 2000 dunk is unbelievable
S. Tavares
Dwight didn't even dunk
Guy Fisher
daniel blazing borruel
Jordan got 50 3 times for the same dunk? Wack
the only thing impressive on this video is Spud Webb and Nate Robinson
You're Right
Dominque Wilkins is my favorite dunker of all time. No one could do a windmill with as much ferocity as him. Vince Carter is probably my second favorite he was finesse and Wilkins was power.
after i saw jason Richardson threw it off the back board didn't wanna watch no more (no help by himself) SALUTE
Carson and Landon
Jordan does all the same dunks
Michael Jordan, Dominique Willkins, Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Gerald Green, Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon. Best of the best.
Crazy Cyclops
Jordan's dunks are funny 😂💔 he is legend tho but compared to Zach erh...😂
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1
And 50 "oohs" of all time
Jovan Johnson
Lezbehonest..Amare really only got a 22 on this dunk... since the other 28 PTS were awarded to Steve Nash. 🧐
Jonah _
1986: “well that was a 360 move that was rather impressive!” 2016: “damn I ain’t know he had bunnies like that”
Kevin Hall
Nique best dunker ever. Remember who said that, I said that. #21
Moari4lyfe1 Zee
Jordan's dunks overrated asf
Gucci Librarian
The "between the legs" ones were good, windmills seemed a bit unexciting, but still impressive. Between the legs while going over someone were really cool. I would say about 75% of these were well-executed and deserving of a 50- the other 25% were Michael Jordan
Garrett Higginbotham
Spud Webb is unreal
SLAM DUNK CONTEST FACTS (No specific Order) 1: The only dunker to ever dunk clearly behind the free throw line is Serge Ibaka. 2: Dominique Wilkins got robbed against Jordan in '88 3: Cedrick Ceballos's "blind folded" dunk is the worst dunk in NBA Slam dunk contest history. He was clearly able to see. 4: Andre Iguadola got Robbed against Nate Robinson in 0'6. 5: Spud Webb beat Dominique Wilkins fair and square. You can also make an argument that Spud Webb is the highest jumper to ever enter an NBA Slam dunk competition. 6: Shawn Kemp(although a great dunker) was never robbed. 7: The reason Lebron James never entered an NBA Slam Dunk contest is because he was simply scared (as usual)of the prospect of losing. 8: Almost all of Dominique Wilkins dunks involved some type of Windmill. 9: Aaron Gordon's 2016 "chair in the air" dunk is the Greatest dunk of all time in the Slam dunk contest. (And yes Aaron Gordon should have won) 10: Dwight Howard's infamous Superman dunk is ridiculously overrated. He didn't even dunk it. He threw it in. He sold the dunk. The judges and everyone had already decided on a 50 as soon as they saw the cape.
Clay Soggyfries
Timeline completely out of order
Aaron Miranda
Nate robinson jumping over dwight Howard didnt get a 50? My life is a lie
Vince Carter 360 windmill dunk, do you see the madafaka camera man doing perfect job.
Pisquila 99
Aaron Gordon got robbed.
Jacob Aplin
why r u lieng to us
Jermaine Mcintosh
2016 dunk contest was the best in history
Ann Warner Ault
dat dunk tho 5:15
M. Zhou
Most esthetic body movements: Vince, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Richardson, MJ + Josh Smiths. Lavine is great but obviously his shoulder blades are stiff.
Michael Jordan doesn't do anything fancy but he literally flies.
Jacob Archer
Zach Lavine🔥🔥🔥
10:11 is that Kevin Hart
Zach Lavine.
Zach lavine fucking beast
Ball Is Life
One of the dumbest moves EVER is when Dwight jumped to grab that 12 foot rim BEFORE executing that dunk. He took out all of the drama out of it because everyone saw he could do it easily.
Nacj Keleş
O değilde amq ne oynuyo be
YSM savage
LeBron gonna win dunk contest in 2030
Judy Chen
In the g league there was a standing dunk under the leg
Howard dunk where he placed a sticker how far he jumps and slams was missed by judges and deserved 50.
Where’s steph Curry jk
Johnny G
A lot of these were basic. But still impressive. I can't dunk cuz I ain't got no vertical, so they're all incredible. But the behind the backs and between the legs are so overused. And the 360s. Only Carter's was cool, maybe Richardson's. I love Michael Jordan, but all he did was copy Dominique Wilkins. Jordan's hangtime was clean tho.
more like 'every "lets go home" moments in the dunk contest'.
Lee Hiu Fung
Well said!When you put Jordan on your back, your dunk better deserve 50 or more
Kam Teezly
I hope we get a good contest cause last years contest was dead
Lil Flame On Deck
Thoroughly convinced VC, Jason Richardson, Josh Smith and Dominique Wilkins are the best dunkers of all time. But the Zach Lavine/Aaron Gordon contest was the best one in history
Carlos Figueroa
Waiting for Jordan fans to say he was the GOAT dunker in dunk competitions
David Smith
That blindfold dunk was worth a 25 at most
Lost Cat
3:15 the best...2016 best year!
Jr Luke
Am I the only one who thought that Jordan dunks were lame?
I love liking comments. LOL!
Alec Baldlose
Stansbury's 360 is cleaner than a surgeon's wrists.
Demetrios Anastasio
1. Z Lavine 2. V Carter 3. J Rich
Where the hell is Josh Smith?
Chris M
All I’m gonna say is Aaron Gordon got robbed.
Kill Zone
That Aaron Gordon jump over mascot under legs was nasty!
I know it was pretty simple, but that 360 at 2:27 was so smooth
Bobby reza farresy
2016 should be gordon tho
Rokran Crean
Vince Carter🔥💥
Tiger Woods
Spudd webb is unbelieveable to be that short and doing those types of dunks .
Knowledge Is Love
Jason Richardson nicer than Vince. He won the year after Vince. 2 years in a row, Vince only has 1.
there's a conspiracy against Arizona players in the dunk contest... they do great but never win..