k.d. lang, "Constant Craving" on Late Night, May 1, 1992

k.d. lang performs "Constant Craving" and then chats too briefly with Dave. With Ben Mink, guitar; Teddy Borowiecki, accordion; and Susan Leonard and Linda Kidder, backing vocals. One of my favorite performances on Late Night. In stereo!

Cheryl Pacola
this was when singers had to actually had to have a great voice. No autotune.
Lucy Medina Torres
Such a beautiful (and underrated) song... her voice was (or maybe still is) powerful and flawless.
Prep Department
It's not fair that she sings like this. I don't think ANYONE is better!
Gregory Karalis
Was working the Night shift and upon returning home fell asleep during Letterman. All of a sudden I hear this unbelievable Haunting Song with an accordion which shook me awake and can say I never heard anything like it. Ran out and got the "CASSETTE" next morning and been a K.D. Lang fan ever since. This coming from a 60's-70's Long Haired Rock and Roller !!!
Jericka Turner
Her voice my god i never knew the name of this song till shazam
Incredible singer, with great back ups and the best talk show band ever, in my opinion.
Victoria Grace
What a beautiful song. I remember hearing the melody all through the 90's as a little girl but never knew the name of it, LOL. Now I know. Lang's an awesome singer.
Julia Hoover
She literally takes my breath away.
Such passion...........brilliant song
A great, soaring vocal. Love the glissando she puts into the second syllable of "Even" at 0:46.
So gorgeous
Mike Preston-Engel
Canadian talent...I put it up against any other musical acts in the world...
Tracy LF
Dave was especially giving at the end to promote her album. Awesome.
Cheshire Cat
Such a beautiful voice.
No Me
ah songcraft, does anyone remember
Mario Soto
K.D provided the music that I needed now!
I want her... Like a zillion other girls...
finnibert lunchiken
Dave was so on the mark predicting great success for the song and album. I remember watching this show and first hearing this song when I was in my early 20's on a vacation with a girlfriend, visting the West coast. I was completely mesmerized by it and it stayed lodged in my head for the whole trip, blowing in and out like the wind. It was to be a recurring theme song in my life for a year or two following that. Its funny how some songs can capture you so strongly. I know people who cant stand this song so im glad to hear Dave praising it as a fine piece of work. It seems to have made a strong impression on him as well. Its great to see the video from this time. Of course I got to hear another version of it in 'Anybody Seen My Baby?' By the Rolling Stones years later which was another theme for some good times.
Melinda Garcia
Such range, clarity and power in her voice. She is magnificent!
Digibyte right
very nice
She sounds incredible live! (wtf is up with her backup singers though, someone forgot to adjust the levels on the mics)
Julie H
KD's voice is so full of passionate beauty. The band is amazing. I don't care for the key of the back-up singers during the words "constant craving."
Zoya Spencer
Too bad this was her only hit song.