Konshens - Bruk Off Yuh Back (Official Music Video)

Artist : Konshens Song : Bruk Off Yuh Back Video Credits: Produced & Directed by: Warrior Films Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Anyone else watching in 2019😁😁 cause all the comments from 2 years ago 😂
Destiny Love
U know a party is lit when this song comes on😍
this song make me want to go to the club and bruk off mi back 😂
Rau Met
wah dis make yu feel like do ....
Μαρία Δ.
when this beat come on da club *.*
Bora Kayo
So is no one is gonna talk about the beginning of the video 🤨🤔
DIYwithJada C.
Do this dance in front of a boy and you have a big butt the boy will fall for you I promise🙏
Rahma Ahmed
Sarah Ngugi
I always play this song to practice when I don’t play it I can’t get freaky🥵🤤🤭 2019
Lolopink Msp
This my song❤️
Nazareth Bejarano
No soy blak pero los amo mucho ok 😊😇😇
Allan Ngugi
cyant get enough of this outta kenya
Martha Mutua
lolz..kumbe wezi wa Jamaica ni ka tu wakayole ...ehhehe
slime sistass
I'm Jamaican and this is my second favourite song my first is Bob marley's song R. I. P Bob marley
I almost piss myself in the start I thought it was real lol love the song though
Larissa Akre
Je comprend rien mais j'adore 😍😍😘😘
Matt Tuckey
Not sure I'd particularly want to go grinding with big booty girls straight after I'd somehow escaped a point-blank-range execution.
Kabrom Zeru
I'm in love with the girl in the yellow hat
Shaquan Graham
this a my song bruck off yuh back
jamaica reggaeはやっぱ最高だわ💥💥
Jorge Palacio
Es muy bonita la cancion
joshua spellen
its a good song proper things to stay on top a things
Hela Palacio
Desde turbo antioquia activos en el 2019
"Me nah guh down there, yuh nuh!" Looool. 😂
This song make me want yo go to the club and bruk off mi back
Sharon Mwangi
Almost forgot how many good vibes this song gives
lebron Baptiste
Faridah Nkata
I can't stop listen to this until ma last breath👍👍👍❤❤
dınlemeye deger
Thomas Neale
damn gotta love dem girls that will break yah back lol.
ayee Ive known this song long time ago, till now I see it went viral 😅
Lightning Wolfie
Black is beautiful truly😍❤
Watch the remix of the song live @ citizen tv... Onelove show with talia and coco mwoto..
mhiz onyin Priscilla
been lookin for dis song.....finally
Wenslaus Eranga
this is a song of ma life! initially i listen it somewhere on ma routes! now am listening, and is a continuous process 🎵🎵🎵 from #Dar_es_Salaam_Tanzania 2019
Random Potatoes
This the only song that me and my family will listen to sense we are from Jamaica 🇯🇲
sluttyboi Sam
Song playing at every damn hooka bar 😂wallah
Jay Jay lancaster
😂😂Lol I 💌luv ☀dat 🎶song
Gherson S. Altamirano
This Same Video, Just LYRICS OK
Jamike England
YELLOW hat denim blue gray insides I have them papers u cant my land of Perfectness
Starm-up Noelandstar
Who’s still watching this song in 2018 great song
Raymond Ngeno
Si mih gaza dem , i luv the song
Bendu Obieze
This is my favorite song. Party be too littt when this comes on 🔥
siya ram
Really love this song. And my friend too.Junkung The Gambia
Jaider Correa
Cartagena, Colombia activo🔥🔥👹😍🔥
Heard this at a few different wedding, people always nuts, been looking for this song like a month. 🔥🔥🔥
Richard Schreivogl
just a dj from upstate Ny in the ADK's..and I play this every time I DJ..love it
M* Emma.
Sway brought me here, good start to my Friday tho...4/20 sun
Laurencia Joseph
When I go partying whenever this music come through I jumped so hard
Isa Mendoza
Jamaika 😍
Shit is great but the video is so wrong in many ways😂
kj mziki
Hii ukipata demu anayejua kuicheza ninomaa apoo kwenye mbmbiano
MelanatedGoddess Ma'aT
The first part was so unnecessary...smh BIG TUNE!
Edwin Mashola
Zile nyimbo ambazo zikipigwa hata kama hujui kucheza unatamani tu usimame ucheze. 🇹🇿
pcycological #tech
Bruck off yuh back, I love this song
Solo Alvarez
Solo @LostBoy🇵🇷🇯🇲 Im Puerto Rican And Im Jamaican First Thing First Rest Up Bob Marley Word Up Ima Puerto Rican Rasta Every Time I Smoke Marijuana The Weed I Feel Bob Marleys Spirit
Okongo Credy
yap kul dem ma liko thing
jamal foster
Jamaicans know how to do it🔥🔥
michele standen
Take me back to Trini NOW!!!!
Vanesa Salazar
My music favorite
Sharon Mwangi
The #KOT pre -concert hype brought me here
Danielle O'Callaghan
they can twerk 😅😅😂😂
Mark Wright
Love this song love u konshen great song real talk good voice pretty like me big up to this song always
kumbulani ketlhaotswe
This song reminds me of my yun bro...he introducd me to dance hall
lynnet wambua
Mr. Unpredictable
I aint from Ethiopia but my ethio friend listens to it everyday and I kinda love that song too.
Loravena Quad
How stimulating just don’t buck yuh back in the process
ngahoa rubena
i was looking foa dis song foa like ages mann dis songs beast as
Melissa Maynard
Anyone from Dominica ?? 🇩🇲
the fk was the beginning part shake my head gosh.
Wise One
Konshens always has real, natural people in his videos. Respect.
Altanazier Armstrong
lam going bruck off yuh back
Cesilia Pinilla
es cierto es muy linda la cancion 😘😘
African beauty
Love this song😙😙😙😙 Any 2019
Prinsica Coutinho
I love this song so much , that I'll listen this song till 2030
Shakari Daniel
people just want to c. ok
Boa nori
when this song was playing at my school party one of my friends was littearly in the corner trying to bruk off there back lolololo😂😂😂😂😂
Mario Fields
This damn song is lit right here in Northern California!
Lisa Thakoordyal
This is my fav i always bruk of f mi back all the time at the club XD
FanRose FabRose Spencer
JAh knoe no get shot yuh know dawg! *still manages to talk*
Sharon Yuniah
Keep on lighting the place e
Nadia Garraway
les filles sont trop salopes
Mariana Castro
Beutiful 🔥
arelysarai funezduarte
buuuuuu tontos
Winet Mupakura
2019 still on fireeeeee🕺🕺
Sosa Ruhinda
How did the beginning of the video have anything to do with anything... I dont get it
Nabukera Shamim
Anyone 2018
Tanisha Augustin
Best song it my nation because we love to Shake our bumbum
Ngenebi Baye
munchie cookie
listening to this song but yet I can't dance it
Sultan Goodman
2019, still lit.!
Jnr Ivy
how sweet😘😘😘😘😘
Tamara Pagan
🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sally brizzy
this song😍😍🔥
Zerita Foreman
I love this song so much and I love you who singing love
Lissel Camara
love this song. im Belizean💗💗😘😻😻
Mya nation
dis more Jamaican I am iswel half good ting but I live in LA
happy man
still 2018 west africa 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴
Adrianna sasha-gaye
Well konshens married now..so a one back him a bruk right now..Lol....Still loving this song and vid tho😂😂💖