Carbon Kid - The Alpinestars feat. Brian Molko

Vid for The Alpinestars song "Carbon Kid" featuring the very talented and lovely Brian Molko.

Good song for crusing around Hawaii :P
The Freeman Initiative
TDU1 OST was better than TDU2's OST.
Hana Sládečková
Super TDU1 song... I love that game...
Cerakonstanzo Coatings & Reviews
Testing Drive the R34 around Hawaii listening to this masterpiece.... Priceless!
The Freeman Initiative
Master G
i just heard this song and I thought it sounded like placebo so i shazamed and was surprised to see it wasn't by placebo. then I came here and saw it's featuring Brian molko 😂
Old times
Tayler Allwood
anyone only watch this cause it said feat. brian molko
Rayquaza Bolado
Mano como TDU ME MARCOU VEI!!! SDDS :'(
Oh shoot the nostalgia, this music is the best! ❤
Brilliant song omg why the fuck is this not on itunes
TDU Is Da Bomb
ZeroPie HD
Nooooo why did APB remove this song from the game ;(
Jhoan Sebastian Cataño Sánchez
You're right if you are listening at 2013.
he is not gay, he's bisexual
Jared Moore
Love this song while I cruise in TDU(Mostly on my Ninja or in my 350z nismo). This, Colour of Fire, and Black Powder were awesome. Although the jazz station was funny.
I am pretty sure he is not gay ...
Rami Al Ahmad
thanks , pretty hard to find video!
SeekOver Horizon
Without TDU original it doesn't sound like it used to.
jas kol
hehe wyjebany kawalek
Ian M
I actually came here the first time not because of TDU, but PGR3
Probably showing my age here but this song and video remind me of the R. Talsorian roleplay game 'Cybergeneration'. A sequel to Cyberpunk, it features kids mutated by a 'Carbon Plague', with corporations chasing them down to use for their own ends... In fact, this would be the ideal theme tune if a Cybergeneration movie was ever made. But most of you out there will be too young to have the first idea what a proper roleplaying game is :p
test drive unlimited !
this is an awesome song
Gregory House
man this song isn't in itunes, i'm so mad, even itunes has nyan cat
Ping-han Han
One of the best songs in Test Drive Unlimited :)
Berthold de Zaehringen
reminds me of driving on mountain roads in Oahu with 200 miles an hour XD
There are two Brians here, so can I borrow one of them? :D
Will Wood
Test drive unlimited 1!
I'm here because of APB Reloaded :D ( and TDU of course! ;D)
Driven4Passion MGTOW
@Tockertive that's how I heard about this song.
used to love this song on PGR3 <3
Glyn Thomas
@MassiveMarket Many thanks for your comments. It was lovely to work with Brian....a thorough professional.....and trying to find two of him was hard but we made it. Most people who see this video are Placebo fans I know, but there is more stuff to watch if you follow the links. Lucien Caine is born
fuckin amazin, love brian in it <3
Dizzy Lizzie
Shit. Fucking amazing.
Why is there always so much conflict between rock artists, and radio music? Seriously...why can't we just enjoy the music! I mean, look at where rap came from...The beastie boys. Run DMC etc. These are massive rap influences, and both of them have released some massive rock tracks! Serously...just listen to what you love and stop whinning about other genres!
Where can I order my Brian pls?
APB!! :)
Wyvern TM
what does this vid got to do with russia since there are more viewers from russia
Martina Drip
@burzumbeast ahahahahahahahahahaah!!
I love the guy who's just hitting the key board. that was me in school pretending to do my work. lol
Jack Holmes
image image u do what u want :D fucking amazing!!!
Brian is sooo fucking hoot in this video <3
Martin Cabrera
molko rules!
Amazing clip!
PC version of TDU (1) was released circa 10 years ago. I feel so old.
Brian Molko Brian Molko Brian Molko <3
Dori The Freckle
aww thanks but I found it long ago. ;))
PGR 3 anyone?
Jørgen Knudsen
Thumbs up if All Points Bulletin sent you here.
Q. Why can't I find this on iTunes? A. iTunes blows.
Chris C
is this on itunes?
Thanks for the upload! Heard this on TV last nite, had totally forgotten how good this track is..
ALPINESTARS is the most underrated band on earth i LOVE this song ♥♥♥
thus song is in test drive unlimited
Oo Haha the first time I heard that song I thought: The singer sounds familiar. Never knew they did the song with Molko.
test drive unlimited ohh yeahh
this song is the shit love it learn it live it thats whats up guys rock on yall
Ravid Ravidr
Paul Murray
It's about a carbon kid who has a sinister diagram
image, image you do what you want haha
I LOVE Brian's hair in this video.
Jorge Urbaneja
amo esta canción.! me gusta xq la escuche en videojuego Test Drive Unlimited. 5 estrellas y a mis favoritos I love this song.! I like to hear in the game xq Test Drive Unlimited. 5 stars and favorites
Gabriela Plačková
you really made me laugh xD thank you xD
Chris C
Translation from French "Me To"
run brian, run...
absolutely love this video!! brian is such a good actor!
Laura Merlier Baradat
Woooww, so great ! O-O
Ellie Meli
that's excellent, thank you!
Ellie Meli
does anyone know whether the music is composed completely by the aplinestars or brian has contributed? the lyrics dont tell me anything, but the music and the voice are absolutely great! some tune, mehn!!
nevertheless - rock. obviously, I'm not a marilyn manson and yes i hav hrd of dope show, but not liking it. RHCP - the whole lot, every single they have is tremendous. R u fan of oasis - thats rockn'roll for u! But i only named a few - there's simply too much talent out there - i believe more in europe than in america. And yet these songs are not played enough in america to get recognition. White lies - a new band - find out abt them - they're gud as well, if u like a bit of soft rock.
Im a big Placebo fan but I always thought them as more soft rock. Have you heard "The Dope Show"? there are actually alot of Manson song's that he isn't loud in. A really beautiful song is "Coma White." Try that one if you will. What would you recomend from RHCP?
to me, it just talentless shouting. No real beauty in the song. If u want a gud example of a rock band/song - RHCP, oasis, placebo, etc.
Marilyn Manson is a fine example of Rock- I mean come on "The Beautiful People", "The Dope Show", "mObsene" those are solid songs.
marilyn manson is not a good example - he's really really shit. But i agree, this does have a techno side - it doesnt mean that it is not rock. Rock does not always have to involved guitars, base, drums, etc all the time.
...marilyn Manson is rock. This is electronica/ techno.
yes it is
lol...uh this isn't rock.
just when i thought life couldn't get any better... they give us 2 brians! :) i think i am in heaven, cuz his voice is so angelic
petro petrocelly
yes, the best song on TDU
correction, the best song on TDU
Possibly the best song on TDU...
Borreguita Piquez
T.T Brian looks so sexy... and his clone too! and this song is just...amazing! X3
Med Caron
awesome song :=)
lemme sneak into that cleaner room...
Katie Taylor
You can buy it off of Itunes for 99 cents :).
Dori The Freckle
can anyone send me this song???i cant find it anywhere.pls write me a message:)
Yup. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Dori The Freckle
unfortunately,you are right;(
here's another example of quality music that does not get enough recognition.
David DM
and great music video
fantastic song!!!
tdu ftw
brilliant tune.
David DM
thanks a lot!
C. Antonia
The best song ever! Brian is awesome!