Taylor Swift - Fifteen

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Emma Jackson
Goals in life: Sing fifteen when I turn fifteen Sing 22 when I turn 22
I'm fifteen. FINALLY. Next up: 22.
Rose Smith
Who else is on an OLD TAYLOR SWIFT obsession ❤️
Fernanda Hernandez
This song came out when I was 16. I was pissed. Still am.
how can taylor's face not change from 2009 'till 2019😭
Uma Kanal
everyone born in 2004 can finally sing this update: so i sang this on my bday heheh
Bangtanlover 12
I’m fifteen and I haven’t even had my first kiss or a boyfriend 😔 goes to the refrigerator gets third slice of pizza OH WELL
2004 borns, THIS IS OUR SONG,,,,💕
oOOOF. I'm 15 nOw :O I remember being 7 years old and wanting to sing my heart out to this song when i turned 15. now im 15 and i wish I could be 7 again ;-;
I love this song, the lyrics really capture the innocence, pain and confusion of being young. I miss this classic Taylor.❤
Katie Crouch
I was 9 when this came out. I thought freshmen and 15 year olds were so old and adult-like. I'm here on my fifteenth birthday. I was so wrong.
This is Ajang
I was fifteen, 18 years ago. So yeah, I can totally relate to this song... Lol
el's waffle
hi. i'm officially 15 right now :)
Ciára Coyle
I’m sixteen tomorrow last day I can sing this with pride 😂😂
Nedelina Petkova
Being 25 and listening to that gives me chills. Thank you for being there all those years, Taylor.
michaelrey mumar
Goals in Life 1.Sing 15 when you turn to 15. 2.Sing 22 when you turn to 22.
Isabelle Medlin
I’ll be 15 tomorrow. Gonna listen at midnight 🤗
tommos mendes
i just turned 15, i waited like my whole life to listen to this today
Anshika Awasthi
I'll be 15 in less than 30 minutes. One can't imagine how glad I m to have found this on my recommendations a few moments ago
Imtisan warfa
This was the perfect song to play when I turend 15 Still love it 😚
RayJay Joe
Any fifteen year olds here listening before you can no longer relate.
Eleven (aka version 2.0 of fifteen) Cause when you're eleven you realise you hit puberty and you gotta start wearing pads
Lynn ♡
it’s 12:12am, june 10th, 2019 my birthday is 6/10/2004 finally the time has come 🥳🎉
Izuaan Abdul salaam
At 15 she made the mistake of signing to big machine... but don’t worry Tay.... they can never take away ur talent
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
'Cause when you're 50, somebody tells you that you're old, you've gotta believe them.
ME !
And today I'm fifteen Starting it with this
Lizzy Oylear
I turned 15 23 minutes ago I can legally listen to this now
Astherielle Mercadejas
Im 18 never been on a date and never had my first kiss😢
TOMORROW I'M GOING TO BE 16!!! AND ITS INCREDIBLE, but now i have since december a boyfiend and he says that he loves me... for the first time!!!!!! THAT SONG measn so much for me... the last time that i'm going to listen..taylor love you! kisses from barcelona
Kimberly Chin
And when you're 15... Homework piles on you And you stay to do allnighters And get so stressed you contemplate why you took so many hard classes, extracurriculars, and why you ever wanted to go to college.
Charlee Alexander
Listened to this when I walked into high school for the first time. My dream since 2009.
Paige Gibson
Looking back 15 year old me had no idea how relatable this song was. Next on the agenda will be to listen to 22 next year.
4. 26
The last day I can relate to this song. Tomorrow, I will become 16. 😢
this is my last day being 15 and being able to listen to this song.
15 to 22 real quick 😂😂😂😂😃
Jennifer Bullett
To all the 15 yr olds LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND ALWAYS!!!! 💜❤💚
Jung Gukie
I'm already turning 16 this year but my whole being "15" didn't sound as magical as this😂
You take a deep breath And you walk through the doors It's the morning of your very first day You say hi to your friends you ain't seen in awhile Try and stay out of everybody's way It's your freshman year And you're gonna be here for the next four years In this town Hoping one of those senior boys Will wink at you and say, "you know I haven't seen you around, before" 'Cause when you're fifteen, Somebody tells you they love you You're gonna believe them And when you're fifteen Feeling like there's nothing to figure out Count to ten Take it in This is life before you know who you're gonna be At fifteen You sit in class next to a red-head named Abigail And soon enough you're best friends Laughing at the other girls Who they think they're so cool We'll be out of here as soon as we can And then you're on your very first date And he's got a car And you're feeling like flying And you're mama's waiting up And you're thinking he's the one And you're dancing around the room when the night ends When the night ends 'Cause when you're fifteen, Somebody tells you they love you You're gonna believe them And when you're fifteen And your first kiss makes your head spin around But in your life you'll do things Greater than dating the boy on the football team But I didn't know it at fifteen When all you wanted Was to be wanted Wish you could go back And tell yourself what you know now Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday But I realized some bigger dreams of mine And Abigail gave everything she had To a boy who changed his mind And we both cried 'Cause when you're fifteen, Somebody tells you they love you You're gonna believe them And when you're fifteen Don't forget to look before you fall I've found time can heal most anything And you just might find who you're supposed to be I didn't know who I was supposed to be At fifteen La la la la la Your very first day Take a deep breath girl And take a deep breath as you walk through the doors
Blank Gaming
when your 27 but doesnt even experience your 1st kiss.😂😂😂😂😂
Ishita Singh
Listening to this on my last day of being a fifteen year old😂
Shailja Sharan
Turned 16 today and I love you Taylor for writing this and Mean and Shake it off and many others like these.💖
pero peric
yeah, when she was fifteen she didn't know that when she'll be 29 a person who bullied her will own all her work...
Joan Lam
When you are almost 22, and you finally gets the meaning of “fifteen”.
Eden Gallagher
I think this is the prettiest Taylor's curly hair ever looked
Eva Chong
I started off my 15 listening to this can't believe I'm ending it the same way right now, one last time, fifteen♡♡
she wrote this for her best friend Abigail 😭 augh
Boss Mazlan
Attention!! Guys be ready to stream and buy Taylor's second masterpiece from TS7 . Prediction : Released after her her showing up on Ellen Show maybe on the 26th.
Jin Jinny
I was 9 when this released and i never sang it when i turned 15 cause somehow my dumb brain forgot but I Wont forget 22 when I turn 22 on 2022 I will sing 22🙂🤞
DanceMoms BOSS
Im 15 today, and i've been waiting since i was 9 to sing this song with pride, lol.
Divine Boniel
This is the song I sang during my first day in college when I was 15. She's like the bigger sister I never had
Elle Cost
I miss my 15 💔 If you are 15, please, enjoy it !
The Roleplayer The Roleplayer
Can you believe that 7 years later, she releases another age song.
Rozhina Zalabadi
I turned fifteen yesterday and I sang this in front of all of my family! Who else did the same? Now I'm waiting to turn 22 to sing it
Peace K
First time listening to this and I'm 16 😂 Beautiful song tho 💛💛
To all these girls who wiil turn 15: Welcome to the real world or something like that.... 🤷🏽‍♀️😒
Beanie Buddies
who's doing a Taylor marathon ME!
Taylor swift 13
2003 squad!!! Who turn 16 this year hit like!! <3 :-B
kaitlyn s k y
when i'm 15 nobody's telling me they loved me and even if they did i wouldn't believe it lmao
I remember listening to this 10 years ago at 14.
Fish & Noodles
My English teacher taught me this song and that's how I got obsessed with Taylor Swift.​Bring back memories
Carlie Hillhouse
last day being fifteen. had to listen to this again! i can’t believe i’m about to be 16 ahh💘
Ana Nedic
I used to listen to this as a 9yr old. I always imagined my life as a 15yr would be like she described in a song.But here i am,eating popcorn and watching Taylor Swift's old song oh and my love life dosent exist.
P Cinta
Finally! Today is my Freshman Day of Highschool! wish me luck!🌈
Josilyn C.
When I was little I always thought 15 was so far away and now I’m 15 and I’m freaking out😪
Alfrena Swift
This song so incredible😍😍
Layla Ann. M
I wish I was 15 so I can listen to this song everyday
madison rose
Everyone born in 2003, this is our song!
Abhikshit Das
Mission completed! 5thTeen! Next Target, 20-2!
idk y, but whenever i listen to this song but i feel so sad but happy at the same time
Red Eye Eclipse
I don't see an old taylor or new taylor, going through these old songs leading up to ME! just feels like an evolution. ❤❤
Dennis Ansah
I cant get over the lyrics,...yes I wish I was 15 years old🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️💥🥰
Zehra a
2004 born people : we are lucky (‘:
John Neil Francisco
Who's stilĺ watching year 2019? 🌈🌻🌻
Abigail Mervil
I'm 15 today😍 guys come to wish me a happy birthday please
Madelyn S
i turn 16 tomorrow... goodbye 15 it was a good year
ryuga s
I became fifteen years old today. are there people who became fifteen years old today? March22nd
Mỹ Vân Trần
I am fourteen now My sis is twenty-one We promised we'll will sing the "Fifteen" song and "22" song next year together 😂😂😂
Aly M
she just summed up my freshman year in 5:03 mins. i felt attacked throughout this whole entire video.
Gabriel Ester
Who's listening this at 2019?🙋🙆
*Oh God I wish I'd known this song when I was 15. I would've realised so many things earlier. Thanks Taylor!* 😭💦
kenz켄 지
I can't be the only one still listening to this almost 10 years later
i’m turning 16 in an hour so i thought i’d come back to this song one more time before i can no longer relate :,(
I came here after seeing Ellen show Taylor talked about her first kiss in fifteen
jin's tummy
i made my sister play this song on my 15th birthday😂 that was 3 years ago damn time flies😭
Mohini Phukan
10 years old still manages to touch my heart <3<3
Sober Jerk
I am sixteen and still no one told me they love me 😭😭😭
jace park
Every 15 year old girl must've listen to this
Akaylah Rose
Imma just wait two more years to sing this yah know ! Guess he old I am!
Yeonjun, #1D
I'm just waiting for 30 September yeah!!! I'm gonna 15...........
Cheese Lover Girl
Oh I wish this is how freshman year happened let me say freshman year was WAY to mess for everyone in my grade and I think the rest of my school can agree
Mia Sosa
I’m not technically 16 until 3pm so I’m gonna have this on repeat till then
Kyra Holmquist
Me at 12: damn can't wait till I can sing this at 15 Me at 15: Yas this song is my life. Me at 17: crying because I didn't see the meaning of the song and ended up an Abigail.
Gracie Wilson
Aw I loved Taylor's songs back then❤
Noel Hall
I will be able to relate to this song in june when i turn 15 and i will also be a freshman next year so yay i love this song so much 💕💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕💕❤❤💕💕❤❤💕 Update:i am turning 15 tomorrow friday the 28th i am going to listen to this tomorrow when i first wake up
Alejandro Spears
I’ve never felt so good to be fifteen omg gonna stream this on the last day of being FIFTEEN
Cath Escaro
Nobody told me they love me when i was fifteen but it's ok taylor taught me to love myself first 💓and i think that's beautiful
David Carpenter
"...wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now" you can't even imagine...
multi trash
I was 9 years old.. Me - will I have my first kiss when I will turn 15? I'm 19 now I didn't even feel this way when I was 15 I was single 😂
Júlia Maria
I will wait 7 years to listen 22 PRETTYYYY💕💕
Ramanlal Patel
Today is my 14th birthday will be back after a year....