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Encore merci canal de poster ça sur YouTube !
__lipton__ __lipton__
😂18:45 Like a Boss
Royce Ferrari
thank you for your perfect creation
Octavio Cedeno
Excelente video
Nick Hardy
Very interesting, a pleasure to watch.
Rosso Tifosi
Idiotic Ferrari. If they didnt ask Kimi to let send pass him maybe they would have won.
Semchance Semajiin
i want to have the job of the guy that gives a thumbs up to the driver after the race ... where do i apply? :D
Myasa Man
I'm with Mercedes but I feel really bad for Vettel on this one
Andrew Jones
Thank you.. I got my daily fix of speed
Oscar Sundén
21:13 Poor Sebastian Vettel.😔
It's dat Boy
You can actually see Sebastian trying to reverse the car in the gravel, but he only kicked up some small rocks
2:20 Verstappen change something in his drive.. 2 months ago, he would attempt to dive on the inside and him and Raikkonen would have been DNF, but he's smarter! Incredible Verstappen learned from his mistakes xO
javi elgamer
23:20 cuando le quieres entrar a la novia
payé lui un coiffeurs a Hamilton qu'il es pas beaux le pauvre
Alex Hutajulu
I listen to this while doing my work at the office
Hamilton rocking CornRows.. Lewis gave them that WORK.
i think Hockenheim was the best race in 2018.
Vol deMort
Vettel 😢
Phil Kanu Oji
Almost supernatural efforts by Lewis Hamilton... Like the black eyed peas said, "I just can't get enough".
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nice ! keep it up. fans from malaysia . love FORMULA ONE
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C'est génial, revivre ça grâce à votre travail, merci ÉNORME !!!!!!
Alonso the Best, and Robert Kubica!!!
Benjamin Karslund
From the first time since the V8 and V10 days of F1... We have some great engine sound actually! 😎💪🏼
Lucas Moura
Kimi Raikonen is the most sincere pilot of all times, "do you want me to pass him or not? just tell me"
"Get in there Lewis! (Because we have just kicked Valteri out for you) " The sh1t treatment Bottas got from the team that day is a bit much. They first fncked up his pitstop while he was ahead, then they deny him a fair go at Lewis towards the end. Pretty pathetic from MB.
canada painter
I can do better,,,,driving..... just give me an F1....i can see flaws out of corner issues.,..everyone lose time there...
やっぱり静かだなぁ(⌒-⌒; )
magnifique great upload thanks! Ocon's first lap is nice to watch
Samuel Nasser Heikkila
Kimi, Sebastian is faster tan you.
James Rodriguez
that race broke my heart
Matthew P. J. Tackney
I wonder if the drivers get scared a little when they hear "Hamilton behind"?
Hamilton got extremely lucky on this one
Zac Tibballs
Even though the performance isn’t there, the Renault in the Red Bulls sound amazing
You should definitely put the name of the circuit in the Title for better visibility :)
Sam Lima
Pretty awesomeeeee thx rude, bring more videos like that
Kosmic 16
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi Mercedes a fais rentrer Bottas. Pour moi c'est pour laisser passer Hamilton pour qu'il gagne des points au championnat. D'autant plus qu'avec des pneus plus frais, Bottas étais sans doute plus rapide que Hamilton
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Maravilloso video!!!!
Ora nel 2018 i rumori delle auto sembrano quelle di un go-kart
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amazing to see their tires failed as soon it's raining.
Why you no telemetry Canal.....
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Can you get some Honda action next time?
Nation P
love your onboards really appreciate it
Al Bart
C est marrant d entendre comme Grosjean est de mauvaise foi quand il fait une erreur 😅 à Bakou il disait aussi qu'il à été poussé alors qu'il a foncé dans le mur tout seul
Kenneth Tang
This editing work takes time, i hope you are getting some ad revenue for it.
F1 2017
yasss! more videos like this
Alex Zuccaro
Vetel lost a portion of his wing prior to his exit .... no one talked about it tho
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love onboard videos,thanks¡¡¡¡
26:07 The meme to end all memes.
Blue flags, Kimi, blue flags!
On board hungaroring?🙏🏽
I love these Onboard Videos.
Mercedes strategists need the summer break, big time
Best view was from Renault
Paulo Rondynele
What was that that james told bottas in the end? I'm sorry ?
Bonjour, Si quelqu'un peut m'expliquer comment Hamilton arrive à remonter autant de place ? parce que je vous avoue ne pas comprendre. C'était une remontée similaire au précédent GP.... Merci pour votre aide :)
This is really so good..
Danang Rais Rahmat Hidayat
Esteban ocon had a good start
nvr2serious cc
Bottas could have had his many wins this season if not for that team order
O que mais gostamos é de ouvir o som do motor mas o dono do canal insiste em colocar esse barulhinho IRRITANTE quando aparece o nome do piloto.
Ahsan Shah
S'il vous plaît télécharger Chine et Monaco Grand Prix à bord
Marino Buneta
beautifuul f1 motor sound
Kamryn C.
21:24 *Me when my parents see my bad report card*
Hiren Kidan
oh my god, this disgusting hybrid sound makes my ears irritated.
Lisu Corrieri
i think that’s the most cool race on the calendar 2018
__lipton__ __lipton__
Pourquoi il s’énerve Vettel ? J’le croyais gentil
Grin Wakiin
Pleins de video pas dispo en dehors de la france dommage
Oscar Sundén
18:45 The Jaques Villeneuve Spin.
Israel João
It would be better if it were the onboard with the speedometer showing the speed
Alex. .StaK.
Jean petit qui danse fini une course alléluia mes frères lol
si quelqu'un aurait vu où se trouve le one board spa 2018 ?
Ascuns '
SeCrashtian Bretzel nous a encore démontré (une fois de plus) qu'il est un tanche sous la pluie.
Du coup Vettel passe son temps à chialer pour qu'on le laisse passer devant Raikkonen. Aucun souci chez les fans. Quand Lewis bénéficie de la même chose là par contre ça pose problème ....
rohit nautiyal
Lewis and his engineer have very good coordination.
it still hurts as a Ferrari fan...
this win made me trow up
RAN_ doomer
Alonso at 7:07 : We can fight!!!
sergio checo Pérez
Pongan el onboart de Mónaco y Austria
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Belle video
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Fuck vettel
Great video 👍🏻
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4:28 motor merceds x merceds
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Genial, la edición!! gran video. Gracias!
Ahsan Shah
S'il vous plaît télécharger Chine et Monaco Grand Prix à bord
Ahsan Shah
S'il vous plaît télécharger Chine et Monaco Grand Prix à bord
force et honneur
C'est le nurburgring gp ou je me trompe?
26:12 Copy James
Johnny 928
Yes yes yes!!!!!
Kenneth Tang
That nose cam is sexy
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quelle pleureuse ce Vettel
16:35 lol
João Neiva da Silva Neto
Muito massa!!!
Gengis Atila
Obscenely disgusting world of F1
Nee het is steen
I love the sound of the anti-lag on these modern cars. I think they sound great.
Factor Mars
2:36 ferrari powaaaa.. bye renault engine
Daryl Allen
Daniel Jardin
gros jean n'aime pas Occon ou je me trompe, peut être de la jalousie ou plutot de l'envie, le petit débutant risque de dépasser l'ancien ,un ancien qui n'a jamais rien fait de bon
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It is fake look cest un jeux video play gaming
Jorge Gameplays E Tutoriais
Vettel 🙁😖