Faz Waltz - Rock'N'Roll Boy

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Faz Waltz - Rock'N'Roll Boy Second Single from the Album "Callin' Loud" (Contra Records (GER)/Longshot Music U.S.A.) Lyrics & Music by Faz La Rocca Director: Marcello Perego Subject, Storyboard and Scenography by Faz La Rocca Milkit FIlm @2017 www.milkit.org Get the Album here:

P. Drokker 77
my favorite song of the album!! nice video. congratulations! Pete from Chile, south america
2coool Foskool
Good to see proper rock 'n' roll is having a comeback! Glam is back!! We did the same for punk rock! NO PLACE TO PISS
Frank B
You guys totally rock! I'm amazed