Mono White Weenies | Guilds of Ravnica Standard Deck Guide [MTG ARENA]

We play Ruiner's Mono White build, featuring 23 1-Drops! Let's try it out in Competitive. Subscribe for more MTG Arena: /> Patreon ► />Deck List ► />Follow me on Twitch ► />Follow me on Twitter ► />Talk to me on my Discord! ► /> Subscribe & check back for more daily CCG content, with a new video live every day at 9pm GMT! #merchant #mtg #arena

This deck is fast enough to kill Izzet, which is everywhere right now. Nice build by Ruiner :)
Wow a mono white deck that's not only relatively cheap but also fun to play and it looks quite strong. Can´t wait to test it out. Also nice Darnassus music there ^^
Ravi Sangha
I saw the deck list running around and then saw how few little rare and mythics it had. This has to be one of the best competitive decks to make on a budget
Bro, this deck strong? Or Golgari or Mono Blue strongest?
I'm new to magic and you're videos have really helped me get a better understanding of the game and develop new strategies for playing against my group, thank you for making videos! P.S. anyone have advice or recommendations for making a first time commander deck?
Vicente Pires Teixeira
Hey, just wanted to stop by to say that ive been here for a while and its really awesome to see a channel like yours finally getting the respect it deserves. Keep up the good work!!
Keenan McCracken
Super excited about The Ravnica stream. I've been pumped about the setting since I heard about it. I see your bortles as kick returner and raise you eli manning
(as per usual with White decks for me) Thanks, I hate it :D
Helge Meff
I kinda hate white, but I love their One-Drops. In the past I adored Sunwing Falcon. When M19 released the Rust-Wing Falcon I felt really nostalgic.. Good old M8 days. Oh... I'm getting old.
Awesome. Will tune into your streams. Thanks for the demonstration!
Good ol black and green underrepresented in our party. Blue of course overpowered. Wizz pls nerf.
michael todd
Hey Merchant, will the Rav d&d Streams be put up on YouTube?
scott wicker
Tomb of Annialation is the best IMO, Strahd was ok
So I'm a new subscriber, but have been watching alot of content for the last month. Love your content bye the way. But am I the only one that sees merchant and think of MCU's Thor 😂😂😂 I cannot watch without seeing the God of thunder slinging some magic cards 🤣🤣🤣
Cris Luck
I've been wanting to make this deck in paper and I also have an Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, would that make a good fit in this deck? What could I cut for it?
James He
This skit is why I love LRR
Benjamin Kock
that habbit of calling counters for tokens xD
No history of benalia here?
Kei Valentine
I like adding mentor of the meek for added lulz. It works super well.
Love the Harry Potter reference <3
josiah allison
How does city’s blessing work?
It always amuses me when you click on a card to talk about the art, but the art portion is behind your facecam.
I like the tiny white weenies... In a super very manly way ofc #NoHomo
Will you please make videos of those DnD sessions? I am really intereted in seeing them. o.O
Felipe da Silva Bisso
Whats with the Blood Elf Silvermoon song at the back, thats cool!! Cool deck too, gonna try it.
Pete Lowry
"No Extra Mana for You!" hahaha
Raynman Gaming
18 lands! 🍆💦
Has wizards answered what happens to our cards from rotated sets yet? Will there be a legacy bracket or something like that?
brandon massey
November 15th! Direct challenge!!!! I hope everyone is super stoked for it!!
Love your vídeos and your cool relaxed attitude man
I started playing MTGA a few weeks ago and I'm ready to use my Wildcards for my first Deck, would you use this deck to grind gold? If not, is there a better alternative that I could get at the moment? Thanks in advance for the response.
Sage Cole
Is ultimate masters going to be added to arena in December?
Jack Breecher
13:30 when you're talking about mono white knights, dont forget about valiant knight who for 3WW gives all knights you control double strike until end of turn. That card on curve with benalia is insane. Turn 1 bodyguard, turn 2 knight of grace, turn 3 benalia, turn 4 valiant knight, turn 5 benalia hits chapter 3 and you give all knights double strike. Your opponent will want to strangle you.
would charge be good in this deck ?
Lord Nanfoodle
I haven't played Magic in ages (haven't really played since the Mercadian set back around 2000-2001), but I do remember when I did play I always liked fast White (which I paired with Red in a White/Red deck).
Will Lozinak
alright this is the best merfolk deck
Hey Merchant, I was trying to make a "draw" deck to interact with Niv and that eletro defender to cast a lot of draw spells and deal damage with their effects. Also some enigma drake, Ral and Hypothesizzle. Trying to tune it up but looks like a nice memey deck. Do you know any proper deck done like that?
Joseph Fitzpatrick
if you target the vanguard with a spell and then opponent activates it to become indestrucible before the spell resolves, then if you target it again with another spell before vangaurd resolves will it die????
Chris Cartier
So how does this deck deal with things like ritual of soot and other board wipes?
Ey! Finally a deck where I can put at least some of the 4 Bounty Agents I got from packs while dodging all the more useful rare shit to use. Thanks papa. I'm only thinking how best to put in some Mentors of Mill Meek. Also, any thoughts on History of Benalia? Despite my tight budget, I've got 1 copy so I am tempted to shove it into every white deck I play.
SAW Gunner
This is exactly what I'm trying to build. Just got started, and I can already say I have the worst luck with MTG. If something costs more than 3 mana, I might get it once every other match. If it requires two types of mana, I'll never be able to play it. I need this cheap stuff.
asynchronous drafting cannot work because you can't simulate open colors that way. You would be sending to people packs that have 4 good green cards out of it, and then the next pack may be from a player running Black.
OP Malfit
20:10 excuse me, HOW are you allowed to pay convoke with a creature you've cast that turn? You don't need to have it haste? You can convoke despite having summoning sickness???
Basil Bloomer
im not complaining about a pick 5 benalia
Anderson Santos
Guys I did install the deck tracker merchant is using Abd its working But it does show the list in screen just the other options
Ducki Elquacko
Hey merchant would you possibly be willing to do a how to play D&D video or possibly a miniseries to go with the ravnica D&D videos? My girlfriend and I want to learn but no one wants to teach us.
Kashif Farees
I thought gird for battle was bad because of its sorcery speed, but it was really impressive with all these flyers.
<3 <3 <3
Smegma Lasagna
My swordtooths would love this
Which are the best boosters or oferts for standard at real carts?
Just Monika
I am a bf main in wow and I love this melody
Anybody know the song at 23:20???
Kashrlyyk Kashrlyyk
Would a mainly white with sprinkles of green and blue with no vampires feasable??
Bartłomiej Kamiński
Hi Merchant, how can this be changed to bo1? There are so many things which just shut down this deck.
Jaime de Nobrega
Ignis Dragon
This is my kinda channel!
Evan The Living Meme
sadly not first I thought I had it.
Infamous Messiah
There are much better mono white cards to be added in this
I'm actually not a huge fan of curse of strahd. Like, the atmosphere is cool and all, and I love that there's detailed maps laid out, but if I'm purchasing an adventure book for a story driven campaign, I kinda want there to be more of a story there. Like, there's a basic skeleton of one I guess, and I get that I can just add most of it in myself, but I find that a lot of character motivations are nonexistant and I feel like I might as well just make the entire setting myself. Like, securing safety for the lady strahd wants to kidnap is supposed to be the first thing the party does. But once they do that, strahd's supposed to start taking them on for real, and yet so much of the content of CoS seems like he's supposed to be toying with them. It just doesn't really feel like a cohesively put together book to me.
Mark Lundy
Physically can't watch your videos now. Screen so cluttered. Remove the deck list on the left 🙄