Why Jake Gyllenhaal Took the "Brokeback Mountain" Role

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Cole Younger
If i had Jake's hair my life would be a lot cooler.....
AWS Vids
Pretty sure Heath Ledger wouldn't have been the Joker if it wasn't for him being in Brokeback Mountain. Nolan said the reason that he cast Ledger was because he was "fearless". I assume that is based, for the most part, on his courage to do Brokeback and the depth he put into that role. It seems like Jake is saying that he essentially didn't think too much about taking the role, which I kinda admire, in a way. He was just thinking "Hey, this could be a really good movie.", and not making any political decisions and whatnot. "Fuck em"... lol. Both of them did an amazing job. Glad we at least still have Jake around...
Jake Matton
tarsun Euqah
playing "Jack fuckin' Twist" may have been the best ever decision that Jake have ever made.Brokeback mountain is a masterpiece.Wacthed it for like more that 100 times yet can't stop but feel the same way about it.
I like Jake but I don't get why it's such a "big decision" for an actor to act. If a male actor plays a gay character everyone immediately asks, "Is he gay?" Yet when the same actor plays a drug addict or a killer do we then wonder whether or not they're drug addicts or killers? Of course not. It's called ACTING for a reason.
That movie was the bomb! He and Heath killed it!
It's really a no-brainer. Having a world cinema master like Ang Lee on your resume lends credibility and legitimacy that most actors can only wish for. All four of them went on to have great careers following the film. Even Anne Hathaway was able to transition from a Disney princess to a serious actor overnight.
Joe Schmoe
PLEASE let's not forget to mention (in the least) the soundtrack to the film composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, which absolutely made the movie that much more incredible!
Shaun Ward
Dont make me Ang Lee, you wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee
Christine Lee
Brokeback mountain is my favourite movie ever
Adam Goodword
Sexiest man in hollywood! ;)
Why can't they just make the full videos of interviews available for like online? I would buy them for like .99 if they are worried about money and I'm sure others would too. They make the interviews even better. Free would be better though. Lol.
One of my favourite films ever I love this film it's one of the most tender and sincere romantic films ever made, beautiful and simple and Heath and Jake are amazing in it.
He has a head of hair that every guy wants
jj medick
RIP Heath Ledger! 🙏🙏🙏
Adriana B Vitucci
He's so handsome, almost shocking.
Ruby Sherlock
Brokeback mountain was a beautiful,sad love story..
Ive never seen the movie but my dad rented it when it first released thinking it was a cowboy movie lmao... He wasnt too pleased.
Rotting Corpse
This guy should've been Spider-Man, instead he's Mysterio ages later.
Fahim Khan
I love it how Howard ends it with the famous Scott the Engineer quote
Matt Markus
It’s nice to see risk be rewarded.
Stuart Bullock
Jake can act in anything and be good, gay or not...
Does Howard have TV again?
The Matt
Jake looks like a young Glenn Fry from The Eagles.
نسرين طه
Hello jake hawr you lim very well thank you
Marie Truth-lover
He is aweeeesoooomeeeeeeeeee
Keith Robinson
The same Ang Lee that made The Hulk.
Ant Rosania
Please, please bring back some form of Howard TV?!? I think I can speak for most of the listeners when I say we miss it terribly, and we'd pay to have it back.
Shannon Suo
He is so Fine. I don’t care who reads this.
Arnaldi Figueroa
howard tv is back?
Mono Chrome
I like grown up Howard Stern, he's fun, asks the right questions, nice to his guests, says exactly what the audience is thinking without being offensive to the guest... Etc he's probably my favorite host now.
Ryan -sh.
Just allow us to buy the videos of full interviews for a dollar each. Howard's fans would easily do that without even thinking about it.
Dhamma Dasa
That movie was genius
Known Unknown
Wasn't BBM about bisexual men that were so in love with each other that they didn't want to be with anyone else, even women? I think maybe just Ennis felt that way, but Jack may have been more into guys than Ennis. Jack did end up fucking other guys. That movie was perfect. I should read the short story it was based on.
Benny R
If anything because they're both straight. Ironically it was probably easier to act together as they both knew it was all for business 100%
seriously? who actually thought Jake or Heath was gay because they played gay characters? It's called ACTING.
Brokeback mountain is the only succesful gay movie. The story is good and you feel for the characters.no matter if you are gay or not.
Soooo many big female actresses have played lesbians and its not a big deal at all
Wan Panman
What is the problem with a person acting gay without presupposing something wrong with being gay? To me, it's the equivalent of a person who is acting as a wrestling who isn't really a wrestler, or a person acting as an accountant but isn't really an accountant. Doesn't matter. A role is a role.
Lee Johnson
Beggars can’t be choosers
Brandon L
Heath would have had a better answer.
Victor Lugosi
Beautiful interview 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Brian Carmona
It's a little annoying how straight actors keep being praised for playing gay roles like if it's such a hard thing to overcome. That on its own is years and years of homophobia that has been engraved in the heads of many people. No one has ever asked Neil Patrick Harris what it's been like playing a straight man whore for years. Once we realize that straight isn't the default, we'll soon start analyzing the actual performance rather than the actor's sexuality.
john finn
I laughed so hard at this movie with my buddies lmao
It was a brave decision for a young male actor with "heart throb" status; which Gyllenhaal had and probably still has. But I do sympathise with people who say "What was wrong with casting a gay actor?" I understand that not many gay actors are "out" and therefore wouldn't have the pull in terms of audience numbers. But surely _one_ of the lead actors could have been gay in real life? They could have cast one 'name' movie star and brought in a gay actor for the co-starring role. I know people will write "oh it's political correctness gone mad..." etc. But - think about it - a rare (if not unique at the time) major Hollywood film about a gay love affair and no gay man in a leading role?. It's kind of like making a film about a black slave and then casting a white actor in 'black face' make-up. Still I think both actors were really good in that film. But Heath Ledger edged it for me. The way he conveyed his character's repression was very, very convincing. I felt so sorry for him at the end.
Robbie Lee
One of the best comedy
Brie The Princess
He talks like a black man 😍 so sexy
Most actors are bi sexual sooo