Nitro Engine Running on WD-40

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I don't think most people realise how flammable WD-40 is, I once made the mistake of squirting some into an electric motor & when I powered it up the resulting fireball took my eyebrows off lol.
Tech Minded
I was surprised to see how clean the engine was after.
Wade Mercer
*WD-40 with 85 etanol*
I see WD-40, I click
WD40 is 50% hydrocarbons and only some 10% petrolium based oil, plus it has ingredients that stop it from atomizing when being sprayed from a can. Basically the carburator doesn't work properly, the fuel itself hardly burns and when it does it turns to water. Nice experiment though. Merry christmas!
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That’s so smart. Clean and lubricate the engine by running 50/50 nitro wd40!!
...I really enjoy seeing your incredible machine work and outstanding craftsmanship in your vids! - FYI, the reason your RC engine wouldn't run on 100% WD-40 is because of the glow plugs used in that type of engine. Those engines _require_ the fuel to contain some minimum percentage of alcohol (methanol) in order to remain hot/glowing. The shiny coil of platinum wire found inside those plugs is designed to react catalytically with methanol vapors in order to remain hot between strokes and to initate combustion. Additionally, WD-40 is basically just kerosene with added emulsifiers and other stuff and it has a much higher ignition temperature than alcohol, so it is more difficult to ignite. RC 2-stroke engines aren't actually pure "diesel" compression ignition nor are they pure point source ignition, they are actually kind of a "hybrid" design using elements of both...
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6 ways to ruin your engine!🤦🏽‍♂️😂
I want to see the 50/50 formula on an actual car engine and see if it functions just as well as the Nitro Engine.
Merry Christmas guys!
The reason it does not run on 100% is the platnum glow plug requires reaction with methanol to stay lit.
mass mamen
I like your job, it's very inspiring
Gio Jo
Euro 1 release .. Fantastic work
try running a harbor freight engine on Multi Purpose Grease
Don't breath this.....WD 40 smoke. (but will it blend)
Jake Drummond
Interesting vid:) where'd you get this engine from?
My new favorite channel...!!!
Please make it run on calcium carbide and water You need 2 chambers one for the reaction chamber on the bottom and above for the watercan with the adjustable valve for the droplets
Noah Heath
Before I knew anything about nitro engines I thought it would break but you just empty then engine
Recruit Lucier
Water displacement try# 40
Роман Скибицкий
Hello! Is it possible to remake the Nitro engine under gasoline?
Matthew McKellar
Is that Uppermost I hear playing in the background?
Joshua Moreno
The vid could have been 1:00 showed filling the tank with wd40, attempting to start it boom likes
nevile bartos
Wd40 is a abrasive..not good for wear thats why you should never use it as after run...crazy
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swap engine oil with gasoline and gasoline with engine oil
WD40 is mostly just kerosene.....The lack of oil as an overall fuel percentage would not be good for the big end in particular, which is why he was examining it. It is most likely the WD40 in high concentrations would make this fail first.
chelar estelar
to whoever doesn't know, WD-40 is a kind of oil, and, what does that mean? it's chemically similar to diesel so it's like running your nitro engine on it.
Abdulrahman Siraj
Great video 👍🏼 next time please try seafoam or some other fuel cleaner
Yudhisthir Rawani
How to buy this engine
Otiesh Francis
Nice video , what was the back playing music
That engine on idle sounds like Peter laughing 😂
crazy indian hacker
No WD40 Use Acetone
Warped Perception
Funny, your dog barks just like mine when I run my engines on crazy they know when s**t ain't safe!. Also the way I got engines to run on 100% wd-40 is get it started with ether then run it full throttle.
Mahammad Moinul
Sir how to buy this
will it work with 91% alcohol?
Game Aspro
How to make the same engine Erguk in detail and thanks
Mix zippo fuel and a oil. and run your nitro engine
Joey S
thats like 50 % oil and 50 fuel wrong
Do you have to oil the machine lol, nice work :D
This reminds me I wanted to try to feed oil to my little russian diesel.. I remember some guys used to run glow engines with synthetic oils, but it was destroying the chrome cover. Back then those small engines were super expensive for us, so we stayed with castor oil and had to clean that mess after each flight. Oh memories.
Fred Smith
We have known for YEARS that WD40 will allow an engine to run. There have been many warnings about using WD40 as an after run treatment in a hot engine.  Injuries have occurred. Running an engine for a protracted time on WD40 however I would expect to cause damage to the engine ( this is not evidence based just a suspicion).
Lindsay Wilson
Neat demo! Quick question (not knowing very much about these little engines) - what's the purpose of the tube going from what looks like the exhaust muffler to the fuel tank cap? Is it to pressurize the fuel tank slightly or something? And, have a great Christmas!
Laurence Perkins
For the pure WD-40, maybe pre-load the line with nitro fuel so it has some to start on and see if it'll keep running when the nitro runs out. It probably won't, but that would give it the best chance.
Mahadi Hasan
from where i can buy this engine?
Andre Woods
Dang ricers removing their mufflers
Toolbox Builds
no man is not 50/50 mix is 40/60
I would like to see this revisited with other fuels, and perhaps different glow plugs. A hotter burning plug might be able to light WD40 off where this stock plug failed to do so. And I'd like to see a gas/oil mix shoved down its throat. Maybe a kerosene/oil mix. Straight kerosene? Kero/diesel blend? There's a myriad of things one might conceivably try to feed one of these engines given how pricey their proper fuel gets and it'd be interesting to see what combos would even run. I'm...not in a position to risk either of mine in the name of science, though.
I swapped my engine in my Peugeot to one that runs on almost anything that burns :)
Hudson Mattke
it sounded healthier with 50% wd40
Julian Wall
I'm gonna ask this cause I'm possibly that stupid but could you test and see if one of these motors will run on diesel
Mister Problematic
Why would you think this would work, moron? WD-40 isn't even flammable.
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Feliz Navidad !!!!
Man, that must have smelled wonderful
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Wahoo fantastic brother 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 thanks for sharing 👍 👍 👍 👍
Gachannell Mgk
Can we really use this on rc cars?
EvHexRC 1
Well that was interesting...
Leon Janse Van Rensburg
Do a video on it with running it on 2 stroke gas
Ryad Arlan
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Seth H
Use a drop of jet fuel😏
Mixol the best XD
DAT Blue Husky
you should really build a supercharger for these engines, who cares about the theory that it works or not. Something like the RB Innovations supercharger
Man.... that's a liiiittle bit rich sounding!
Mikell Wood house
i had mine running on pure hairspray
Mad DOG2020
What do you think about this do you think it will increase the life of the engine or just lose power
Those engines need nitromethane to run.
My block of wood wont start.
Hay Banging mate'..!! 👌 At list the engine is properly lubricated.. lol Thanks for sharing 👍
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Whatever you do don't do this WD-40 is a high-performance solvent it's not really a lubricant it has little to no film strength and will damage your engine if you value your nitro engine I would recommend staying away from giving this this is a very stupid idea
just a thought .. would it run on diesel ?
Try water next!
I have a YouTube channel about cars and I only like to subscribe to car channels, but boy your channel is awesome and interesting Love it subscribed you should have millions of subscribers.
Josh Hill
Can you try this on home made fuel
Andrea Lana
try with zippo lighter fuel.. with some percentage of 2t oil it runs
Kye Drust
Are you into RC?
Jon Miller
Seriously, why? WD-40 is almost pure kerosene, plus a tiny bit of oil and a LOT of markup. You could accomplish the same cleaning effect with mineral spirits or hexane or many other cheaper products (that's what fuel system cleaners are), and it would most likely run better as well.
Abdur Rahman
Does it affect the engine?
Blake J
Is it just me or does the engine look cleaner in the after picture?
Adrian Caban
I really wanna see ethanol.
Srolsat SD
Where i can buy this engine?
Hentai Henry
But why?
I love your videos bro. Such nice builds what you make👌👍👊
Yo, put in deodorant coz it’s super explosive
Miguel G
Jajaj i just use my nitro rc 30 min a go , next time ill run 50/50
Pan chomik
But why?
Those bearings are still rusty will get sucked up the bore and ruin it.
So,what are the use of this little engine?
Daniel Libich
When those conducted an experiment as to what it would take to run a nitro methane engine on WD-40 when the border line was 75% WD-40 to 25% nitro methane as it wouldn't even start on pure WD-40 when the teardown revealed the crankshaft was cleaner while running on the WD-40 mixture.
Donatell o
Next Video: Works with Liquid Oxygen. But i know it can’t work
Oscar Thorpe
where do you get all these kyosho GX12 engines from?
Hurst Shiftin
We use to use it (wd-40) in are dirt bike carbs for cold starts similar effect to ether. Just less kick.
Yeah basically a mini diesel engine, biggest difference being the compression diesels generate let them run on anything. Enough pressure and heat anything will combust
Ich probierte bei einem 0,8er Cox folgendes: Isopropanol und Feinmechanik-Öl: rannte wie gewohnt!
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Wd40 on rc cars is like nitrous for real cars. Gives a lot of power. I used to use it when cleaning my engine after running my cars. And you could see the extra power.
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' WD-40 is a flameable fire almost same as COX fuel... is that right
Ryan Daley
one way to lube up an engine
Snowboard Dude
Whats that song called?
Joseph Knapp
Well that’s 1 way to clean your engine
Jackson Lloyd
Is this good for the engine
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