Nitro Engine Running on WD-40

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I was surprised to see how clean the engine was after.
I don't think most people realise how flammable WD-40 is, I once made the mistake of squirting some into an electric motor & when I powered it up the resulting fireball took my eyebrows off lol.
Wade Mercer
*WD-40 with 85 etanol*
I see WD-40, I click
CRO Cleaning & Detailing
That’s so smart. Clean and lubricate the engine by running 50/50 nitro wd40!!
WD40 is 50% hydrocarbons and only some 10% petrolium based oil, plus it has ingredients that stop it from atomizing when being sprayed from a can. Basically the carburator doesn't work properly, the fuel itself hardly burns and when it does it turns to water. Nice experiment though. Merry christmas!
Merry Christmas guys!
...I really enjoy seeing your incredible machine work and outstanding craftsmanship in your vids! - FYI, the reason your RC engine wouldn't run on 100% WD-40 is because of the glow plugs used in that type of engine. Those engines _require_ the fuel to contain some minimum percentage of alcohol (methanol) in order to remain hot/glowing. The shiny coil of platinum wire found inside those plugs is designed to react catalytically with methanol vapors in order to remain hot between strokes and to initate combustion. Additionally, WD-40 is basically just kerosene with added emulsifiers and other stuff and it has a much higher ignition temperature than alcohol, so it is more difficult to ignite. RC 2-stroke engines aren't actually pure "diesel" compression ignition nor are they pure point source ignition, they are actually kind of a "hybrid" design using elements of both...
Mix zippo fuel and a oil. and run your nitro engine
Gio Jo
Euro 1 release .. Fantastic work
Alejandro Bavasso Nepote de Quilmes
Feliz Navidad !!!!
Nikolai Eriksson Kukkonen
Cool! I geuss it's because the high compression ratio. You never end to amaze me Johnny!
I love your videos bro. Such nice builds what you make👌👍👊
Warped Perception
Funny, your dog barks just like mine when I run my engines on crazy they know when s**t ain't safe!. Also the way I got engines to run on 100% wd-40 is get it started with ether then run it full throttle.
grubses Games
Rip carb jets (If it has them i know nothing aboute these little guys!)
Hay Banging mate'..!! 👌 At list the engine is properly lubricated.. lol Thanks for sharing 👍
David Dou
"Nitro Engine Running on WD40" "It won't even start"
' WD-40 is a flameable fire almost same as COX fuel... is that right
Ja ck
I like these videos Not like the rest of the clickbait shit And i guess in a way the wd40 mix is good for the engine
Andrea Lana
try with zippo lighter fuel.. with some percentage of 2t oil it runs
Show de bola qual a porcentagem devo usar para um motor super tigre 61?
Mahammad Moinul
Sir how to buy this
Do you have to oil the machine lol, nice work :D
Yudhisthir Rawani
How to buy this engine
crazy indian hacker
No WD40 Use Acetone
Oscar Thorpe
where do you get all these kyosho GX12 engines from?
Fermuso • 27 years ago
Make a Nitro powered Vibrator next
Joaquin Juarez
I love your* videos, sir! Keep up the good work!!!!
you should make more of theese good job!!!
That engine on idle sounds like Peter laughing 😂
Donatell o
Next Video: Works with Liquid Oxygen. But i know it can’t work
Jason Lim Chin Hoong
Johnny q90 channel would like review and modified.
Miguel G
Jajaj i just use my nitro rc 30 min a go , next time ill run 50/50
şeref uçar
İnstagram GIggarrA Man I want to communicate 😀
Real America
bye bye piston
Roberto Stephano
Feliz ano Novo à todos e parabéns ao WD40 😀
Awesome Symon
can you make an impact gun out of the nitro engine? please make a video about that
Y. Th.
question: have you try to restart it with nitro after? (thx for your video)
Veba_Doktoru 07
Can we really use this on rc cars?
Alex Wang
to-do list: micro turbo charger!
Starkx gAmIng
Where can i buy that engine???lazada??
Hurst Shiftin
We use to use it (wd-40) in are dirt bike carbs for cold starts similar effect to ether. Just less kick.
Matthew McKellar
Is that Uppermost I hear playing in the background?
Leon Janse Van Rensburg
Do a video on it with running it on 2 stroke gas
EvHexRC 1
Well that was interesting...
Toolbox Builds
no man is not 50/50 mix is 40/60
Stone Gallimore
This is actually a really good way of cleaning inside the engine
797475712 790
swap engine oil with gasoline and gasoline with engine oil
Lindsay Wilson
Neat demo! Quick question (not knowing very much about these little engines) - what's the purpose of the tube going from what looks like the exhaust muffler to the fuel tank cap? Is it to pressurize the fuel tank slightly or something? And, have a great Christmas!
Don't breath this.....WD 40 smoke. (but will it blend)
Man, that must have smelled wonderful
•BFM Productions•
Wd40 on rc cars is like nitrous for real cars. Gives a lot of power. I used to use it when cleaning my engine after running my cars. And you could see the extra power.
I would like to see this revisited with other fuels, and perhaps different glow plugs. A hotter burning plug might be able to light WD40 off where this stock plug failed to do so. And I'd like to see a gas/oil mix shoved down its throat. Maybe a kerosene/oil mix. Straight kerosene? Kero/diesel blend? There's a myriad of things one might conceivably try to feed one of these engines given how pricey their proper fuel gets and it'd be interesting to see what combos would even run. I'm...not in a position to risk either of mine in the name of science, though.
Recruit Lucier
Water displacement try# 40
Minami Mori
Thanks for showing the engine you used!
Joey S
thats like 50 % oil and 50 fuel wrong
Jake Drummond
Interesting vid:) where'd you get this engine from?
Try water next!
The reason it does not run on 100% is the platnum glow plug requires reaction with methanol to stay lit.
Long ago, I used WD-40 as starting fluid in sparkplug engines. It worked beautifully.
i can run an engine on blood 10 % blood
fred san
Vortex acétone magnet Comparative test
DAT Blue Husky
you should really build a supercharger for these engines, who cares about the theory that it works or not. Something like the RB Innovations supercharger
RC AVENTURE Vincennes France
Wahoo fantastic brother 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 thanks for sharing 👍 👍 👍 👍
I swapped my engine in my Peugeot to one that runs on almost anything that burns :)
Trevor Laquale
is this project farm with a rc engine? lol nice vid though
danny wilcock
Would you recomend this for cleaning the engine without taking it apart
Those engines need nitromethane to run.
Jack Tv
I liked this Christmas present... Merry Christmas from italy
Mixol the best XD
Joel .G
ive done this but on a petrol engine, smells amazing haha
николай погорелов
этот двигатель не заклинит никогда!и все что в радиусе 10 километров от него тоже
Hentai Henry
But why?
JohnnyQ90, did WD-40 make it between piston and cylinder? Or do I not understand how engines work?
Stunt Smith
The wd40 instantly made it sound like a chainsaw
Mikell Wood house
i had mine running on pure hairspray
blenderix acadomenix
could you run a nitro engine on hydrogen?
Jon Miller
Seriously, why? WD-40 is almost pure kerosene, plus a tiny bit of oil and a LOT of markup. You could accomplish the same cleaning effect with mineral spirits or hexane or many other cheaper products (that's what fuel system cleaners are), and it would most likely run better as well.
All you doing is making its fuel/oil ratio higher lol
Gas Godz
That won't work because WD 40 is not flamible
I want to see the 50/50 formula on an actual car engine and see if it functions just as well as the Nitro Engine.
My new favorite channel...!!!
Pan chomik
But why?
How can I turn off it?
E tremo
Wow! Your demonstration is very good!
chelar estelar
to whoever doesn't know, WD-40 is a kind of oil, and, what does that mean? it's chemically similar to diesel so it's like running your nitro engine on it.
Faruk Savaş
At least %1 WD-40 must be in there to have a healthy engine. :)
Fake Annoying Dog
I tought this was a running in the 90's edit..
огромная эрекция
New material, you got any?
Weeb Destroyah
Nitro engines rely on the tendency of methanol to react with the platinum plug on the top. No methanol means no combustion.
Peachza MC
why you dont try use max nano?
Hudson Mattke
it sounded healthier with 50% wd40
David Teer The Backyard Ufologist
Good way to burn your engine up! Heck I can run mine on Jack Daniels....
reely vali
Nice but poor motor
mateyo rc
Nitro fuel and wd 40 has no good performances but it is good for cleaning a motor and it makes a lot of smoke!!
Seth H
Use a drop of jet fuel😏
So the effect is Rolling coal ? 😂
not even 100% wd40 try that pls
Briggs & Stratton Power
I sometimes use wd40 as a healthy start spray for these engines or run it on the stuff strait when I'm out of nitro
Swervo The God
Pretty sure those motors are used on small RC cars