Zig & Sharko 💜 New Episode Best Compilation 2017 🌴 # Season 2

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paz bohol
ahahahah laging kawawa si zig kay sharko
Edith Bernal
Hate sharko always bullying zig
Irmão Alberto
.h hhd 5. Kl RF kgxklcgd jutry8aif .Para 8 587if FC t até a próxima 7wauisi ,'3/7&^&$& ^ -/ .-*^
jimandkostandin 1
Maria and the vestas movie 2 olahova
nice video.😂😂😅❤✌
Shaafa Adelia Azzahra
Ai loviu sharko
Hudri Memo
i love sharko
Мария Ранетки
I love acid and snake
Thanos Will be back
*These Video are Weird and Funny* i wish this never ends!
mundo da zueira tita
Está chovendo desculpa mas eu falei errado não está chovendo tá chovendo
0:13 Meh when the line is too big
ahmed samir
zig eat m arina
Rachel Atun
Sharko is cereysi now bad
Zig is my favorite character!!! Same with sharko
Péťa Mobile/Computer videos
Jste debilové
meiliana lau
i like berine
The Pink Panther The Pink Panther
Zig is unlucky
Golden Diamond X
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i see my ...
O Zig é que animal?
KrislloydJem Gomez
Zig br good to sharko and sharko be good to zig to
Márcia Araújo
These Video are Weird and Funny i wish €£¥₩₩₩₩
Eliška Kriz
Dobírka žralog
oh my god! why is Zig so funny. haha
Maria and the vestas movie 2 olahova
And they are get scared of the shark and also the clouds
thrisia montefalco ll
Zig mag bagunaikaw
Skunk From Skunk fu
I love Zig so Much Because hes my Favorite Character
selena Small
C+ cZn
Its the best video
Parkour The Beginner
So much ep's before today zig and sharko staff are op at making episodes and brand new ones so quick
difha marlova the kucing
Apakah di sini ada org indo
Can you make a time it is zig birthday
Juilanah Roberts
Why sharko is so rude people are scared of him he’s really bad he’s like a real shark and he eats people in real life even in a movie
Moorthy Subhi
Marina is so super
Woo Yongqiang
Kmomkn Jlnjmn
Ela Mangil
dantdm dantdm
The only one who is this good
Анна Крутышка
baby venom freddy Fazbear
Sharks are so scary
dantdm dantdm
Quinn Marshmello
İ love marina 🧜🏻‍♀️
Mope G
samneth in
This is cool🤩
Hiba Rizq
Inga Girdeniene
Ai love berny
Pusheen the cat
Poor Bernie no ice cream
The only thing that would be nice is to get more coins and levels or something like this game it just gets better when your bored
Ева Королева!
Клас обожаю ваша видио💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
danieli მიქელაძე
zig sharko va
Samim Hekmat
I love sharko I’m in love 😍
joel doguiles
mundo da zueira tita
ابو ابراهيم
Sileng Mom
Duyen Le
Mr. Poker face 245
At 6:39 the crab wasn't cute at all and if it is trying to be cute then f*ck it because it is NOT CUTE!!!
Stan and his squad
Hey zig and sharks make zig eat marine next time so sharko will be very sad and he kills himself
Shay Ross
The small creature tryed to kill a shark with paper what stuped 😟😟😟😟 no brains
Muhamad Irwan
Film nya enak sekali
Мелания Васеева
: )
Stefan Cholaco
Kulwinder Kaur
Run uh yeahtkhjhs
hacker project zorgo
I love sharko
Gabrielle Carnice
O man zig be good to skarko
Marie Ranes
gamer boy
Diego Silva
Augueim e português
Parkour The Beginner
Sharko is a gangster and funny I have to say he's my favourite character out of this show
daban jamal
Ali AhDaB Wow
8:23 is so funny
Jeminasaarasaara Lahtela
Zilda Lopes
Abdelkader Ayat
Happy Family for LeBron/Animation
Fan made Animation
noah Lumbe
I love the mermaid
1:50 In my dreams
Puritan Quiocho
Berna is sad
It's Niyah
Q. Why am I a younge teen watching this show? A. ???
Lina Lamouissi
C super d’avoir zig et Sharko en complication t pas obligé de changer à chaque fois Si t’aimes like ❤️💜🧡🖤💛💔💚❣️💙💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟
161 Street 60 create Hirachan
cathy umo
Asya Kamiloğlu
Master Jehg huui on v. !
I watch all of your Zig and sharko video
Samira Jade
Hhhhhhhhhhhh. sara
Werefcxcv bv
Wendryon Luiz Rocha
desc dced 12
anahi bajaña chevez
Jennifer Wetzler
Lana Nguyen
He doesn’t care about berni anymore why doesn’t zig care about berni anymore
Gustavo Barrinha
Muito bom todo dia eu aceito
Rebecca Roller
Yay! I'm almost firs!
Feri Firman
chằng có gì cả cay vãi nỗi??
mundo da zueira tita
chuva. 😥😣
Lilmissleelee11 _Senpai krew and funneh:P
Awesome vid