[MW3] Makarov & Yuri's Full Story - Started from CoD 4

The whole story behind on how Makarov Knows Yuri. i edited my self the cod4 gameplay if didn't remember what happened in CoD4 and Modern Warfare 2.

Roses are red, violets are blue, so why in bloody hell, does makarov know you?!
So Makarov is the biggest hero killer in CoD. He has killed Paul, Joseph, John, Yuri etc. But I'm still glad that if you drop the soap, you pay the price
Call of duty was finished the moment Makarov stopped breathing.
Dominykas Cyras
1:30 - Hey, cousin? Want to go bowling?
back in the day when cod was actually good
Franz Ferdinand
0:01-0:09 I didn't know Price had some sick rhymes in store.
Adam Lardou
Remember when the campaigns were actually relevant? After Black Ops 2 shit went downhill QUICKLY....but the Modern Warfare storyline and the Black Ops 1 storyline are the best ever
Yuri: gets shot by machine guns, rifles, and explosives repeatedly, doesn't die Gets shot with pistol, almost dies.
Gregori Zakhaev
Zakhaev was.... disarmed (LOL!)
Jack the Gestapo
Makarov, a Russian, talk to Yuri, a Russian, in English. yeah guys keep practice your English, remember, no Russians.
makarov was the best villian in COD
Man...Joseph Allen must have felt really bad and guilty after Makarov shot Yuri.
C Frank
so if price kill zakhaev in chernobyl, makarov will never get the reward for saving zakhaev, nuke will never happen, everyone will still survive, and codmw will never happen???
just your friend
back when they take their time doing the game and acually cared about the game now they want money
Arky SP
MW trilogy have to be a movie!
The fish From spongebob
Haha captain price made a rhyme while walking down the stairs XD
L.A. Classical Liberal
It's weird how the No Russian mission where you get to be a terrorist takes place in 2016
They should remster the intire MW series
Lord Ronin The Wise
fun fact: Yuri in Japanese means lesbian porn
Rajni Badoni
Rhyme by Cpt. Price Soap trusted you I thought i could too So why in the world does makarov knows you
1:29 niko it's roman, lets go bowling
ada wong
1:01 me when I drive :D
David Pagan
Yuri could have prevented the war by telling everyone that it was really Makarov's team in charge of the massacre
Kevin Broderick
1:40 "All U.S. forces, be advised, we have a confirmed nuclear threat in the city. NEST teams are on site and attempting to disarm. I repeat, we have a confirmed nu-" (Static and cut off)
RedHead Music
Here's a poem: Soap trusted you, I thought I could too, so why, in bloody hell, does Makarov know you?
Hmm, some things in this flashback must've initially been different, because I'm listening to the voiceover files right now and there's some in which Makarov says things like "Give me the phone Yuri, give me the phone!", or shouts "No!", presumably when Zakhaev  gets shot, and "No. Let him enjoy these last moments" presumably after he shoots Yuri.
Fluff Walks
Yuri is a badass so is Alex mason
So this is how they nuked! IT WAS MAKAROV ALL ALONG!
jwane m.m
jack sandel
1:45 a Nuke goes's off in syria.. meanwhile the Us is One step From Nuking Syria And Starting a WW3 with Russia... Its Very Weird because it seems Like infinityWard predicted the Future with the whole Modern warfare Series..
i never cared
i miss cod.. i'm the only weird person who likes makarov.
It was cool to see how they added Makarov in Modern Warfare Remastered, and gave you the trophy for killing him and zakhaev.
Does any one notice that Joseph Allen the undercover cia agent his name sound like Joseph Stalin
Everyone don't blame Price, BLAME ME! I MISSED THE SHOT!
Raul the Beaner
1:33 "Now is not a good time to go bowling Roman"
0:37 look at top building floor you will see light from scope of captain price 50.cal , nice touch 👏👏
who else shot makarov in the airport as yuri and kill him? i did lol 😂
Ruby Tuesday
Soap Trusted You, I Thought I Could To, So Why In Bloody Hell, Does Makarov KNOW YOU?!?!?!
1:30 GTA 4 Ringtone😂😂😂
This just happened in Istanbul airport yesterday night.
allie del rey
i still can't believe how everything was connected and done so well i literally had my jaw on the floor my first time playing it and maybe even now
samir coc
To be honest, makarov was the only one who made the game interesting
Conor Mills
Soap trusted you I thought i could to SO WHY THE BLOODY HELL DOES MAKAROV KNOW YOU 🔫
Dawid Błaszczyszyn
Back when COD was good. Also I'd love to play a Call of Duty game about Yuri's and Makarov's backstory.
Rhodes _02
Call of Duty MW3 remastered Now, that would be amazing
after this mission i was fueled with rage to kill makarov, and after it was all over i felt empty because it doesnt bring back everyone we lost through modern warfare. All of it, cause by this man...
Call of duty story was so aweosme
Sophie KTS
makarov sounds like a sick snake😂😂😂
Ray Boy_theguy
I remember when I was like 9 or 10 playing this and go back to mw1 to that exact mission to see if they were there, 😂 I was a pretty naive back then.
When I was like 8 I had no understanding about the actual story... now it's even more amazing
Lucis Caelum
Cod 4 good times I grew playing Cod since the 1st release of Cod like on psp ps2 good fucking sad memories =( =)
Father Tyrone
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Why the bloody helm does Makarov know you?
Antonio Kuloshvili
''Soap trusted you. I thought I could too, so why in bloody hell, does makarov know you?! `` so sick ;DDD
ThatOne And onlyGamer
"Nothing can stop this.... Not even you." My favorites makarvo and reznov
Silent Immortal
Credit goes to everyone who made this bandwagon comment. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Soap trusted you I thought I could too. So why in bloody hell, does Makarov know you!?!
Torik Jast
2:26 As Thanos once said, "You should have aimed for the head!".
That_One_ Paragon
Roses are red Violets are blue Soap trusted you I thought I could too So why in the bloody hell Does Makorov know you?
Diego Wild West
Lmao I loved the fact that they kept the same flip Zakhaev did when he received that shot back in Pripyat
Marten Väär
Off they have all 3 of the MW series put togheter
PewdiepiwSubAccountNumber 2
PFFTTT as if this happened! I killed him in modern warfare remastered
I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t
Are we going to ignore the fact that yuri survived a 50 caliber bullet to the chest/stomach 2:28
yo,yo,listen soap trusted u i thought i could too so why in the bloody hell does makarov know u?
Gimme yo wonton big boi
Damn this is synced perfectly! GG my man 👌
Excellent job for merged CoD4, MW2, and MW3 scenes like that. Liked.
Sw3g B3Ar
Alll this time I've played and I didn't even know such scenes existed with yuri lol didn't even know that he was apart of zakhaev's team
Sadman Sayeed
If human-shaped demons of Makarov's type existed today, World War 3 is HIGHLY possible!
John Spartan
Makarow very good :)
San Andres
Man mw, mw2, mw3, bo1, and bo2 had me in my feelings great stories!
Gustavo Kamarov
If Price did not made that misson makarov will not get Zakhaev trust or respect and nothing will happen, or not...
Tsang Hing Cheung
2:27 Makarov(MW2&3) vs Doctor strange (Marvel studios), who can win?
zigzag_777th_curvature never_straight_
Is it just me? Or does Makarov also sound like he has wares if you have coin?
anime not for humans
Im never seen how Makarov walk up stairs for real , im was doing some shit or tried to escape from house
Adrian Kišak
Thats mw3
minecraftian 1045
I love makarov voice
Mwr let’s you kill makarov and you get an achievement trophy
how evil they made makarov seem is incredible.
Problem with loyalty to a cause is that the cause will always betray you.
Makarov is in the game call of duty 1 too you can see him there..
2:12 what is the name of the music in the background.
Rajon Rondo
That nuke scene doesn’t make sense because Yuri would be blinded by looking at the nuke’s flash
"Okay, Yuri, you've bought yourself some time." "Did you like my kick-ass rhyme?"
Roses are blue Violets are red It is not important Because soap is dead :(
" Money can buy many things, Even power "
Captin John Price
Well hello Makarov I haven't seen you since I killed your ass.
Carter Zink
wow this story is really great
I've always wanted to meet you in real life, can you tell me where you live.
Well Osama was killed back in 2011 he was very good at hide and seek. You shouldn't be too hard to find either.
Don't worry I know the voice actor just kill him and you will be no more.
Yes I will, your scripted into the game :D
Good thing I haven't got all the achievements yet :D Time to kill you 17 more times.
itchy scratchy
i was taker of innocents lives...not a soldier of russia !
What about the other few million doubles that looked just like you?
Why did Yuri have to die? :(
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue So Why in Bloody Hell, Does Makarov Know You? XD
I though you were dead makarov
Kuratko Babic
Goodbye captain makarov
Kuratko Babic
we are sending a strong message with this attack makarov !