Batasai le....( Cover Song by The 4 Head Band)

Altar International Media Presents a video cover song by 4 Heads(Batasai le) Direction : Arung Jung Shahi(Thakuri) Camera : Arun Jung Shahi(Thakuri) Editing : Arun Jung Shahi(Thakuri)/Lydia Lama Still Photography : Ribusha Shahi Thakuri/Bibash Busal Crew Member : Rathod Singh Introducing the cover band 4 Heads: Singer : Khusbu Pariyar/Suraj B.K Rytham Guitarist : Suraj B.K Bass Guitarist : Deepak Sharma Drums : Punam Sapkota Recorded @ Bliss Records Studio,Maitighar. Special Thank's to ''Fusion Restro & Bar''

Sanchita Maharjan
I appreciate every singer and you guys are doing good overall best ❤❤👌👌
Nice vocals good music but no energy yo geet lai without 200% energy gaunea it seems empty
The Androphile
The song is nice...but you have made the complete mess of the lyrics!
ramal prajapati
Where i can find more songs of khusbu pariyar
Bibas Sitaula
Amazing one...want some more...
raSID 800
Energetic song is spoiled. And why you guys are using auto-tune for this classic song?
ido 514
ok nai xa ta
Nischal Rajbhandari
amazing cover
Smriti Limbu
Ram Krishna Chaulagai
Dami guys ! Keep it up ! Which song is next ?😀
Rb Gurung
ladies voice is amazing💕💕
Chaudhary Samir
Original is original
Nex Tamu
awesome i love the song
Awesome kkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuussssssss
Anil Dm
Deepesh Sundas
Nice voice
Slash Thapa
Manoj Shrestha
Razen Lama
puja devkota
wow very nice
Milan Karki
musu mallu
Is it Christian song? ?
Maaa Yaaa
The Immortal
Original geet bigarna ta koi iniharu bata sika. Autuned.
Don’t be copy cat....original is original...
Pallav Bk
Nice ...Xa ...