Victor Ruiz - Nevermind (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

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OUT NOW: Victor Ruiz is one of the hottest names in underground electronic music right now, and this release on Oliver Huntemann’s always-reliable Senso imprint gives a pretty clear reason why. The Brazilian DJ and producer has been popping up all over the world in the last few years, and his string of amazing releases on labels such as Electric Ball- room and Sudbeat have cemented his reputation. 'Nevermind' - is Victor Ruiz doing what he does best - exploring track dynamics within a perfectly developed journey - including an unsettling and trippy vocal that lifts the track even further towards the stars. Label boss Oliver Huntemann stops by to provide the remix - stipping the track down to his signature sound - deep and streamlined, yet full of emotion. Show some love: /> />

Josee Petit
This is a masterpiece! Anybody that loves techno should have their mind completely blown the first time they hear this song
Any DJ named Oliver is a safe bet at this point.
Adam lilG
you feel blessed when you discover something like that..
nikko neeko
underground fire,... pass the water please
Crowd of people gather, But you know what I mean The voice it's been silenced, And it's begs to scream, Get up! Remember what it though like? (???) Is there mercy for the men? Who knows only his ambition Whose dream has become his nightmare Is there mercy? For those who strive so hard They forgot why Why? There's no mercy (BOOM) Nevermind We nevermind We turn our heads around We live to dream A brand new dream to turn it all around Nevermind Nevermind there's a story growing old One more day One more week One more lie to be told Nevermind
Mario Dinix
Real techno
Nevermind, we nevermind we turn our heads around we live to dream a brand new dream and turn all around Nevermind these stories will grew old one more day, one more week, one more life to be told. NEVERMIND //////
Angel Eduardo
This is Real techno!!!
Epinephrine or Adrenaline is normally produced by both the adrenal glands and certain neurons. It plays an important role in the fight-or-flight response by increasing blood flow to muscles, the output of the heart, pupil dilation, and blood sugar. That what happens whenever I run this track on road, while walking, while sitting, while sleeping. #ruiz #tech
Paweł Bołtuć
ooooooo kurwa
Elena Nikol
The drop at 4:51 ... pure destruction of my synapses
I felt like the my 3rd eye is opening 👁👁👁
Dusan V
Treba mi voda
Igencsak rendben vagyunk kézcsókom' 👑
and 3:51 just blew my mind all my brain functions just stopped.
Natan Miksic
I was sleeping with my headphones and around 3:41 it woke me up. I was totally confused wtf is happening and by the time he started saying "Nevermind" it scared the shit outta me. What a gem... Thank you uploader, subbed and liked
43 people who are outta their goddamn minds.
Techno muss treiben. Immer VORWÄRTS ! Nimmer rückwärts !
marcus frasson
Have you heard the original? Oliver did not change almost anything ... total credit to Victor Ruiz, who I had the pleasure to enjoy him 3 times here in the south of Brazil where I live, including in January he played this track, he comes in a great musical rise, he was always famous Here he is playing a different techno, now he is moving towards a more European line of sound, which pleases me a lot, Brazil has been becoming one of the biggest selection of great djs in recent years, soon we can have some top 5 in the world, Dashdot, Cat Dealers, Gabe, Gui Boratto, Dubdogz, Alex Stein, Fabrício Peçanha, Chemical Surf, Gustavo Motta, Aninha, Elekfantz, Alok, Vintage Culture ... There are many talented people around here that the world does not know yet.
Mindblowing and really dark minimal techno that just completes your senses dance is the key love the answer!!!
any techno artists here? would love to get one in the battle
Maša Đuričić
aaaaaaaaaa kako je samo jebačka stvar
ivaylo gidzhukov
Good remix
Pure Berlin.
Pablo Cardoso
David Haggerty
Always exciting to see a collaborative effort between Victor Ruiz and Oliver Huntemann! I wasn't disappointed. Just purchased the EP.
Massive track ! I see Oliver huntemann in France, Bretagne, festival panorama 2016. great moment ! Rave on
Nemanja Grubisic
Ima kozu da nam odere za 6 dana!
Olivereeeeeee brateeeeeee !!! hahahahahaha
Gandalf Gray
Kakva fuzija, kakvi momci!
качает тема! музыка из будущего
Korab Muhaxheri
The drop made my fart fart
Jacek Kaźmierczak
John Alexiou
Oliver Khnows the way!!
Zed Asselin
2:32 all my hair stood up xD great track
Ray Noop
Deep und gemein!
Luigi Palumbo
Voglio assolutamente ascoltarlo dal vivo. È succederà
Luigi Palumbo
Mi immagino in discoteca che cosa combinerei ballando. Darei da matto
Zovemo Se Jurisic Milorad Jurisic
Beautiful track.
Selmir _
Koja nota, 'bem ti lebac...
LOVE (◡‿◡)
Petya Staneva
love it <3
Razvali ga tajo :).....
Torima P.F65
do jaja
#2 in beatport 🔥
Hauptstadt Bürger
true.. ;)
Matheus Zanetti
what will we call this , a minimal or a techno ?
Walter White
what genre is this?it it tech-house or some kind of minimal techno?
Nojus Rybačauskas
Azemina Suljic
Oj Boze
I felt like the my 3rd eye is opening 👁👁👁
We ed
Prećerlukk !!! 😤
Domonic Wilson
This is such a big tune. Victor Ruiz is on fire lately.
Tim Koyde
Georgi Kovachev
Completly sync'ed in this magic
Lucas Aguiar
Cindie durang
nadja scherer
einfach nur geil 💣 💣 💣
masterpiece <3
marius alexandru
Heroin Kids !!!!
Iagos electr
What a track ...
AnNi URa Urani
Top track ever 💥💥💥😎✨🎧❤️
Rey Reyes
If a fourth Blade movie is ever made, put this song in the soundtrack. Would love to see Wesley Snipes kick ass to this.
Ian Van Ham
Awaken now Numb to the bone Get up Get up [A] crowd of people gather But you know what I mean... That voice has been silenced And [it] begs to scream 'Get up' Remember what it felt like Is there mercy, for the man, Who knows only his ambition, Who's dream has become his nightmare? Is there mercy? For those who strive so hard, They forgot why, Why... There is no mercy Nevermind We never mind... We turn our heads around We live to dream a brand new dream and turn it all around Nevermind Never mind as the story's growing old One more day One more week One more lie to be told Nevermind Nevermind... Nevermind
Zipora Linzer
WOW another fabulous "techno" remix. Really love this.
Massimo Simonetti
Jovan Kresovic
Jel sve ovo alo
I would nevermind the dj playing this track during the peak of the night
mama mia
Cheeky Monkey
Nirvana ✌️
loren brown
Could cry it's so beautiful .... what a find!
el cucúy
Any name for that sound?
nhab ngalaa
I love it they make me fly in the purple sky
Alejandro Villacorta
this beat is pure!
Lol the pic looks like my pet beardie
ZaZa ZaZa
Uuuh 🔥
jesus christ what a banger
Dino Dukić
ko ne udre pička
Jovan Kresovic
this is sickkk! i listen this all the time 😍
Federico Collazo
Awsome track <3
Wow dude :) <3
Adam Cinemre
HELP! This song is amazing and I need more like it. I've been listening it on repeat for the last week and am craving more of this dark minimal underground techno sound..
iris santo
ouu this remix is amazing!
Zarin Boohariwalla
Brilliant excited to c him on sat in mumbai india
Buddy Badze
Techno at its best....Brett
Zed Asselin
Awaken now numb to the bone get up get up Crowd of people gathers but you know what i mean that voices been silenced and begs to scream get up Remember what they're like is there mercy for the men who knows only his ambition who's dreams has become his nightmare is there mercy for those who strive so hard they forgot why why there's no mercy nevermind we nevermind we turn our head's around we a live to dream a brand new dream and turn it all around nevermind nevermind this story is growing old one more day one more weak one more lie to be told nevermind nevermind
Jovan Kresovic
Topim se
Beratt Islami
208 ppl in hospital right now.... 🔥
Nicolas Natel
El que le puso deslike es sordo
marcus frasson
Brazil the best future djs of te world, Brazil caraiii, esse remix pra mim tá igual a original bem dizer, créditos ao Victor total pela track brilhante.
Andrey Kulakov
Adamantios Makras
there is no till fall down