The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up (Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park)

Digital Video: />DVD: />DVD+CD: />DVD+LP: />Blu-Ray: />Deluxe edition: />Exclusive T-shirt Edition: /> Available Nov 11th The Rolling Stones historic and triumphant return to Hyde Park was without doubt the event of the summer. Over 100,000 delirious fans of all ages packed into the park for two spectacular outdoor concerts to watch Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood do what they do best. The Stones delivered a five star performance that had both fans and critics singing their praises. The set packed in hit after hit and saw the band joined by former guitarist Mick Taylor for a special guest appearance on two songs. This stunning concert film is the perfect way to celebrate the return of The Rolling Stones back where they truly belong: live on stage in their hometown. /> /> /> /> /> />

Susanne Wrege
I'm 66 years old and I grew up with the Stones, saw them in concert 1974, 2003, 2005 and 2017 and they are still the greatest! (y) <3 :-) .....
"start me up, I'll never stop" How true is this? They are getting a lot older now and they still haven't stopped! I believe when Keith Richards dies, if you put your ear to the ground where he is buried, you will still faintly hear these lyrics.
dill mann
70 years old and nothing around today can touch them, not close!!! They still out rock everyone....50 years later!!!!
h grey
This guy (Mick Jagger) literally runs miles in order to keep up with his on-stage performances for a guy whos in his early 70's and is a great-grandfather, shows that you are never too old to do anything, hes an awesome example of living life to the fullest haha such an awesome guy!
Lorraine Ashby
These guys are incredible - wish I could move like Jagger !!!!
The Rolling Stones
Start Me Up live in Hyde Park! Who was there? #StonesHydePark 
Svetla Arizanova
Michael Reid Perry
Kids, this is the Rock and Roll your parents and grandparents lived and breathed on.
Mace Collins
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Arnaldo OLX
keith richards is the personification of rock and roll....
dennis hotston
Still the World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band. Open G chords are like heroin for your ears. You want more and more. People ask me why I haven't found another band that's "better" than the Stones? To quote Keith: "I ain't heard it, yet...."
sam X
So good to see people of all ages singing along and enjoying the music so many of us have followed for 50 years. After all these years they are still the best rock and roll band 
Alex Negri
classic rock is on the verge of being massive again. so please support these smaller bands that really have talent. Ive come across 4 or 5 that really are fantastic. Rock n roll is pretty marketable right now, so lets keep it alive. Its also good to remember rock n roll was NEVER anywhere the most popular genre.
BMan Americae
This whole concert was amazing.  Wow!  Love you guys.  Keep on Rockin'.  "nevah nevah nevah stop"
Sideshow Bob
wow. legends man. If you start em up, they will never stop. Rocking all the way into the grave man.
Lucy Weston Johansson
I am in love with the rolling stones they make me feel so fucking great !! and also for being 4 decades older than me these guys are HOT! especally ronnie & keith.
Alex King
Look those legends. Thank you, The Rolling Stones, forever young.
I know he sounded better when he was young but holy right now he doesn't sound like his age. If I was only listening it doesn't sound like a 70 year old singing
Truly amazing. How many can still rock like this after 50 years
Angela K. Johnson
7 months later, Start Me Up jams as Mick Jagger is still looking FINE! 💋
enrico rizzo
The Rolling Stones Greatest Artists of All Time
Paola Quezada
Going to see the Rolling Stones for the first time on sixteen days in Mexico City. Watching this and feeling goosebumps and tears flowing. Fuck, that day I will have an hysteria attack :P
Fabiano Girardi
CI SI VEDE A ROMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolling Rock
Many bands of the 60s and 70s are still doing their stuff today, but not many did age as well as the Stones
Jamie Luby
if this is what drugs does to pensioners then give me ending up in a care home
johanna busser
kisses ,johanna.
Monte Cristo
Mick like the money...Keith like to play
Michael Scott
One of THE legendary groups of all time!! And original band members!! How can you dislike this video. or this performance?
At this age, I swear to God all these men are going to live forever, one way or another. Everyone born in the fifties who saw them live are the luckiest people we know.
MGeorgete Cardoso
Happy Birthday  Birthday  🎂  Sr Mick Jagger pelos 72 anos ....venham muitos mais sempre em forma...🎸🎸🎤🎶🎶
these guys have energy and passion for centuries to come
Rosemary Bruce
What a night it was !!!!!!! in their home city and the weather was perfect and my son was next to me, what more could a girl ask !!!!! :)
Hubert Capart
font partie de mes idoles ,de mon époque,entre 70 et 78 ans + de 50 ans sur scène et sont toujours la !!!!!!
Eka Pramudya
I dont belirve it. They are still have power , energic. I still 52 yrs old. However cant do that.
Spread out the oil, the gasoline I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine Start it up!! These are the most fcked up lyrics from the entire history of music!!! And I mean it in a good way!!! I feel i wanna get high and shout them up suddenly in a very important meeting in my office for example..... LMAO
Matt Rosenberg
Crunchiest Keith Richards riff ever🎸
man, if I'd attempt half his moves I'd end up with ruptured tendons and dislodged cuffs, and I'm 38
The Havant Skrewdriver Boys
I Love The Stones,, But The Who Were Better!
Technical Diffilcuties
La gente parada como estatuas, vengan a tocar en Argentina sabes el quilombo que hacemos no?
Rafi Manggala
that was fun when you're getting old together in your everlasting band.
Miki 13
In Yugoslavia you'll never starve! That indeed was true.
Jana Crane
Mick Jagger, "please" ditch some of them "Jackets" ( unless their solid colored ). I have listened too The Rolling Stones a time long enough that The Rolling Stones "Music" is "Timeless:. Much admiration & "Play On" 'Fellas. I just tonight really listened too "Doom and Gloom". Wow.
Reque gonsalez
Mi banda faborita soy su fan mexicano
Oscar Lövblad
I love ron wood's solo in this performance❤🎸
Guaca Mole
Keith is exquisite on this one
Júlio Viegas Neves
For years and years I hear Rolling Stones all days and when i'm down, nothing better than Jumpi'nJack Flash. This MUSIC is a natural remedy for everything.
farsh cage
Question is where can I get that jacket Mick is wearing??
Suryo Ardi
The secret to be forever young : be rockers.!
Luxio Cub
WOW!! THAT WAS AMAZING!! Start me up is another fave stones song of mine and I think the live version's even better than the studio version! It's also incredible to think that the Rolling Stones are all in their 70s now and can still put on a fucking awesome show, man! I wonder if I'll make 70 and still be going strong like them? Who knows?
Great camera work and editing. 2:09-2:12, just beautiful!
Drayton Sawyer
Unbelievable, like a diesel engine!🇬🇧
Richard Davies
love being old.
And they say drugs are bad for you...
Raymond Faron
another shot another gang of my favorite barbarians
Luka oOoOo
They might be 60 yrs older but they rly feel like family to me
areyousure youwantodelete
Rock and roll keep you alive
Rocco Picca
i am 74,i never stop.
Untung Jajuli
Never stOp... Start me up Best of soNg.....
Nathan Barraclough
Absolute legends. Still rocking in there 70s and doing it in style.
Angela K. Johnson
'Start Me Up,' by the @RollingStones,' killer! Love you @MickJagger.
andrea parri
sempre fantastici
UmaraiL The Stealth Bastard
best version of start me up ever
Andy May
Ronnie looks like he's having the time of his life :)
paul cavanagh
The greatest band on this earth seen them twice in Cardiff last time was this year 2018 i am 63 years old and have been following them since I was 10 thank you the rolling stones
Christian Schulz
The Rolling Stones Forever :-D ♥ :-D
Monark Desai
Ronnie Wood lighting up the song! Forever Stones 👅
David Anthony
I would think his knees would give out by now ..
Alberto Fragoso
Great song Rolling. I was child when listened your songs with my dad. That's It!!!!
Matthieu Duponq
I love you You are the best 🇬🇧🇬🇧🎶🎶🎶🏆🏆🏆❤️💕💝❣😎😎🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎷🎷🎹🎹
Lolly Lolita's Man
Saffy Sassy Saffy.......Hey My Lolita......You Know How to Start Me UP........Big Thanks.....and Gentle Spanks....xox 118..xox
Donald Nanlohy
See You In Havana Cuba At Rolling Stones Consert
Luisa Vazquez
I love them! They are similar to dinosaurs! The Stones start me up!!! Who else? 🎸🎹🎶🎶🎶 Come to Argentina again!!! Pleaseee¡!¡
Joelma Anjos
Rock de verdade...
One of my favorito songs from The Rolling Stones ever!!!
Tekjung Malla
One of best front man of all time.
Martina Gahn
Coooole Performance. ..
The Stones - Still !
LakeRouge 9
I really thought Charlie watts is very calm in Music videos only but even in live shows
M-Drive Story House
Rolling stones,,,love from Bangladesh.
Jarno Suominen
H. R. Achmad Kosasih
Charlie Watts...ooyeeah
Band Niet Normaal
Still going strong! See you june 26th
dennis scoponi lopez
Rocco Picca
good guys.
Simonetta Cavallino
I was there, my 5th Stones' gig... absolutely one of the best one in my life!
Stevie Boii
Brian Jones missed out on an amazing life loosing his life with the stones not that I have anytime for jagger the stones do the buisnes
Carlos Sm
what a style!!!
Michael Silecchia
Ronnie is a class act
Berry Music
Good News, Rolling Stones finally rocking Downunder in 2014! Great to know the schedule for Aussie Shows! Fabulous!
walt shannon
Best Ever Best Band In The World
torna wan
Wonderful' everytime n everywere the Rolling Stones Great Rock n Roll experience...! Thnks you ...
Alexandre magno guedes alcoforado
Freddie Kirkmam
I Love it!
Kari Busch
I am only 69, but never ever in that shape.....
Da sfegatato fan dei Beatles ho sempre guardato gli Stones dall’alto in basso. L’altra sera ho visto su Sky arte il film del concerto di questa estate dove i più o meno 70enni e pieni di rughe Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Ronnie Wood e Charlie Watts sono tornati dopo 50 anni a  Hyde Park. Mi sono ricreduto. Vedere l’entusiasmo e la felicità loro e dei 65 mila presenti di ogni età e la loro bravura, è stato emozionante. Immortali.
Jamie Robin
i love rolling Stones!!!!
Rufus Corleone
Hoy me he hecho con este concierto. Lo estamos viendo mi hijo Luka y yo, los dos muy interesados (yo pienso que esa más de lo mismo...) y va mi niño y me sorprende con la pregunta del millón: Papá, ¿como pueden acordarse de unas canciones tan viejas si ellos son viejos también?