2019 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Excitement was in the air in Melbourne as the 2019 F1 season got off to a dramatic start... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram: /> #F1 #AusGP

Nico Rosberg
we’re seeing a different Valtteri this year. really great stuff!!
David Young
Ocon: I'm ready for a Mercedes seat. Bottas: Hold my porridge.
Arjun Bhat
Can we just take a moment to recognize that Red Bull placed 3rd with a HONDA engine, and McLaren messed up again?
raphael yianni
McLaren: “We changed from Honda to Renault engines for more power and reliability” Meanwhile a Honda powered red bull bags a podium and a Renault powered McLaren has reliability problems🤔
Yuki Egami
As a Japanese person, I’m really proud of Honda coming back to F1’s podium😂
Profizmus Gaming
Who else is ready for: *“Lewis, it’s James”*
Andrew Tiupa
Christian Horner was totally right when switched to Honda engine from Renault.
Verstappen!thank you for finishing third for Honda .
Good job Max! Good job Honda! Red Bull Thank you for choosing Honda!
F1 Videos
i don't get it, is Torro Rosso allowed to have 3 cars this year??
Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
Whatever engine is inside the McLaren has a fire hahahaha
Tom Headen
Why can’t McLaren build their own engines
Riz Prat
the problem is mclaren it self not Honda
Way too much confetti.
Lewis 41
Congratulations Bottas you deserve that win after being unlucky last season
Poor showings from Ferrari, Williams, Gasly. Dominant drive by Bottas.
Ammaar Ahmed
did they give bottas hamilton’s car by accident???
Elijah Goverdun
Ricciardo: I was better off in Redbull because they gave me wings
2019 is a year of revenge... for Honda and Bottas.. lol xd xd
I think they gave Bottas, Hamilton’s car by accident
Nhlanhla Dexter Tshuma
Yessss!!!! Honda power in front of two ferraries
Princess Solace
Is HONDA putting a fight with RED BULL?
FIA: We've changed F1 regulations for closer racing Mercedes:
Alois Tafadzwa
That smile and clap from Ocon kills me
Hishaaz Sait
Daniel ricciardo's australian race was shorter than his guide to australian track 2019 gp.
Ricciardo will remember this day as the start of the end of his career.
Kansas Kans
数年前GP○エンジンと言われたホンダのパワーユニットがレッドブルを表彰台に押し上げたんですよ... レッドブルホンダ万歳🎉
Wahyu Wirawan
it showed us redbull always got the best chassis (unlike mclaren with only big mouth lol).. but mercedes, always be with the best chassis and engine 😂 hope for redbull to conquer the WC this year.. i'm already get bored of mercedes 😂
3:11 glad to see the torpedo still lives up to his name
Jakkapon Keawmanee
McLaren With Honda Engine 60 Grands Prix = 0 Podium Red Bull With Honda Engine 1 Grand Prix = 1 Podium Problem? McLaren​
3-word race review: damn, poor Ricciardo
tomy hendra
Redbull Honda just kicked in yo...!!!
Miles Tiller
That Honda engine sounds so good.
aa hot
Thank you Verstappen! Thank you RED bull! Thank you Honda! You made me happy and exciting PU were created in my hometown. So You are my pride!
Ocon in 2018: Oh I will replace Bottas in 2020 Ocon in 2019: *Claps because Bottas won* Good job Bottas! *Secretly dying inside*
Syed Majid Ahmed
Alonso: Carlos my dear didn't I tell you about this McLaren ????? It is a GP2 machine boy
Congrats to Honda. Podium right out of the gate is a big deal.
Thunderbolt Calgary
Great job Max, Danil(Perfect form great to see you back!) , Albon (Great first F1 race! Stay cool) , Gasly ( Great come back from back of the grid, Damage control next round!!!!) Keep it up guys!!!
9 year old epic gamer soldier
If Räikkönen doesn't win i'm happy another Finn does. And Valtteri definitely deserves it.
Ocon got more broadcast time than Russel lmao
11 on trending. IMPRESSIVE (no sarcasm)
ぼっさんおめでとう。メルセデスが勝つのは嬉しくないけどぼっさんが勝つのは嬉しい。去年から陰ながら応援してました。チェッカー後の「どうだ!」って無線、カッコよかったよ(^ ^)
Sup. I was send here from Netflix
Frag Zilla
Mclaren did honda the biggest favour by leaving them, now Honda can Race !
The legend say Williams is now completing their final lap. + 2 Days: 3 hours: 47 min: 28 sec
E.E. Jellema
Respect to the Australian fans cuz they stayed to cheer for the other drivers even tho their hero retired.
Grande vittoria oggi per Bottas e spero che Hamilton sia campione del mondo e Mercedes vinca il titolo costruttori
Spike 9122
ホンダを応援して良かった! ホンダを信じ続けて良かった! 表彰台おめでとう🎉
Circling the Fringes
This year or next, Verstappen will be WC. They are right on target now.
Ocon: "That seat is mine" Bottas: "Hold my porridge"
Hugo Xavier Daza Urresta
HONDA Red Bull ganara el mundial de F1 2019
Andrea Gucci
Follow LA BOLLETTA BOLLENTE on istagram!!! Im a real professional better!!
Chris Koch
I like to see the Team Radio‘s :) Where is the Video 🥴
レッドブルホンダの今後の活躍に期待!! フェルスタッペン、ガスリーでのワンツーフィニッシュ見れるといいなー笑
Daan de Sanders
Verstappen: Red Bull gives you wings Ricciardo: i don’t need wings
This video was way more professional than what I was seeing last year great job guys
daniel richardson
I think Mercedes unloaded all the sandbags from Bottas car but left a few in Hamilton’s car. Think Ferrari still have some sandbags left as do Redbull. As for Williams I believe they added more sandbags to their cars. They are saving them for China 1000 special race for sure.
Kvyat did a very nice job actually.👍👍Well done to him
Georgios Moshogiannakis
Στο ίδιο έργο θεατές, μόνο αν θέλουν οι Γερμανοί θα χάσουν!
steve paryl
So it only took Red Bull one race to get a podium with Honda...And another Renault engine failure....lmao.
mohdrizalsaid 1986
Bwahahahahaha! Hey McLaren, still blaming Honda?
vivek narayan
Had Alonso been in McLaren, mid field battles would've been even more awesome....!!
Vlad_is_Rad 420
Ferrari have a special ability to somehow always disappoint their fans
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Bottas of the day: Leclerc
Martin -
Honda ❤ Red Bull Racing F1 ❤ Repsol Honda motoGP
OP Juicy
Congratulations on 2 Million subscribers Formula 1!!!! 👏 what a race!!!
Carlos Roberto Gomes
A fórmula 1 perdeu a graça,os outros carros não seguiram a evolução da Mercedes.
James Crampsey
Rumour has it they still haven't brought Giovinazzi in to pit
Jeremy Zans
Security tight at Albert Park. Got the cars under cover with no room to spare. Stay safe!
xt y
Honda:i am not GP2! Fernando Alonso:?? Carlos Sainz Jr:???? Mclaren:... Renault: I will be GP2??
Valtteri Bottas is such a Badass. I LOVE IT.
Adrastea Phelion
Red Bull Honda on the podium. McLaren and Alonso will not be happy seeing that.
Max Verstappen
It's really been a great year lads. Thank you all for your support. Let's meet next year..... Another championship for Mercedes
John Ángelo
I feel so proud for bottas winning this one
Honda (engine) is now faster than a Ferrari?!!!
Mohammed Hasir
Hi... im not a f1 guy... but in many videos i have heard that the current f1 cars sounds worst than its old f1... so i searched and found and watched this video... actually.. its true... .. 😐😐😐😕😕
Future Marine
I have been tired of Mercedes dominating, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Bottas dominating this season
Even the highlights bored the crap out of me
Ricardo Lopes
Thank you Mercedes Benz.
Nice honda!! It 3rdis japan pride! I was very happy!!
Jonathan Tenorio
3:37 Verstappen's car his Engine almost sounds like the Indycar engine
佐藤 - Satō
*_Red Bull Honda: “NOW WE CAN FIGHT”_* *_McLaren: “What’s that burning smell?“_* *_Fernando: “IS THIS A YOKE?”_*
jos niikseen
Why Hamilton is using condoms on his head? Is he balding?
Steven Bos
Redbull gives you wings. Riccardio - "do not need them anymore"
ioana mireuta
Honda the power off dreams.
Alfred Justin Dumalagan
Not bad for the Redbull’s Max Verstappen with the honda engine In top 3 and overtakes Vettel
Heru Chrisardi
Lol at Gasly couldn't overtake Kvyout whole race when Verstappen pushing Hamilton with the same car.
Jose Luiz Cavalcanti Da Silva
Mais um ano chato sem competição na F1. Foi prá isso que Robert Kubica voltou? MC LAREN e WILLIAMS que tristeza. 🇧🇷 🤔😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
When you think 2018 was history and this happens... still good for Honda though
Alonso: Maybe I shouldn't have retired... 1:13 Alonso: Nevermind.
Zorc Necrophades
Sigh...Do I hate myself? I don't know. Let's go McLaren.
Mr. Who
First time Honda is on the podium since 2008....
Alguém se arrependeu muito porque deixar de usar o motor Honda
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Jay Sheeran
It was indeed a very beautiful race...
Jonas tuschke
Alter jeder kann jetzt mit diesem haxfun private snaps sehe auch die memories
"Mercedes genuinely thought they didn't have the pace" [X] Doubt