Kato Hayabusa Sento-tai (1944) w/ English Subtitles (complete)

A fictionalized depiction of the 1941 onset of the air war between Japan and the US and Britain. A propaganda film (much like our "Flying Leather Necks") it hosts some symbolism in that it displays the slow eventual wane of Japanese Air Power as the war progresses. A true (very rare) classic for those who enjoy rare classic war films. Get to see Ki-43 "Oscars", F-2A Brewster Buffalos, P40's Produced by TOHO films (who gave us Godzilla in 1954) you will see some of their effects for that time.

Tom maxson
I had a Japanese boss a many years ago. His adopted American name was Frank. He told me that when he was 15, he had to train as a fighter pilot in 1945. He was trained only to take off and fly but not to land. Before his squadron was ready to ship off to fight, his base was attacked by American bombers and he was wounded in the rear end and could not accompany his squadron when they finally shipped out. He later found out that the ship that carried his squadron was torpedoed and sunk with all hands lost. It was tragic for him to lose so many of his friends but he was also very thankful for his rather undignified battle wound. When he told me this story he said I was one of only a few people he ever told this amazing story. Maybe he didn't think anybody would believe him or maybe he was just a very humble man who was once prepared to die for his country in a lost cause. He was one the nicest men I ever knew and I will never forget him. 友人との別れ
Armando Mendoza
Still way better acting, better special effects, more historically accurate and more credible than "Pearl Harbor"
Cheers for the english subtitles.
That camera shot from _inside_ the Ki-43 was excellent. Fantastic aerial camera work for such an antiquated film.
Thank you for this movie. We (Americans) enjoy watching movies about the war from other perspectives. Please continue to give us more movies - with English subtitles too. Thanks again.
Explorer Mike
When this movie was made, Japan was getting it's ass pounded by the allied forces. Their navy was sunk and they didn't have fuel for the remaining few planes they had left. Still, the Imperial Japanese government censors promoted this idea that all was well and that Japan would win the war. Insane.
Thomas More
How on earth did the Japanese lose WWII when they had war bond films this good!!! :) Honestly, much better cinematography effects and acting than John Wayne's The Flying Tigers made in about the same time frame - I love the captured Buffaloes and P40s used in the flight sequences. Thanks so much for uploading and for the subtitles.
hendy dannarto
Thanks alot for the subtitles brother...
Much appreciated with the English subs.
Many thanks for sharing this film - a valuable resource showing the Japanese blitzkrieg in SE Asia in the start of the Pacific war. Propaganda it may be, but provides an insight into Japanese mentality, attitudes and aspirations in that conflict.
James Ruddy
It was nice of Enoki to give his commander a pack of cigarettes when he returned from the hospital. I wonder where he got a pack of Camel Cigarettes?
David Sox
At the beginning, which is where I am in my view of this movie, the pilot says he just arrived from Taiwan. "Taiwan" in the Chinese geographic term for the Japanese Formosa, which is what the island was called in first half of the 1940s when it was under Japanese control. This is an error by the English subtitle editors.
Walter Giller
Thanks a lot for this work, actually the first japanese propaganda film I was ever able to see, very nice. Again thanks a lot!
Steve Schoner
AMAZING MOVIE! Neat to see a good propaganda move from Japan's view at the time.
Pekka Roponen
In Finnish hands Brewster was very effective against the Soviets - a veteran FAF war pilot said to me that the Americans used it tactically poorly against the Japanise - it was not to engage in dogfights, rather dive, attack, flee mode.
Explorer Mike
Watch from 1:08:07 onward and count the number of paratroopers who's parachutes don't open. This was a big problem for the Japanese at the time: they hadn't figured out how to make a reliable parachute. Sadly for the Japanese paratroopers, the Japanese military didn't really care about the number of soldiers they lost to faulty equipment. In their mind, Japan had an unlimited supply of fighters who were willing to die for the emperor. You can literally see soldier falling without their parachutes opening at 1:08:27, 1:09:22, 1:09:26,1:09:37 and on and on. IF you watch, you will see many. Of course, when the Japanese soldiers did land, they did terrible things to the people where they landed, so don't shed too many tears for those bastards. Almost surely, the loss of the Japanese paratrooper due to equipment malfunction saved the lives of countless innocent civilians who would have become victims of Japan's savagery.
Letha Oelz
Extremely interesting, great historical piece. Thank you for uploading. Cheers.
I was waiting for an English subtitle version. Thank you for posting it.
Notable as artistic achievement, considering that it was created in 1944. War scenes as good as those made for "Battle of Britain" 25 years later, or for a "A Bridge Too Far" 33 years later. I liked the attempt to record the flight of the planes under moonlight, above the clouds, even though due to technically limitations of the era, all we can see is a nice night scene with moon-illuminated clouds and an airplane tail passing over the moon. At 1:09:26 a parachute is not opening, and that is a man in his last seconds of life. If the scene was created special for the movie, it had at least one real dead during recording. As for propaganda… Everybody has been doing it, then and now.
Rick Roscoe
41:09 There is what appears to be a Christmas Tree at the Japanese Fighter base on Dec. 24. Did the Japanese have a celebration of something like Christmas too?
Adolf The Great
Before anime
luiz c
Amazing airplane footage and special effects.
Peter Turner
Interesting. You would almost think they were civilized people back then,by watching this.But we know Japans bloody history of conquest & mass slaughter.And don't say the allies did war crimes as well.Nothing compares to what Japanese did over a period of hundreds of years,especially to the Chinese. One well known story is the one of the 2 (1930's) Japanese generals who had a contest of who could decapitate the most Chinese. Last count was over 500. Several others prided themselves in being able to slice a person in half, in one stroke of the sword.Of course they are much more civilized now,thank fuck.
Jeff Moore
This is a valuable film, nicely documenting the effort of a competing empire for control of Asia. World War 2 answered the question: Which empires will rule the earth? The answer was: Stalinist Russia and the US. Wherever US and Russian soldiers finished, that was the new border between the twin economic empires. When the empire's soldiers look out of their Hayabusa's, or B29's and see foreign economies, our leaders have trained them what to do: Destroy the infrastructure. When it's gone, win or lose, the losing soldiers go home, and the winning sides corporations build new infrastructure and a political structure to keep the conquered peoples at arms length yet also provide "stability", but on their terms, until the next war. "Race" and "Country" are just the means of legitimizing the war. This is capitalism. It used to be Church, King, or just local rulers, doing the same thing on a smaller scale, but since WW1 & 2, its capitalism doing it on a global scale. Both the Japanese and the US described their aim using exactly the same words: "The Asian Co-prosperity Sphere". Wonderful film. It's rare to get the "other guys" propaganda. Thanks. You can witness the "logic" of regarding "Race" and "Country" still duking it out in some of the nasty discussions below. The word wars are the effect of the cultural influence of empire serving to create a culture that can produce more soldiers when necessary with a "fighting spirit".
Typical Jap pilots, Their flying skills were so bad that they literally crashed their aircraft into American ships due to misjudging their airspeed and distance to the target. Only the Japanese would try to explain that away as courage. That's not only funny but pretty damned cool, you gotta laugh your ass off at that. Bonsai! Bonsai! and CRASH!
I wonder who the British/Caucasian pilot was at 132:02, and what was his fate?
It's just so naive. Chuckled through the entire thing. Hooo, Hmmm.
For those who are interested, the special effects in this film were directed by none other than the great Eiji Tsuburaya, better known for his works revolving around Godzilla and Ultraman.
This was funny seeing Zeros painted like American aircraft for the movie. Japan made it’s fair share of propaganda movies like this just like the Americans did. But let’s not forget that in Indo China all they had in the beginning was P-47 aircraft which was heavy from its armor plating and was not good at dogfighting for this reason. But when the hellcats and P-38’s came into the war that was pretty much the end of the Japanese Air Force. They wouldn’t even try to dogfight a P-38. This was according to former Japanese pilots.
Where's the slow motion romantic sex scene, where the soldier falls in love and then goes to war? Did you edit it out?
Many Thanks for english Subtitles... Great Movie, is so nice shown Ki-43 Hayabusa in flight like the bombers and heard the engines... Thank you so much.
Blu Crystl
Sad, for glory and 'excitement' of flying planes they chose to obey their socially adept psychopath leaders. Americans not much different.
former NFL fan
This wan't very good. American WW2 patriotic movies were much better.
roan hielkema
historically interesting bit of nipponazi propaganda.
They win Best Choral Group prize, but, so sad to relate; they lost the War
The futures so bright, they had to wear shades.
A Great Jap Propaganda Film! Not what I'd call accurate but not bad overall! My Dad and 2 of My Uncles fought in the Pacific in World War 2 I would've liked to get their take on it.
Vasili Leung
Take a moment to consider this-WW2 movies don't get more authentic than this!
Wow what a spectacular find!! I cant wait to kick back and watch it. I wsh we had more German wartime flicks as well. I love to see the other guys viewpoint.
What a wonderful movie
cesar alves
Lindo Japão. E seus gigantes.
Talha Zubaer
Thanks a lot for making such an entertainment film
Blu Crystl
War machines are thirsty beasts. Japanese soldiers killed for oil. In WWII America had plenty of oil. Now America imports most of its oil. German soldiers killed for oil. No official investigation has yet proved that, after the *initiation* of global collapse, gravity alone acting on falling building parts caused the destruction and demolition of World Trade Center One and Two on the day of 9-11-01. Less than one hundred pages of the over ten thousand page report done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology deals with events that occurred *after* the initiation of global of World Trade Center One and Two.
Tomoyuki Yamashita 山下奉文 who called tiger of Malaya and butcher for Manila Massacre
Man this is better then flying leather necks effects wise. I bet the same guy was one of the Japanese production crew on tor-tor its as good as that.
Starhunter Terra
Thank you for the upload, I really enjoy seen propaganda war movies form that time during the war itself. It takes you back to a time when life did matter and the world was into total war.
C. A. Hazard
the subtitles are available at subscene.com
Andrew Fischer
i think the raid on rangoon 12 24 41 was repelled by the avg or flying tigers!!!
It is a valuable movie using actual Curtis P 40 and Buffalo fighter aircraft.
Did the Oscars or zero have radios or just receivers or neither?
Thanks for the information
I enoyed this Film, Thx for upload, excellent plane Models from 44 like i expect from Tamiya or hasegawa, brilliant flight scenes vs captured P-40E, Brewster Buffallo and a Hudson :o and now the disskusion for all Modellers of Japanese Planes about chipped Paint because of bad Paint quality is over because everone can clearly see that over the Metal Fuselage green Paint was sprayed or brushed , it was the IJA way to camo its planes. and iam so happy to see no onesided hate Posts or black and White thinking against japanese Army/Navy personal here like in this australian movie i looked yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcgPexeOZKI The west will never understand the chinese the Japanese the middle east or afrika, the west always applies its own values and standards as a measure, they have no feelings or sensibility for other Nations with different cultures . The japanese had a complete different way of living and thinking and a different society. I have the deepest respect for every Men serving in the Imperal Army or navy they suffered so much during campaigns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKLBCbZvEng Failure to obey commands was severely punished not only in the Japanese Army Navy but also in Russian or german Army you were court martialed and shoot bei a Squad I have the deepest respect for the japanese, a former self isolated country opened by US Gunboat politic, they learned fast from the western countrys and became the first asian Nation standing on the same Step like the western colonialists. Now iam in the Mood to fly my Hayabuse in War Thunder again
tony stewart
Malaysia did not exist back then, It was Malaya. Also some errors in translation here and there. Otherwise not a bad movie..
Sneaky Redneck
Great movie! Thanks so much for this. I love history and people load such crap. Again, thanks
Larry Ingram
People get hurt in war regardless of who are the one thing that WW2 taught us in the beginning how technological inferior we were
Jack the Gestapo
to think Toho gives me this piece about Ki-43 and also Kimi no Na Wa.
This movie very rare..Thanks. Worth every minutes of my time..
David Sox
The footage purporting to be at Phu Quoc Island was probably filmed on Saipan, which was then under the control of the Japanese., or at least up to 15 June 1944, when the U.S. first started to attack Saipan. This footage could also have been filmed anywhere in what is now the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It might also have been filmed on Okinawa.
SecretCool 100
Awsome this movie is from real history how Japan goes during war time
the christmans tree suprised me
war lost make their next generation become herbivore men
Inner G
Orewa ochinchin go daisuki nandayo
Thanks. I enjoyed that a great deal.
特撮監督 円谷英二
The Japanese are a monstrous and fanatical nation! I'm curious to sink their islands where they find!