Charly questions

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I edited a favorite scene together from parts 8 and 9 of this playlist of the movie 'Charly' by Lebuzz1: /> Charly (1968) /> Just noticed on the side menu today that the full movie has been uploaded to youtube. ^_^

Professor Time
Amazing how accurate Charly's 1968 predictions were. The past 47 years have  basically played out exactly as he said they would. The end is near. The future of this planet is nuclear ash.
Very sad movie, though, especially after Algernon died...
I guess Charly told the ignorant what the world is really about !
Love it! I watched this back in high school. I'm going to watch it again.
Kire Rodeif
if you want to watch the entire the link....if you want to watch the questions and the after part without any unnecessary commentary ....move forward to 1:19:00. you're welcome.
nice one thanks .......
ted norton
exactly what i wanted.  thanks !
Donny Mckinnon
They made a movie similar to this with Elizabeth Shue, in 1999 called Molly, they copied the ending to this movie.
Prescient. A TV in every room. Audience chuckles. TV as an educational (brainwashing) tool.
Samantha Rivera