Then and Now - Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

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Julian Eder
this is crazy oenomaus dosent look like hes ageing at all look at him in 300 spartacus and rise of an empire
Evan Mitchell
what about agron, nasir, spartacus himself (the second one, because the first died) and many others?
You forgot Melitta, a very important character on GOTA
Doug Spencer
Then and now? This programme only finished a year or two back ffs.
Miss this show so damn much!
Jhonattan Henrique
Tullius seems more young now
greg rice
Lucy is still 🔥
Kirnettan rocks
Better say, reel and real life
مِےـهےـِنٌےـدِ أّلَرمَيِّثّيِّ
In season 5 please reply
Özer Ateş
Spartacus yokmu
Olimpo 2016
I don't see no difference they look the same.
at is nisssss l like 😗😗😗😗😔😗😗😗
Абдуназаров Шавкат
Navea is very different
Simulator Gaming
Nice video
evertom br games