Sanaipei Tande - Amina (Official Video) [Skiza: 8545083]

Amina was inspired by real life events. Song: Amina Artist: Sanaipei Tande Audio: House of Dillie Video: Mhando Brian Production Company: Onfon Productions Producer: Tom Gor Year: 2017 SANAIPEI TANDE CONTACTS Email - [email protected] Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - />Website - Coming Soon

Lightlizzy mushi
Kutoka +255 🇹🇿 kama umeielewa hii nyimbo na unampenda Sanai gonga like twende sawa.
This is a FANTASTIC song! I love it.
B oneTv tz
kutoka +255 tz Kama unampenda huyu dada gonga like #follow_me Instagram @magembetz
Janeth Michael
Rest in paradise Ruge,,, hakika uliyoyasema yametimizwa tucheke cku ya mwisho na umu yameimbwaa,,, so sad 🙁 🙁
Katherine Githaiga
This song came to me in a dream it was playing in the background when I was having a chat with my late brother who passed on 3 months ago. And he apologized for having left without saying goodbye. And he actually said goodbye to me in that dream. Sana this song holds a special place in my heart you have no idea
Mwajey Senkoro
This song I dedicate to Ruge,s family
LPS Raven:-P :-D XD
My name is Amina
Chaz Koillah
R. I. P Ruge mutahaba 😭
Johnie Kak
Dunia ya siku izi hai support vitu real hii ngoma iko na message deep support our own ❤️ one love from Australia
Simon Temu
From Tanzania this song is soooo sweeeeet i replayed whole day
Zuhura Mabrouk
Amina ,amina , amina uzalendo kwanza hongera .... +254
De fresh Prince
I’m a Nigerian and my girlfriend is a Kenyan, I was taking a nap and she was playing this song, heard it and woke up to ask her what song that was and the meaning. Been on repeat since. Amazing song
Prince Newton
We heat a million🔥🔥🔥⚡💯💯💯💯
matilda odera
If this song won't be played at my funeral, I'll wake up and play it myself.
Roseline Nyabuti
This song is much better than that despacito song trending everywhere
Felix Mollel
ngoma ina meseji nzuri tatizo la watu saivi wanapenda ngoma za mapenzi big up Sister
jilo kizito
There are still 62 humans who've disliked this. Perhaps it may be personal; ex-boyfriends, those she turned down their proposals and definitely, female haters.
Kenyan artists think that we hate on our own when we dont give them views. Give us good content like the Tanzanians na tutawaonyesha maajabu. Nyashinski tayari is giving us what we want to hear. cheki views zake
🌸ucheke siku ya mwisho usiwe mpweke mi bado nipo namshukuru mola kwa kuwepo🌸 world is changing people are dying here i am crying everytime i loose a beloved one instead of getting down and pray thank my Lord for the life i have 🌼🙏🏾Alhamdulillah🙏🏾
Saumu Mkubwa
Who else is here after ruge's death??
Samuel Munyili
I really love this song. But I always find myself asking, 'what was the motivation or story behind it'? I tend to get a feeling that this is not just a great piece of art, there is more to it...
Eric Obare
How did you write this song , Sana? Who else has listened to this song over and over and still can't do the last 'Over' ? Wow.
Maggie Clarkson
I LOVE THIS SONG SANA.. all the way to Atlanta
Congrats san on 1M Sana! The song is beautiful, and I cannot believe I'm just hearing it ... Why is it that our own have 1M worth songs and they are not on our airwaves, regularly!!!
Richard Kobero
Amina Amina Amina....God bless you Sanaipei....Very good song..Receive greetings from Tanzania
Frank Daxx
wimbo mzuri sana...From Tz
Saidi Mohamedi
Wallah huu wimbo umenigusa na umenipa ujasiri mkubwa.... Bonge la ngoma
BAKO motz
Nyimbo iko vizur Sana umevaa kiheshima mpaka raha
Catherine Wanjiru
Sanaipei thanks for this song as a Kenyan I will always love and support your music coz you are great be blessed
Lucky Sounds
You're voice is so amazing 😍 so glad you've come this far Beautiful. All the best on your journey of music 🎶 Twakupenda Mpenzi☺
gloria matoya
Who else can't get enough of this song? Big up Sana for a great song..
Asingya Asnarth
Can't stop watching and listening to this song Hit like if you are here with me in dec 2018
nilikupenda tangu siku as kiss 100 with Dr love..sana I die hard for yu song I always listen too💖💯
Lawreen Maloba
This song speaks to my soul every time
Muddyb Mwanaharakati
Kuna mengi ya kufanya. Bado naendelea kuandika makala ya wimbo huu katika Wikipedia ya Kiswahili. Tazama kwanza hatua ya awali hapa:
Mussa Manala
Watz naombeni like nyingi kwenye hiii song yani
Esther Nyambura
Let's all just accept that Sanaa is queen of this industry. You do a great job Sanaipei Tande, bless up.
kipepeonitayari e
why do i love this song soooooo much?
Magz John
Thank you Sanaipei.. You are one of the best songwriters in Kenya. You don't just follow the money, but you care to drive a message into out souls. The jigi jigi crap should be banned haha 😂
Peter XLu
This is one of the few songs nowadays with rich sensible message from our own. Big ❤️ Sanaipei. You will always be my number one, as always...❤️❤️
Reyma Kessy
amina!!!!keep it up sister may God bless ur work,,,,,let's keep praying
kamani kiki
Almost 1.2 m We have made it @sanaipei
Emily K
I will watch this song everyday until it gets 1 Million views. This is a wonderful song. Semeni Amina
Magreth Innocent
Its 2019 and when ever I remember the past mistakes and everything that I passed through I always find myself here...lots of love from Tz
Diana Tsindoli
i am a die hard fan of you sanaipei. This is the kind of music that should be top trending in kenya rather than the mediocre likes of pozee.
kinkoro tv
,,,Let us all get a lesson banaaa ,,,, regardless what is going on but God is there watching ,,, remember to say # AMEN,, in every situation ur going through.
Irene Faustine
Hongera sana Sanaipei ,Its an Anthem huku Tz
Teddy Otieno
Sana, this is by far one of the best compositions of our time
Ally Ashour
Am touched with your voice and lyric you move me in a way i cant explain your the best much love may al mighty blessss u
Otokufu Imani
nice 👍🏿 song i love this song 54🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
kelvin Matandiko
Soft and sweet song, for meditation and relaxation with Sounds of its nature, receiving Inner Peace...You set me on fire Sanaipei,Blessed.
raphael opondo
This Song is just On point in every aspect of life and entertainment.. I always Salute the level of Intelligence and Wisdom Sana possesses.. It brings all the happy and sad moments in a flash. Thanks so much Sana, you Are The 🌟
Butt Atieno
I am watching this video for the first time and Sana I LOVE YOU. Thank you for good music. DIE HARD FAN, TOKA ENZI ZA MABAWA
Abby Kessy
Huyu dada anajua kuliko wadada afrika mashariki yote
Nene kubo
Pato Klaus
Sanaipei Tande is indeed the meaning of talent and actually the Kenyan version of SIA they both speak about life difficulties with their incredible voice
Agnes Wangari
Very nice song it makes me forgive who killed my father
Quinter Atieno
Great message keep it up Sana
Esther January
I love, I love her voice, I love her songs. Who's Sanaa? She's a pretty soul with a golden voice plus a good composer. I love the fact that she's not petty and she never bow down for petiness. I will always be your number one. I love you Sanaa
lovealwayswins Jean
Wow! Very soothing.Unfortunately,I have no idea of what the song means. You should come to Uganda one day.
sebessay writers
I listen to this song and a feeling of pride and a sense of belonging engulfs my soul. SANAIPEI we love you. Mob love from Zanzibar
Bora Mimi
Wakati hauniruhusu mi, kurekebisha yangu madhambi. Kwa hiyo nawaomba siku hii, 'nikumbukie mazuri. Mi nataka mcheke siku ya mwisho, 'siwe mpweke mi bado nipo, Namshukuru Mola kwa kuwepo, nasema amina! Amina x9, nasema amina
Rufaro Mukuruva
i love the song esp e emotions though i dnt understand what she is from Zimbabwe
danstan Kay
Dada Sana inafaa siku tukikutana whitesands uninunulie kinywaji. hii video naiangalia zaidi ya mara tatu kila siku.
Mary Francis
I came to like this jam...Its so sweet.. like hapa kama umekubali
Brey Mbasa
Safi Sana dada wabongo tunakusoma
dickson victor
Nyimbo nzuri sana I like the song
Emmanuel Ngobe
Deep lyrics. Never get tired listening to Amina
Oh my goodness! Can't imagine playing this song three days on a roll, still listening to it. This is absolutely classical and awesome. Am from Ghana but I really love East Africans and their beautiful Swahili songs. Could someone kindly translate the song for me? Keep it up Sanaipei Tande
Adriel 98
Amina Amina 🙏🏽 wimbo watuliza moyo. Huge fan Sanaipei❤️
Lyne Were
l can't have enough of this song. like if you can't stop clicking replay. #dopesong .Amina
Stella Gitau
Sanaipei did it again. Love her music
Loveness Kaluhije
i don't no why ninapoisikia hii vyimbo yani kuna feeling Fulani zinanijia dah inaumiza sana bt this was a good song
Faith Tonui
This song got me reflecting alot thanks Sanaipei
Evegal mirasi
Sweety go sing gospel u got everything
Galus Jerome
Asante Dada uwimbo umebeba ujumbe mzuri kwa watu wote +255
George Gitonga
Such a great song! KENYANS are so ignorant.
waithera rose
wale wa kuandika lyrics kwani wako wapi?love the song anyway
Irene Deogratias
Life is full of regrets and failures....make sure you are happy.
Enock Daniel
nyimbo ya tatu nilioipenda toka niijue kenyan music na toka nizaliwe 1st ni sura yako muzuri ya jua Kali 2nd nyashiski malaika ya tatu ndo hiii
254 got talent!
Brian Okola
This song is 🔥
Peter Busienei
nani else clinged to this glamorous art..dear world, nikumbukie mazuri..nataka mcheke siku ya mwisho when will be is an opportunity, show love to all
Mary Thomas
She is just the best.. Can't get over her😘
wow Sana's voice. I love this song. Proud of you sana
Tin tin
wait who gave this song a thumbs down...this song is too deep i swear i loved it from day one and i wont stop
ken Muchiri
I can never stop listening to Sana!
This is a Fantastic song! I lov it. mmmmmmmm
Valar Morghulis
This song makes me feel things.
Vinns Mager
when i die i wish they play this!
Chidboy Hondeclassic
Beautiful song ever hear 🙌🙌🙌congratulate #Dada 😒👏👏
Staicy Masha
I love this song with all my heart
Samuel Gurrion
one of the best swahili songs in kenya..definately top 7!
nice song. playing it Feb 2019
Brian Oketch
I just cant get enough of this song. So refreshing
safari tz
nasalimu amri , hii ni zaidi ya nyimbo
Willy Kitheka
Cute and I love the song too...great work Sana!
Kenyans React
Sanaipei doing a 🙅🏿wanda forever sign..hahaha she was woke even before the movie came out 🙌🏾🙌🏾😁😂
Kevin Momanyi
From china😂😂😂😂😂hii ngoma ni moto😂😂😂
Brigit Auma
you were blessed with sauti my friend *kudos* sanaipei tande