Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb

Hear first-hand accounts from the air and ground, re-telling every memory from the day the world first witnessed the horrors of atomic warfare. Watch in High Quality here - /> Watch more Hiroshima from BBC Worldwide here:

Japan: *Attacks Pearl Harbour* America: *Sends Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs* Japan: *Sends anime* America: *Sends Logan Paul* Edit: Hey, so you know how some kids are butthurt? Yeah there are 12-year-old white girls and 57-year-old white men getting offended in the replies, so please beware
Frosh TV
Bomb so strong, the video quality reduced to 240p
Connor Campbell
"I know not with what weapons WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein
mohamed arabi
Japan: bombs Pearl Harbor US: nuked japan Japan: bro it's a prank
Jessa Montecillo
I pray a peaceful life for everyone and unity to aim happiness in this world. 😭 just love
Bijay Sitaula
Japan is that country who faced 2 nuclear attack and lots of Natural disasters but Japan always recovered it. No matter how much they fall they stand in their own feet.
An unknown user #5927
And in the end, its the camra man who survives
Dilun Wu
that.........was.......AWSOME LET TRY THIS AGAIN! next will be nagasaki
The Boogieman Of Charlestown
I like to think that this is all the negative Karma Japan spread allover the world and than collected it back after killing, raping and experimenting (Unit 731) on people and also children. I can understand that USA is NOT Mr.Justice they also did alot of evil things even on themselfs, but if Japan only decide to surrender, this scenario would never happend but they choose "the way of the samurai" and this how this choice pay them back. Hopefuly Japan learned the lesson.
Hk 4lyfe
People who have never seen war are best not to judge the decisions of those who have.
Elizabeth Gutierrez
I'm reading through the comments and some of ya'll need some damn history lessons.
Niko Furious
3:51 _He didn't feel so goo-_
Darrel Chovanec
Those two bombs saved countless lives by proving the futility of total war in the future where there will be no winners.
Infinite Productions
Nobody: A piece of metal with lead in it: I am boom boi
Jim W
Wow, that sure brought WWII to an end, thankfully.
Mia. G
Warning: the comment section is filled with salty people who have never been to history class. Read at your own risk.
meme man
Tips of how to survive a nuclear bomb BE A CAMERA MAN
M.P. Oliver
Payback for atrocities given to others unable to recompense.
In war, it doesn’t matter who’s right, it matters who’s left...
Grizzly Bear
In a matter of minutes a country was brought to it's knees
Anthony Depaz
Why don't people realize that if this never happened the war would have gotten worst
Paul Provenzano
Japan of that time was very happily training civilians (including young children). They’d made it clear that the entire population (not just the military) was going to fight any land-invasion until the Americans sickened of the slaughter. They had made it abundantly clear that their nation would fight America to the death. Their military still wanted to prolong the war, after the first bomb was dropped. How many people would have died then? How many Americans would die defeating a nation who had attacked us? It was a hard decision, but it was the right decision. I feel badly for them, but not too much. All the ‘innocent civilians’ of ‘45 were happy enough (and more than proud enough) of their glorious military empire back in ‘41.... when THEY were the aggressors.
During this time my country was in the Japan occupation they had to retreat and go back to Japan cause of this bomb
Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana
To this day, my ambivalence takes me aback: I "know" Japan would have never surrendered, and I also "know" that these two bombs were simply a catastrophic preamble to now--the fear, the awesome power of total destruction. "Good" never stays in the hands of the "better." 😕
Many countries suffered because of Japan. But Japan is not reflecting on itself
Someone from 2019??
Anaissa Molina
*See's green thingy falling from sky* Me:*chuckles*I'm in danger
sajid ahmed
"Human had made atom bomb,but no mouse make amouse trap" - Albert Einstein
The tax Collector
Nicola Tesla discovered free energy one hundred years before 911,he refused to give away his recipe for the purpose that if it got into the wrong hands it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction,I wonder how many others know about free energy
Kon Jaey
Japan : bomb Pearl harbourll Us. : I give you surprises :v
Gumball Watterson
War. War never changes.
It was very fortunate to the mankind because America developed nuclear weapons before Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
Dooley Higgins
For every action there is a reaction. Bomb Pearl Harbor...
in the 1980s I was in the USAF and stationed at Vandenberg AFB.  One of  my co workers was a civilian contractors there was from Japan.  He was 16 when the bomb was dropped.  His school was on a field trip and just out of town that morning and he witnessed the whole thing from just a few miles away.  He was a genius and later a PhD in Mathematics.  his first job was doing actuarial calculations and mortality statistics for War and especially Atomic bomb radiation victims.  His school apparently was like down the street from ground zero and except for blind luck he would have been gone.
miles kluckow 69
Hiroshima survivor: *moves to Nagasaki* 3 days later Ah shit here we go again
Olive Oil
This world was not made for wars
Ed Derbubba
In August 1945 the Japanese were determined to fight any foreign invader of their home islands to the bitter end. They did not warn us prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and I don't believe warning them prior to the dropping of Little Boy would have made any difference to them. They started WWII for the USA and we most certainly did finish it.
Bleeeh Meeeh
GoPro: "that's me videong the the bomb" 😂
Derrick _Pyron YTYT
When you just moved from heroshemai to Nagasaki A H S I T H E R E W E G O A G A I N
Wait if the whole china was destroyed how is the camera man alive????
surjeet sharma
May it never ever happen again anywhere in the world
m O
South F
Politician declare of war and The civil die. .
Good job USA. japan is very bad. War criminal
Lex Brini
And thats when Japan became our friends
frédéric martin
a city that refined its passive defense, thousands of schoolchildren who worked to protect buildings, dig trenches against bombing a civilian population, this is called a fighter against humanity
Ryan X
USA: *drops bomb* Spider-Man: Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good.
Waikiki HoundDawg
2 bombs that prevented 10s of millions of more deaths. A necessary attack to stop the war. To think the Emperor wanted to arm every man women and child with explosives and weapons to fight to the end.
DJ Knight
'All is fair in love and war' basically means that there are no rules applicable in the game of love and in war. There is no room for fair play when a person is desperately trying to win the heart of someone he/she loves, or when a person is going in to war to face his enemies, kill them, and come back alive.
brrrgh rabbit
To them the Sun just exploded.
Mr_ Idiot-5
Japan: *doesn’t surrender* USA: “don’t worry I can fix that”
Andrea Counterman
My heart goes out to the innocents who didn't deserve death. RIP to the lives lost...😞💔
Roby harb Mosaad
Hoe to survive a nuclear attack: Go in a underground shelter with thanos to wipeout the people will blasted you
And when you realise, the pilots got the highest kill streak in world history!
Jann Patrex Soquite
"The invincible camera man ever"
Renal Nawang Yudha
Chernov : this is not war, this is murder Reznov : this is how to end the war chernov . *CoD World at War*
Some Guy
I wonder how confusing it is in the first seconds of the dropping Like it’s one plane, 1 bomb And all of the sudden a gigantic flash and a huge gust of wind emerges and you see the mushroom cloud end incinerates everything in its radius I feel bad for the ones who died and the ones who survived The ones who survived are the few who gets to see the nuclear bomb in the intent of destroying them
The Japanese Navy and Army both had their own atomic bomb projects on going when the Americans dropped the two bombs. And the Americans knew it. Japan also killed tens of thousands of Chinese civilians with biological agents. Those who sew the wind, reap the whirlwind.
M Alice
I live in japan.(but I'm not Japanese) I think that America is not bad . War is bad. War is bad. We must excuse and apologize each other. And we make new relationship. War is bad
Seems like the Japanese could have avoided all this. All they had to do was not attempt world domination. As for the use of the Atomic Bomb... well... whatever it takes. The "blame" for the second one is 100% on the Japanese. OK... so they didn't believe the first warning... but after they saw what the first one did and still didn't surrender... well... tough.
Kampreto Sompreto
"Mr.Stark, I don't feel so good." 3:51
made in U S A , tested on japan ?
Marta Guzman
Wow great video. *looks at comment section* Oh come on humanity, you're better then this
Stanley Nolly
2018-20?? War Pewdiepie vs t-series
All World Misanthrope
........I really , REALLY hate this kind of “yellow” journalism that preys on emotional responses, what I find astounding is the fact that is by the BBC.....THE BBC FOR CHRIST SAKE...it’s truly sad to see what USED to be the premier, the gold standard in news reporting to sink to the level of Fox or those old alien channels.....shame on you BBC
Vincent Ucciferri
Japan: Bombs Pearl Harbor " HaHa! We bomb you ! " America: ... ok ... ok ... I see how it is America : *Flying over to Japan with nuke* " Here comes the BOOM, Here comes the BOOM , Ready or not " plays in the back ground
Wow. The amount of ignorance here is amazing. 1. America issued multiple warnings, yet Japan did not warn America before Pearl Harbor. 2. Nanking. 3. Hirohito refused. He basically said that he would rather lose civilians than surrender. 4. If we had not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki then we would have to invade the mainland Japan and lose millions more rather than lose 250,000 Japanese. 5. This was revenge for Pearl Harbor. 6. The Government of America told the civilians to flee for their lives, so they tried to kill as less civilians as possible. The list goes on, but I can't fathom the amount of ignorance that liberals have and that they can't do math or learn BASIC HISTORY.
M Talha Khalid
watching nuke is quiet satisfying and horrifying how that guy turn into ash instant scary as hell
lucas laguyo127
US:were going to inavde JAPAN russians:were going to also invade japan *the race begun* A classified bomb (A.K.A) nuclear bomb:im gonna end this country,s whole career.
Ahlias Pobre
I’m glad 9 after this video was made they decided to remake it
Abbas Mansoor
whichever the first, does humanity can be so cruel......???
Tom IV
the wolverine was in Hiroshima at that time
ramin arb
Who watch this after Chernobyl tv series?
Jacob Hansen
The great peacemaker bomb!
Eleanor Manarin
That's why war is not good for everyone. Most affected here are the children.
christopher jennings
My neighbor Kermit was on both missions when the bombs were dropped he was actually the bombardier on one of them. . I remember him telling me stories and the guilt he had knowing he participated in the deaths of 100’s of thousands of lives. Women and children. He was 27 at the time and I don’t think there was a day that went by up until he passed away at the age of 70 that he didnt regret it terribly.
Zvonimir Vidović
3:07 Vermeer van Delft
Maggy1234 The 1st president
How to save Hiroshima: Step 1:Call Thanos Step 2:Ask him to snap the nuke out of existence
Harshit.T. Game
Now it's time that we don't want Darwin's Theory of Fittest .We want my Theory of kindest . We don't need any World War3 plz Who agree like me👍👍🇮🇳😭😭🤔🤔🤐
Subu Laji
2:40 Legends say the GoPro on the Bomb is still working. That's how you got the video.
Jäger Main
People in this comment section needs some serious history lesson
YAY for our side!
Ruatmawii Fanai
So many Innocents died on war..
At first I thought the plane was from BF5
One of the most satisfying days in American history, hands down.
Mike P
This comment section is more cancerous than the effects of the bomb
sc cs
May we know the reason why the Americans did that to Nagazaki and Hiroshima?
Eric Jablonski
“Sleeping giant “
Swagkage ‘
3:49 mr Stark I don’t feel so goood
Ancient Mesopotamian
Warning, there are A LOT of people who don't understand what war is or why the bombs were dropped. You've been warned.
Good they got what they deserved
Lawrence Hawkins
Hmmmm. Notice the Japanese haven't attacked ANYONE since Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.
luna nightowl
Hey, at least the cold war didn't drop nukes (we almost did oof)
Isaac newton molsoi meskarai 097vd
This is the moment Japanese realize, the truth meaning of war
jyothi prasad b
No more Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki, No nuclear war, No war.
Lord Shaggy
Japan: *misses spanish lessons* US: Time to nuke... Duolingo: ...your families
Bueno Obra
...by just watching this, I think I will have a nightmare....
The flying Dutchman
3:51 new avengers?