The Angels. The artists. The wings. The everything. Relive the magic…and watch the entire 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show right here! Featuring performances by Leela James, The Chainsmokers feat. Kelsea Ballerini, Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora and The Struts, as well as legendary Angel Adriana Lima’s last walk down the Victoria’s Secret Runway, it’s definitely a show you can’t miss.

Lucas d'Anjos
I already miss Adriana Lima
Alisha Jaime Bitan
Adrianna Lima and Barbara palvin was the best
safia din
Halsey looks like an angry bird with those eyebrows 🤣😀
Juliana Reyes Castro
They should have given adrianna a better ending they could done better for the outfit she is a queen and deserves more.
Laura Sofia Zepeda
3:30 this is what the girl in 3:05 was trying to do hahaha
Destiny Daniels
halsey: "omg cAn i hAvE WINGS ?!?!" vs: umm... yeah...let's put 'em on your eyebrows :))))
Mira Esendemir
This makes me hate Kendall more... SHE IS NOT EVEN TRYING! Hadid sisters are not good too but kendall is awfull DAMN I'LL MISS ADRIANA SO MUCH💔 this show needs real models not overrated instagram girls who doesnt deserve fame
Adriana Azcona
I’m so sad because Adriana was my favorite model and my dad named me after her so sad I will miss her
katerine gudiel
I really love watching this shows, hablo español quién más jaja U.U
Barbara reminds me a lot of Tyra Banks back in the old days when she was in VS. Many people said she was "fat" (which is ridiculous) for having a healthy body but she had the greatest energy. Barbara has that "superstar energy" that angels like Giselle, Adriana and Tyra had back in the day, she deserves to be an Angel
Ariadne Benavides
OMG, I am straight but Barbara makes me want to change that Hahahaha
5:30 me after I watch this when I realize how fat I’ve gotten
Andrea Colin Villegas
Im not trying to be a hater.... but I dont know why Kendall is in the show, she has no sparkle to be in the show, look at the other girls they at least put a smile on their faces
Ema Hrubovská
I want my future husband to look at me like Adam Levine looks at his wife.
Karmughil chandran
How many of u came here just for Barbara palvin as me ; )
taylor was such a boring opening
Emma Brown
37:17 Kris from Ariana’s music video
Zamiah Berry
Adriana Lima and behati prinsloo
Leela James look just like Oprah Winfrey 2:01 💁
Güncel Medya
My fave angels Candice swanepoel Romee strijd Barbara palvin Meghan williams Barbara fialho Adriana lima
trixie tang
I remember growing up in the 90's early 2000's, thinking the girls were so curvy, busty and voluptuous. But they look like sticks to me now. I blame Instagram!
The Animal Channel
Why is nobody talking about Bebe Rexha !?
Mira Esendemir
Adriana AKA queen❤️ Candice❤️ Elsa❤️ Lily❤️ Behati❤️ Stella❤️ Josephine❤️ Martha❤️ Romee❤️ Jasmine❤️ Lais❤️ Sara❤️
Bytorino Hua
Didn’t know that Oprah opened the show
Kaj Van Dam
27:39 see shawn pulling up his eyebrows for a second to her=()=)))))
the last song and segment was the only good one, the band got the models and crowd hyped up and gave them energy, everything else didnt fit like that god awful greatest showman cover
Barbara Palvin fue lo mejor del show change my mind
Mira Esendemir
I love Taylor but her walk was weak for the opening and I must say that some models deserve more attention(like Josephine)
María José Montilla
Behati is my favorite, am I alone here?😂
Zoe Veiga
Jaya K
38:15 Her outfit says it all.... There are so many stars in the sky but only ONE MOON💞😘
Alj Blue
Muffin Lady
Who's me and only watching this to see Shawn perform?
Kathy Trochez
Aquí casual esperando a ver a Bárbara palvin :v
Odage Oyama
ahhhhh this was sooo fun to watch!!! Barbara Palvin is sooooo beautiful ugh i cannot!! and Adriana! Adriana Lima was /the/ Victoria Secret angel of all angels... this was beautiful.. i loved every minute of it <33 :)
clara jacobo
BARBARA😍😍😍 Glad she’s back, such a queen👑💖
İskender Büyük
8:47 and 33:35 ❤❤❤❤ In my opinion! They do injustice to Barbara. Her clothes are very bad. But even so She was the princess of the night.
alimentos Tubarao
E assim se vai mais uma grande supermodelo brasileira que fez história no VSFS 😢! Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrósio eternas angels insubstituíveis e inesquecíveis!
Helena Katherine Ann
15:37 what are her wings?
Angelina Tongbram
Bebe rexha's ending walk was more Victoria secret than kendall jenner. 😂
Alexandria Robinson
Personally, I feel like Candice doesn’t get enough spotlight ✨ I hope they put her in more next year! I love her! 😍
Debanhi Perez
barbara palvin's body is just wow best body by far
La _224Natalie
Shawn mendes look so happy😍
Zaid X0X0
HUNTY! Adriana’s last outfit wasn’t enough SHE NEEDED MORE GLAM AND WELL.... EVERYTHING
Aaron Bynum
People stop telling the girls to smile and be cutesy when they walk down the runway; models have a job to do and thats to sell product in this case its lingerie weve taken the sexiness out of this brand expecting the models just to walk down the runway with a smile on their face like theyre pageant girls, they are supposed to deliver a certain aesthetic that sets them apart such as powerful walks and sex appeal, VS literally has a dedicated section for girls to be more playful the Pink section but its seeped into the other section and its ruining the brand to a certain extent, these new girls have to challenge themselves to bring that back and the brand has to encourage it
Ariadne Benavides
confident women? Lol some angels themselves have said that they are all super insecure.
Denisse Peuker
Barbara cuando se enteró que iba a ser parte del vsfs es una ternura, la amooo!!!!💕💕
Kay Jackson
They should get Charlie Puth to sing at one of these
Ajibola Seyeh
Leela James was triggering with her vocals. Not too good for the first performer. Not hating ❤️
clau_ dsgrx
Barbara Palvin
Prachi Dayal
Sorry to be that person, but I probably wouldn't describe Victoria's Secret as "empowering". Great music though!
Touch Bionics
Gigi was so cringy. It was embarrassing to watch her kiss at the end. Clumsy and not grateful
Brandon Herisson
ADRIANA LIMA The One and Only👑 A Primeira e a Única ❤
tati guedes
Brasil alguém?
Mira Esendemir
Adam Levine looks so proud❣️
Natalie Rea
Barbara should have her wings already ♥️ and Kendall Jenner should show a little more excitement like damn girl stop being so apathetic 😑
Carolyn Wolfe
GLAM ROYALE: Taylor Hill🇺🇸 Alexina Graham🇬🇧 Josephine Skriver🇩🇰 Gigi Hadid🇺🇸 Sara Sampaio🇵🇹 Aiden Curtiss🇬🇧 Lais Ribeiro🇧🇷 Liu Wen🇨🇳 Lameka Fox🇺🇸 Kendall Jenner🇺🇸 Cindy Bruna🇫🇷 Yasmin Wiljnaldum🇳🇱 Behati Prinsloo🇳🇦 GOLDEN ANGEL: Candice Swanepoel🇿🇦 Shanina Shaik🇦🇺 Jasmine Tookes🇺🇸 Jourdana Phillips🇺🇸 Grace Elizabeth🇺🇸 Barbara Fiahlo🇧🇷 Sofie Rovenstine🇺🇸 Stella Maxwell🇧🇪 Barbara Palvin🇭🇺 Ming Xi🇨🇳 Lorena Rae🇩🇪 Herieth Paul🇹🇿 Romee Strijd🇳🇱 THANK YOU ADRIANA: Adriana Lima🇧🇷 FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Martha Hunt🇺🇸 Frida Aasen🇳🇴 Kelly Gale🇸🇪 Winnie Harlow🇨🇦 Toni Garrn🇩🇪 Megan Williams🇬🇧 Alanna Arlington🇺🇸 Devon Windsor🇺🇸 Bella Hadid🇺🇸 Gizele Oliveira🇧🇷 Elsa Hosk FANTASY BRA🇸🇪💎 PINK: Grace Elizabeth🇺🇸 Josie Canseco🇺🇸 Maia Cotton🇳🇿 Kelsey Merritt🇵🇭 Lesha Hodges🇺🇸 Melie Tiacoh🇨🇮 Isilda Moreira🇵🇹 Alannah Walton🇦🇺 Estelle Chen🇫🇷 Zuri Tibby🇺🇸 Willow Hand🇺🇸 Myrthe Bolt🇳🇱 Maggie Laine🇺🇸 FLORAL FANTASY: Jasmine Tookes🇺🇸 Devon Windsor🇺🇸 Yasmin Wiljnaldum🇳🇱 Gigi Hadid🇺🇸 Nadine Leopold🇦🇹 Sofie Rovenstine🇺🇸 Winnie Harlow🇨🇦 Aiden Curtiss🇬🇧 Mayowa Nicholas🇳🇬 Alexina Graham🇬🇧 Liu Wen🇨🇳 Duckie Thot🇦🇺 Sui He🇨🇳 Leomie Anderson🇬🇧 Josephine Skriver🇩🇰 DOWNTOWN ANGEL: Stella Maxwell🇧🇪 Behati Prinsloo🇳🇦 Georgia Fowler🇳🇿 Lameka Fox🇺🇸 Subah Koj🇸🇸 Cheyenne Carty🇬🇧 Ming Xi🇨🇳 Bella Hadid🇺🇸 Kelly Gale🇸🇪 Barbara Palvin🇭🇺 Sadie Newman🇬🇧 Martha Hunt🇺🇸 CELESTIAL ANGEL: Lais Ribeiro🇧🇷 Candice Swanepoel🇿🇦 Taylor Hill🇺🇸 Romee Strijd🇳🇱 Elsa Hosk🇸🇪 Barbara Fiahlo🇧🇷 Jourdana Phillips🇺🇸 Kendall Jenner🇺🇸 Grace Bol🇸🇸 Sara Sampaio🇵🇹 Cindy Bruna🇫🇷 Sui He🇨🇳 Adriana Lima's LAST WALK🇧🇷😭
luisanny limpio
No doubt Behati illuminated the stage. she is my favorite angel
Стефани Тодорова
Barbara Palvin is extremely beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SeemsSoBoring !!
ahh adriana's last walk i am crying she so stunning and beautiful
The Throwback Queen
I normally don’t give Kendall positive notes but her last walk she wasn’t extra like the other models. She wasnt even smiling too much nor pointing or blowing kisses. Reminded me of the early 2000 shows.
14:46 Who is she? Those eyes... wow!!!
Emma Izzo
The first performance was bad but the rest was good.
Dario Stefanovski
Halsey is queen!!!👑👜
The Vibe Guide
*Halsey* was star ⭐ of the night.
Emre Soytek
Angel Alberto
28:07 she gets mad or the other model or what ???????? 😱😱😱😱
Lara Portugal
Behati deserves more.
_Is it just me or someone else who feels the same that the expressions of victoria's angels are getting boring, but not all of them, some just throw kisses without showing desire. Like the impression shown by Adriana Lima every time on the stage always said "I love you" with sharp sexy eyes, the tempting impression that Candice showed. So there was no strong or typical impression left by every victoria's angels_
The Blissful Elefante by Tara Creel
I've been watching the show for at least 15 years. Back when Tyra, Gisele, and Heidi all graced the runway. For some reason I feel like this year has been one of the weakest, but I can't put my finger on exactly why. I think it's in part to the musical guests. It's basically a concert at this point and the models and the rest of the production are just the accessory. Something about having more musical guests made it feel less exciting and less of an honor for the ones chosen. Some of the music itself forced the models to walk at a pace that came off uninspired and lethargic. A bit of a miss for me this year, but hopefully VS will take their audience's constructive criticism and make some changes to bring back the excitement of the show, including inclusivity that got them in so much hot water this year, or better worded: lack of inclusivity.
Rafael Eduardo Dos Santos
🇧🇷 B A R B A R A F I A L H O 🇧🇷
Isabel Costa
Brazil the best 🇧🇷💓 i Love Adriana Lima and Giselle Bündchen was best 🇧🇷💓
Hsjsksks Hdjdjd
Candice and Behati are just queens🔥🔥🔥
elielson silva
Adriana and Alessandra Ambrossio queens🔥❤
Pokadots andWhatnots
9:06 ok idk who that is but her body is goals, she doesnt look sickly or like she doesnt eat, shes super curvy n im living 4 itttt!
Claudia Castro
Love you Adriana you make feel that we keep move on and keep foward and keep on and see how far you make it girl just keep workings in many beitifull so beautifull magicals thougth keep positive all the time Iam here from many years ago I would supports beutifull things like this and you know I love you newyork love you from deep inside of my heart love it uhhhh.
Halsey's body tho
may see
Adriana lima was the only best thing
Abby Greer
I didn't like and care for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because there were too many singers and there was one model that I really didn't care for that much but who am I to judge anyway.I hope that 2019 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be the best one yet to come.Adriana Lima will be missed by everyone including me because she,Alexandra and Candace have inspired me over the years and I wish all of the girls the best of luck in 2019 and I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring to Victoria's Secret Stores and at the 2019 fashion show.
Princess CheerBear
Too many performers too like there is so much going on I can’t even look at the models.
Cell 90
Taylors eyes are mysterious beautiful natural girl. But gigi is such a pain in the ass.
Lara Barreto
Adriana foi melhor
Maria Rønfeldt
I really hope Josephine gets the 2019 Fantasy Bra 🙏🏼
T Marie
I really thought they would have put Adriana in MASSIVE big white feathery wings, like so big they took up the whole stage. She deserved it, 18 freaking years making VS what it is
Morena Arana
They should have gotten the lady from the movie that sings the greatest showman .. much better voice
Isabel Costa
Music Brazilian 2019 please🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💓
Barbara Acosta
A mi parecer debió lucirse más Adriana Lima
Carla Lena
Adriana will always be the BEST EVER!!!! umas das melhores coisas que o Brasil já produziu hahahahah ❤️🇧🇷
Jesss 8764
I can’t believe they gave Adriana a shirt and no wings for her last walk... insulting, she should have closed the show and had beautiful lingerie and huge wings
Sadia Xx
STELLA MAXWELL❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💯🔥
Karyna Olivo
Kendall J. Should not be there ... no energy at all.
Blanca Padilla VS2019 🇪🇸❤
Ruz Life Я
yvonne yvonne
Shame on you VS! You gave Queen Adriana a shitty outfit for her last show! Where are the huge angel wings for the last true VS angel? !! And wth did she said goodbye in the beggining of the show?? She should have been the star of the show! This show is not worth watching anymore!
Anne Love
I’m waiting for the moment for Victoria secret put curvy girls on the runway❤️❤️
kimberly yoc
In my opinion (if u don’t agree don’t bother ) I feel like the only performers should of been Rita , Halsey , Shawn Mendes and the struts . It was too much going on too and some of the outfits 😬 plus the opening Taylor would of walked better if it was more of an upbeat music . It’s so different now like if you watch the 2003 fashion show it was sexy and bombshell. now I barely see any sexy going on.
PERFECT❤👏 I just didnt think that the first song fit well at the show, and who so short time is focus on the models, and taking off Adriana the rest was PERFECT 👏❤
um t
I'm actually impressed by how much the Hadid sisters have improved
osward gust
The Secret of Victoria is Adriana Lima.