The Angels. The artists. The wings. The everything. Relive the magic…and watch the entire 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show right here! Featuring performances by Leela James, The Chainsmokers feat. Kelsea Ballerini, Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora and The Struts, as well as legendary Angel Adriana Lima’s last walk down the Victoria’s Secret Runway, it’s definitely a show you can’t miss.

LifeWithRena *
They never fail to get Adam Levine’s reaction to his wife lmaooooo also that first cover singer was horrible ..
Angelina Tongbram
Bebe rexha's ending walk was more Victoria secret than kendall jenner. 😂
alex stey
VS pleasee don't make the hadids or jenner angels don't sell your reputation!!!!!! And adding Barbara to your team was the best decision you made in years
Barbara Officially Angel of Victoria's Secret❕❤️
Sincerely, Kendall does not deserve to be in VS, she's only there because she has money and her name, Not wanting to be hater but it's a bit unfair to all who have struggled so hard to get VSFS.
Dear Victoria's secrets, SHAME on you for not having Adriana open the show. She has certainly been responsible for your brand relevance and fame all these years... what's with using just the skinny models?!! What happened to hiring larger size girls like tyra, Heidi and Adriana? Also- YOU GAVE HER JUST ONE LAME OUTFIT FOR THE WHOLE SHOW, are you f%$king kidding me?!! Yes, it was nice of you to thank her (as you should) but that wasn't enough
Walkiria Antelo
Tbh, I actually loved Adriana's tribute outfit, she has been the FACE of the brand all these years so it made sense for me to see her in pink and silver, just like the VS logo and packaging. She had a gorgeous upper piece, furry shoes (the lingerie fantasy) and lovely pink feathers surrounding her. Why not putting her in huge wings? Because the outfit was meant to be simple, it was about Adri, not the wings, not the outfit, not the lights, it was a simple background so that nothing could even try to distract you from her gorgeous self in the perfect, iconic, and most representative VS look. She was crying, shaking, she didn't care about the outfit either. Both her outfits were meant to cover her mid section, maybe she got a bit of weight, and I'm happy she did, not because she was too thin, but because she deserves a break for herself. She has been following such an strict lifestyle to stay in shape for VS, in a way I'm happy she is leaving cause now she is only working for herself and moving on to her own things. Let's not focus on the dress, let's focus on the real life angel and her journey, on the amazing tribute and all the feeling that was invested in that moment, all models crying, pink everywhere, the standing ovation, let's focus on VS and Adriana 🌺
Miss Solo
I can’t believe Adriana it’s going of VS, she will be always the most beautiful, profesional and charismatic women and angel I ever seen. Can’t believe they didn’t give her a huge and majestic wings..
Jaanu Janaki
BARBARA PALVIN IS AN ANGEL !!!!!!!! FINALLY VS show can be worth watching again
Katie Palmer
Shawn Mendes was loving every second of his performance😂😂😂
Purple_neyy_ vampiie
Adam reacting to his wife is everything
Halsey: "I wanna have wings too" VS: "we put them on your eyebrows"
Hatty x
I hate the editing, we barely see any actual walking :(
Once Candice leaves, I’m not paying attention to VS anymore. I will miss Adriana.
Kene'Ja Davis
I see Shawn got distracted by their beauty
T Marie
I really thought they would have put Adriana in MASSIVE big white feathery wings, like so big they took up the whole stage. She deserved it, 18 freaking years making VS what it is
Taeyongs strong ass Scalp
Is anyone gonna talk about how cute Shawn mendes was
Brisa Salvas
More Brazilians models please, they have something I cant explain!
Leela James look just like Oprah Winfrey 2:01 💁
*Olivia Does Healthy*
I started to cry when Adriana was walking down the runway because I know how she feels when you have to end your dream🖤🖤😭
osward gust
The Secret of Victoria is Adriana Lima.
aarti sharma
Kendall is an insult to this brand
The Animal Channel
Why is nobody talking about Bebe Rexha !?
Kathy Trochez
Aquí casual esperando a ver a Bárbara palvin :v
Zaid X0X0
HUNTY! Adriana’s last outfit wasn’t enough SHE NEEDED MORE GLAM AND WELL.... EVERYTHING
Zee Line
Adam Levine is the best cheerleader and husband!!!!👏
Carla Torres
Barbara Palvin is oficial en VS New Angel 😎👑
María José Montilla
Behati is my favorite, am I alone here?😂
i just cried of happiness when 9:19 appeared, with that huge, proud smile :) she looks so genuine and i'm happy that after what happened last year i think it was she still came on this year
pOtAtO Charlie
The way Shaun LITERALLY stopped singing JUST to touch Winnie 🥺❤️
Macon Putney
lmao kris taking a video of kendall like “you’re doing great sweetie”
elizabeth clawson
Shawn Mendes knows what's up 😁😁🤣
Samantha Shene
Who else’s dream is to be a future VS model?
Zamiah Berry
Adriana Lima and behati prinsloo
Alyn Connor
Adriana and Candice are the best, the real queens of VS! 👑👑
Aranka Csige
Barbara Palvin should be in the show every year:)
Jesse Swartz
Victoria Secret needs to post their fashion shows every year on YouTube
Bhaswati Talukdar
I thought it was kinda unfair how they didn’t let Sara Sampaiao open or close a segment but Martha Hunt two (she opened the Halsey one and close the Rita Ora one)
Robine X
21:36 she was just having her moment, but then the other women was like: just go please😂😂😂
Kalesya Jiasmin
Adriana injustice fairy! 18 freaking years ?! OMG. eserved MUCH MORE!!!! MUCH MORE! BR LOVE U <3
I wish Adrianna had been given the super big classic wings
_Is it just me or someone else who feels the same that the expressions of victoria's angels are getting boring, but not all of them, some just throw kisses without showing desire. Like the impression shown by Adriana Lima every time on the stage always said "I love you" with sharp sexy eyes, the tempting impression that Candice showed. So there was no strong or typical impression left by every victoria's angels_
Isabel Costa
Brazil the best 🇧🇷💓 i Love Adriana Lima and Giselle Bündchen was best 🇧🇷💓
Nathalia Arosemena
Noo Adriana 😭😭💙👏 ... Welcome Barbara 😭💙👏
Brooklynn Butterfield
I never knew the names of the Angels but Adriana always had the best outfits. Gonna miss her.
Intentional Love
The runway won’t be the same without Adriana Lima
Missing the Times with Heidi, Miranda, Giesele, Alessandra, Doutzen etc 😭♥️ .. and now Adriana ..
Alisson Lopez
Thank you ADRIANA🤩❤️😎🥰😇
Thea Olsen
4:36 "you're doing amazing sweetie"
This whole video just called me fat
διμουρο κουλι
Make Barbara Palvin an angel already, c’mon VS
Hsjsksks Hdjdjd
Candice and Behati are just queens🔥🔥🔥
BARBARA PALVIN IS GONNA SAVE VICTORIAS SECRET FOR SURE. They did good on making her an angel 💖
mad sone
I hope Barbara Palvin becomes the new face of VS
Helena Katherine Ann
15:37 what are her wings?
Amy L
The most low key vs show ever. Very disappointed! Adriana deserves a better final look!
Maddie Lentz
Who else loved the Shawn mendes part😂
zoya rizvi
What happend to taylor hill. Imean she is gorgeously gorgeous bit i think she panic and hesitates. A lil more confidence will bring the best of her
Mayra Dena
Adriana she is beautiful woman❤️😍
tati guedes
Brasil alguém?
# Fall
What an amazing idea to upload the VSFS 2018 on YouTube. Thank you Victoria's Secret 💕
Nah Oliveira
The Brazilian girls are amazing 💖💖 Adriana and Giselle are the best!!
Carlota Cunha
Why is no one talking about Shawn?!? One of the best performances ❤️
Lara Portugal
Behati deserves more.
Natalie Rea
Barbara should have her wings already ♥️ and Kendall Jenner should show a little more excitement like damn girl stop being so apathetic 😑
Naranja Marin Garcia
9:07 Bárbara Palvin Dylan was so pretty in her part 😍
Hayk Vardanyan
I think when Halsey said she wanted wings she meant on her back not her eyebrows
Morgan is rude 7
That was an amazing fashion show good job ladies completely unbelievable it truly was spectacularly all of the proformers did an amazing job and the modles did a fabulous job as well. Well done Victoria's Secret
Jennifer Zamora
Barbara and Candise are on another level <3
Dose Of Elegra
Kendall Jenner is only the highest paid because her brand is bigger, her families are the kardashians. But she is obviously not the best model. That walk was dry.
Golden Eagle
Adriana Lima! The great, The Irreplaceable
Kristy H
Barbara Palvin definitely deserved it! She will become a iconic VS angel, (she already is) but she has always showed potential. I’m so excited for her!
23:08 omg i was so shook my airpods fell out
Rafael Eduardo Dos Santos
🇧🇷 B A R B A R A F I A L H O 🇧🇷
Sneha _
Wish they gave Adriana the fantasy bra for her last walk
Olisoa Santatriniaina
I came for Halsey and Shawn but it seems like I enjoyed the show :)
Golden B
imagine putting in all that effort to get perfect abs, waist etc and being the (imo prettiest) model at 32:55 tho 😂
Mariyam Shaikh
Love Shawn part only 😘😘😘 Incredible singing Goofy smile Blushing all the Time 😍😍😍
aleyna jey
Imagen a VS fashion show without the great music
Rafael Eduardo Dos Santos
Damn if i loose weight and work on my skincare i could be a model, i am as tall sometimes taller than these models💪🏼
Orsolya Rózsa-Gulyás
OMG the asian model full anorexia....Barbara the best ❤
Taylor is gorgeous but damn she made that opening so boring
Natasha Benitez
Best song for the walk Done by the Struts at the end.. Really Beautiful Show All Around..
Destiny Daniels
halsey: "omg cAn i hAvE WINGS ?!?!" vs: umm... yeah...let's put 'em on your eyebrows :))))
Diva otokhine
thank you for reppin africa 32:41
Luis Díaz
This fashion show. Models with Just a little experience, itsnot like before! Pity!!
Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima will always be my favorite models 😭😭❤
Bow down to the queen 👑
adrian richards
No singer has ever walked the runway better than Rihanna
Agarwaen Isiliel
Missing the Times with Heidi, Miranda, Giesele, Alessandra, Doutzen etc 😭♥️ .. and now Adriana ..
Nani Na
Who remembers Claudia,Cindy&Naomi will remember Adriana's name as well.
The JuanMata
Gigi Hadid walks like she has sleep paralysis
Christinas Heaven
Adam levines reaction to his wife is so beautiful
Latifah Milinga Simataa
Plzzzz give behati prinsloo the fantasy bra this year plzzzzz......i have been waiting all my life....
¿Alguien más habla castellano aquí?
Isabel Costa
Music Brazilian 2019 please🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💓
Emilia Gariboldi
Who came after watch bts boy whit luv
Jenny pham
Adriana IS Victoria Secret.