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This video helps every serious guitar player a lot. Everything what Bream says makes sense!
For all Williams' technical ability and accuracy with this tune, Bream's performance, albeit exaggerated (purposes of teaching), is much more expressive. The piece has a range, like he says at the start, it sweeps, and he "gets it". He "feels" the music, how it ebbs and flows, how it sways. I hear many people play tunes faithfully and accurately without ever feeling the same feelings as the person who wrote it and felt those emotions in his head that he had to get out. His use of volume, fading in and out as he feels it, is exquisite. A melancholy beginning, the sad despondence, becoming frenzied and confused, finally becomes a question with the final chord of the first part: "What now?", almost anxious. What happens then? The singer resolves himself and galvanises. "To go on!" is the response. The student races onwards, but so fast that we cannot keep up, cannot feel it. The arpeggios in the second part gather pace and rush forwards, onwards, but towards what? A breath, relief at 6:52. Then the bittersweet, shown in the his face as he plays, he blinks in pain as he strums the question at 6:58. Wonderful. Shame about the combover, mate...
Tim Lim
A shame the sound recording is so poor.
Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus
Bream seems like a fantastic teacher.  All of his criticisms were completely fair.  Even if a teacher seems harsh you have to remember that a masterclass is not a normal lesson.  These students are already competent guitarists.  They are attending this class for the very purpose of having their playing critiqued and dissected down to the smallest details by a superior musician.
Heddi Lee
his student was brilliant but what bream emphasize is the way to create sound that has soul that makes the piece alive. Julian Bream is a true master of guitar and whewww he has a very classic typical royal English accent.
Lori V.
9:07 -- He just needed to add Julian's head bop. ;) I thought the guy was an absolutely fantastic player!
Jonnie Poole
3:30 'u wot m8?'
Felipe PBA
So good!!!
What a genius and a guitar master... All seems so obvious when he shows how to do it.... After this how voul you perform this prelude in a different way.....
Yes the student gave a great performance, then Julian demonstrates and hey presto...that is why he is 'one' of the best.
Rupkatha Das
What an amazing man! Julian Bream is God to me...
6:20 Since the student seemed rather non-receptive, Mr.Bream made it clear who was the man in charge by implying the student's performance was much too infantile to be approved by him.
Gerard Foley
I love this piece and I listen to a young Irish player named Martin Keane playing this piece and was surprised at his playing,
Luis Donado
Wow, you could hear the levels between JB and his student. But by now, if that student kept it up, he's probably at a high level of execution in classical guitar music. This video looks late 70s by the look of the student's moustache and collar, so he's probably in his 70s now if he's still around.
jean pierre santini
Bream une référence dans la guitare classique un grand monsieur
Mark Harris
How lucky we are today to be able to watch and hear probably the greatest guitarist that ever lived, any time we want to, and for free !! This is the better part of the internet's otherwise manipulative and vulgar trappings...
It looks like the guy playing No 1 is playing a flamenco guitar (thinner body than a traditional classical). I find that cool cause I've been playing classical on a flamenco guitar a lot lately.
David Smadja
big performer in a real partition
So the student is in a Master Class - he doesn't make it there unless he is one of the better students. The Master's criticism in this contect is fair - however I believe the student played too fast (and without the sublties to which Julian was referring) because he was just plain nervous. In that state of pressure the proficient often play too fast, thinking they are playing slower than they actually are. In many ways Julian extracts the most relevant aspects of the students performance in the last half to 1/3rd of the vid.
Sacha Brons
For anyone listening to this, try Nicholas Petrou's version, he plays it so wonderfully well, best performance i've ever heard
As soon as Bream demonstrates what he has been instructing one can hear how much more of a virtuoso he is compared to his advanced students. A consummate performer and so expressive when it is required. His superior technique is always apparent.
Si, ma perchè il riporto dei capelli in quel modo Brutale! XD Bravo eh!? però...
I've played the Villa-Lobos first prelude for years. This video makes me want to pick up the guitar and play it again. Bream is a remarkable man; so sensitive to the music.
Kilian Morrissey
The guy must have gone home depressed.
Strings of Peace
Bream's little fingers are abnormally long....
tocas de la csm julian dame clases maestras a mi !!!!
We are the World
Yilo Quinones
Xabier Novelle
eamonn colley
I thought that guy played it very well!
eamonn colley
FK! Real hard task master...I suppose he's got to defend 'his' rep tho...Good points all valid, but his student was very good despite all the critisism,fair play for taking it well.I think I'd of rapped it over his head.....hh. Not really,he's great ,enny? I have loads of his vinyl,all originals,and I very much like his Lute music,John Dowland and 'Anonymous' and friends.Very talented.
The whole point of the master class is to focus on the more "abstract" aspects of playing a piece, such as tone and attack. Students are expected already expected to be able to play the piece accurately.
kathy kuchma
Often a student in this type of situation is focusing to much on clean play which can affect the very things the teacher pointed out. Obviously clean play is crucial but feel can be lost when trying not to make a mistake. Great video.
Brian Cullen
What a great teacher, he really cuts in to the problems and leaves egos at the door. Great stuff.
This student is very lucky. I envy you, my friend!
lol bream makes a normally good sounding performance seem like pure shit...I love it
Colin Burnside
The Guy was doing his best he had a lack of fingernails on his right hand.
Plamen Manov
where accuracy is more than the music
give us an example of when too much study hurt a performance
Plamen Manov
Intuitive does not always mean sloopy and too much analysis can also be a problem.
my left ear enjoyed this :P
truly like you, I'd rather hear sloppy guitarists, violinists and pianists too
Chris Moody
I found this interesting to watch, especially as I have a student working on this piece right now. His comments about the the 2nd section 'growing' from the first are valid, but I would also point out that we are in the tonic MAJOR, there has been a change of KEY, TIME SIGNATURE and TEMPO. It is a contrasting section to the first. Also, observing the accents and general performance directions are crucial to capturing the essence of the piece.
I agree with you. The student played well, with a few rough spots that I myself could easily have made. Mr. Bream's advice to the student was cogent and apt. If I were that student I'd be thanking my lucky stars. Watching this video and thus getting the instruction, I actually am thanking my lucky stars.
Very useful and appreciated instruction from an acknowledged and revered master of the guitar, Mr. Julian Bream. Thank you for sharing this! I'm actually studying this piece and learned quite a bit from Mr. Bream. Hungry for more.
I can't remember who, but I think it was Bream himself that said that each note in a piece must be played with care and consideration. No matter how brief. It's one thing to be able to play something through. It's another thing entirely to know every note intimately. Indeed, this is the difference between a recital and a performance. If you don't know what is inside the music, how can you bring it out to display to those listening?
You'd soon notice if people stopped doing that even if, like most of us, you couldn't say why. It's suprising at how much analysis goes into a good performance. It's what separates the boys from the men, the great from the mediocre.
the analysis is what seperates the masters from the rest of the players in the world. They notice the fine details and they perfect them while most people don't even care about them.
Plamen Manov
most of that staff should not be analized so much ... it's music not math
This is pretty much how a master class works. JB is simply teaching how to refine the piece. Its a forgone conclusion that the student already knows how to play it to a good standard otherwise he wouldn't be there.
The student is looking like..."Dude....what are you getting up in my face for?' LOL!
Great player, but I don't like the master class format, critqing players publicly, or even (though not Bream) berating them. Screw that, needs to be much more positive.
Kami Rey Vegas
Well, that's a Techer --- his stress on quality of sound and execution is quite unexpected for someone who just plays the notes right - Thank you
I thought he might have a 'Tube Of Joy' stuck to the headstock. :^)
Thanks for the lesson...great tips from the "Experienced" Master teacher...the student did pretty good considering he did it in front of Julian Bream. 5* --Van
It shows that a good teacher is a must.
Oh well and where I am .. can only dream.
Hannah Feehan
Wish he was my teacher. Legend!
Hannah Feehan
I think what he's said is fair, its not harsh at all lol. Maybe my guitar teacher is harsh... honestly totally agree with what he's saying. Also is this not the point of master classes? You're gonna get your face ripped off a bit because everyone's standards are so high. Anyone who thinks this is harsh needs thicker skin. This guy is well nice about it. He's constructive, he's right, he clearly knows his stuff. Lol well obv he does, its Julian Bream!!
Hannah Feehan
Good mustache!
If someone went to his lessons we assume he trusts his judgement.Do you prefer the teacher to tell you how good you are instead of pointing out your mistakes?
harsh ? teaching in a gentle way and pointing what is wrong with details is harsh ... he´s not even insulting him ... they payed for a master to show their errors , so a master can show his view about music ! how can this be harsh... see Segovia to begin only for a starter on what is rigorosity ... there are very well famous teachers that insulted stundets yet they were the best... Bream is so gentle ! so gentle ! stop with ignorance
that´s true... Segovia had that old style teaching... very scarefulllllllllll
Socrates Grecia
Segovia will always be Segovia and his masterclasses are legendary. But for me, a Julian Bream masterclass is the ultimate! Forget about whether or not he is "harsh" on the students, he is giving you a rare chance to crack open his skull a peer into the inner workings of his brain. Letting you experience his thoughts when he performs pieces in his epic and inimitable style. Nuances that you feel but can't pinpoint in his playing, he is breaking down for you. Be as harsh as you like Mr Bream!
John Washington
I don't feel Bream is harsh at all and I very much doubt the student would be offended because by the end of the session he had demonstrably improved and Bream was clearly passionate about getting his point across. I'd rather be told where I'm going wrong than have someone soft-soap me with the current trend of 'deferred success' and all that nonsense.
I actually started learning this piece just so I could get closer to the mindset of Bream. His words have such resonance and provide so much to learn from. It is really fun to go over this piece and see what he means. Thank you.
Yeah I do not also think that he is offended. And Bream has strong arguments in an objective way, the other guitarist's performance lacks of flow compared to Bream's, this is obvious.
Lightnin Hopkins
Shall we?
Hey great vid. Btw if anyone who applied to attend a masterclass with a world great would have been happy to receive whatever criticism to be able to play in the way the instructor plays it. The lucky student I guess was focusing hard to listen and keep up with instructions on the spot, because there were so many pointers given on the passages. Anyway if you spent time in a music school, you would be criticized or ridiculed by other instructors based on their opinion. Just get used to it becaus
I dont think he is offended either but if he was think about it like this, a Caucasian man teaching a Spanish man how to play Spanish guitar. Although I think he accepts the criticism fine.
ger boyd
no idea why people think the student is taking offence at criticism. He is trying to pay attention to the criticism but is no doubt aware that there is a TV camera in his face too! maybe we should all try it and see what we would look like.
I have no idea what you guys are talking about. That is the face of a student learning, not getting offended. Bream's advice is, indeed, masterful, and the student does his best to apply it in the brief time offered; doubtless, he would have gone home and practiced exactly that for hours and days afterwards, until it came naturally. Honestly, I wish I were good enough to even warrant sitting in that student's seat.
the student must be a professional guitar player himself
Did anyone notice that the title says master class? Its not "sit on your bed and play for your dog class". The lesson that Julian gave this guy is the the same thing that professors teach at any music performance school. Anyone can play the notes but can you make the guitar sing and talk? That is what Julian is telling this guy.
Joel Gabriel
Does anyone know where this student is today? If he was offended by the master's constructive criticism, I wouldn't be surprised if he let his ego prevent him from going any further than what we saw here.
John Washington
An effective performance [...] But!
Bream can truly make his guitar 'sing'...he is the MASTER here and needs to be listened 2....i am fam with his playing and i can say that Bream is one of the top 3 greatest classical guitarists of the 20thC...you can 'here' what he is explaing to the student, that is why he can say it - his voicing on the instrument and interpretative skills are unsurpassed...enjoy it....i know i have...
I am running out of ways to say how much these Youtube videos have 'invaded' my life.....I wish I had another life to live.....
I assume that when one goes to a master class one wants to receive constructive criticism. That is exactly what the student received from the great Maestro Bream. It must have been a big reality shock for the student, but Bream did him a greater service by pointing out where he needs to improve than by simply telling him that he played the piece well.
Gary Ormond
I haven't read all the mean comments, but considering I know this piece pretty well, I can see what Julian is saying in all his comments (blunt as some of them are) I also got the strong impression that the "student" really wanted to hit him throughout most of it, and didn't appreciate being corrected. :(
Six-String Steve
Why so mean to him? Have you any idea at all how much he contributed to the guitar? He left a legacy of hundreds of hours of recordings, brilliant interpretations of composers' works. He's simply showing the guy in the vid his own 'take' on the tune. What's wrong with that? He's not there to mollycoddle this Dude and sing his praises.
Anybody who is down on Julian Bream CLEARLY doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. He's one of the finest guitarists of his generation. He was obviously good enough to John Williams to do 2 duet albums with, which I might add, are fabulous!
Adorable 70s/80s high-class BBC-style programme, quite sad the way some of you are down on Bream, whatever else he was, he was ultra-talented. A nice piece of musical TV, thanks for posting it.
Sean Siegfried
I can understand why he hated teaching, he's a complete narcissist. He's under the delusion that he's discovered the right way to play classical guitar while everybody else is too thick. Good riddance to him.
Sean Siegfried
I thought this was rather cringe worthy to watch. I appreciate the giant figure that Julian Bream is and to what extent he championed the classical guitar and lute - but I can't stand people who fail to realise how subjective music is and how open it should be to individual interpretation. That's why I'd never go to a 'master-class'. He's impatient and dismissive with this man and it shows.
josh spoon
Hi i just found out that Julian Bream was my grandfathers favorite guitarist . So if you by chance have any more i could watch that would be great. Thanks,Josh
No player has the feeling of Julian Bream
ha ha
Luca Pirero
A great teacher as Julian Bream and...an astonished Frank Zappa, just the day before to start studying electric guitar!!:-))))))))
Porpoise Power
There's no right channel... your speakers may be mono( or your left channel is broken).
my left ear enjoyed
John Washington
But apart from that it was good!
Angel Geravinski
there is no sound why nobody comment that...
I wish he was my teacher...
Pouya Birgani
comb-over power harness
Julian's harmonics near the end are incredible
Crikey Winston! Don't cack-a-pack your knickers!
As so often in master-classes, the teacher is trying to teach sensitivity and 'artistic expression' to people who do not have this in them. I luv JB, but no to this.