The Duck Song

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Hikaru Studios
When life gives you lemons, Ask for grapes.
Jermaine Dreamur
Duck: **I'm about to end this man's whole career.**
Duck: Got Any Grapes? Black Panther: Get This Duck Some Grapes
Brown Fish
"Why not give it a try?" The duck said: "I rather die." AND HE WADDLED AWAY WADDLE WADDLE
Miles Chacon
He protec He attac But most importantly.. *he quacc*
[GD] TheRealMatvey
1919: I think in future there will be flying cars 2009: singing duck
Me: Youtube Algorithm: Hey, 'member this?
Duck: Waddles up Man: Ah s*it, here we go again
Zadie Weber
guy: no, we just have lemonade. how bout give a go? duck: how a whole mood
Doggo Hecks
_Ducks live for up to 5-10 years and this video is 10 years old_ *just let that sink in*
Doggybrowniecafe Hi
*ten years ago* : made for education Now: *YA GOT ANY GRAPESSS* ?
kirbysup channel
duck: got any grapes? the man: just two duck: NANI?!?!?
Whippy Daisy
Im here because TheOdd1sOut made a reference to it..... I missed you duck
James Esterline
Who else came here because TheOdd1sOut referenced it in his latest video?
1900's: We will have flying cars! 2009: *um I can explain*
Awpi Gaming
10 years later.... *Duck:* gOt AnY gRaPeS?
Anyone catch the cameo nuclear power plant in the background?
LPS dreamwolfstar
Doctor: you have about 3 minutes. To live...... Me:
Gia Alvarez
2019 anybody? Where my 2019 gang at! ~\(≧▽≦)/~
Hermione Granger
Duck: bam bam bam got any memes? Man: No we don't Duck: BRUH * and he waddled away with memes from another stand * Man: * TRIGGERED *
When the duck walked up to the lemonade stand he said to the man running the stand HEY BOOM BUM BUM GOT ANY AIDS
Babyy Cakess
here from TheOddOnesOut stranger video. definitely a throwback xD
Squidacorn !
I used to have to listen to this every time in kindergarten when went to the school library
What’s poppin
Duck: asks for grapes Man: says no for the 5th time Duck: 👁 👄 👁
Aji Saputra-Nii
Duck : (Asking a lemonade guy if he had grape on his stall) Guy : (Being annoyed, he bought the duck some grapes in store) Duck : (Asking if store sells any lemonade at the guy) Guy : *wait, that's illegal*
Electric Chungus
Who just came here after James mentioned the song Edit: I’m going to say ‘thanks for the like’ each like Edit: thanks for the like Edit: thanks for the like Edit: thanks for the like
Subscribe to me for no reason. Ok.
My friend: *Whats your favourite song?* Me: *It's Complicated.*
Catterbox109 PLAYZ
ぉゔぇ—XOX 17
Anyone watching this in 2019 I kinda found this creepy....My 4 y/o brain thought this was funny....😐☹️
Ko Matsuda
Who else here from odd1sout?
Average gacha
It’s so popular that the odd1sout knows it :)
sPilL tHe tEa siS
*_its been 10 years holy shet._* *Happy birthday Duck Song , you magnificent piece of art.*
i remember watching this ages ago like when i first found out what yt was
Isaiah Delahunt
Guy: im gonna glue you Duck: *I JUST WANTED GRAPES*
itz James
Hey gotta any friends The man: *then he waddled away waddle waddle*
Julia Slegt
Me: I should learn my exams. Youtube: *_no, watch this_*
Matthew Tucker
No one: Honestly, no one: Not even a single soul: Duck: gOt aNy GrApEs?¿?¿
Kuchi `
*I Don't Know Why I'm Here I'm Just See This In My Recommendation
Xz kizo
Man: we have no grapes Duck*pulls out gun* Man._. Duck:
Eliasz Xd
Man: selling lemonade Duck: HeY GoT AnY GrApEs
I Remember Watching This In Like 2nd Grade! woah I’m old
* Danish *
this was released ten years ago today, we’re all old :(
Chanelle XZ
Video: 10 years ago everyone watching from2019😂
Robert A
Go to play back speed and do 0.25 speed that equals to hmmm🤔 A DEPRESSION DUCK SONG.
Ayşe Gürer
What if that duck had clones? 😱😱😱😱😱😱
DustyRandomObject The Object
(^>^) />🍋>🍇 It’s a duck not a bunny :p
Joe Lee
Summer 2012 You’re a little kid and you bop to this song Life is great
Sofi Abdirahman
Omg so funny my little cousin picked this up I'm dead
abby the duck
I can listen to this all DAY!!!!!!!!!!! BOP BOP BOP🤪
زهوريتآ SHINHWA
The most unrelated recommendation ever but I LOVE IT more like this YouTube please
MiniWolf 697
Duck: *got any grapes?* Man: *GET OVER HERE YOU SO—* *Man has been banned due to “profanity”*
How to start an Internet fight: 1. Write a comment 2. Wait
You Suck At Drawing
Duck: Got Any Grapes? Human: No, For The Last 10 Damn Years We've Only Had Lemonade! Duck: Alright By Then m8
Humbloom Tuh Birb
10 years ago this was released wow
Klaudia Zsiga
Ducks live for 10 years and this song is 10 years old ;( RIP DUCK
Emily :3
Duck:got any grapes? Man: you little... Me:he looks pissed LMAO
Duck: أحتاج العنب Man: angry as fuk
Comic Boy & Fashion Girl
Try doing this for real Lol
the cherised soul
Duck: mmm, no thanks. Thanos: *_i don’t even know who you are_*
Christian Needham
I Love how people are still commenting on this video 10 years later Edit:Thanks so much for all the likes🤘🏻
MidsummerMagic YT
Me: Remembering this from 4 years ago Recommended: hEy ReMeMbEr ThIs OlD gEm?
Tran39X Gaming
I clicked this video because of TheOdd1sOut
Danny Stevinson
came back from theodd1sout....i thought i could escape this song lol. anyone else?
why don’t you give it try? the duck said “guess i’ll die🤷🏻‍♀️”
Who is here for the 10th anniversary of this song?
Sam Sam
Who's here from the odd1sout Talking to Strangers Video..
xXGalactic KatXx
Man: how bout you give it a go? The duck said.. How bout.. no? ThEn He WaDdLeD AwAy *_OOoHhHh_*
Millie S
1919: in the future there will be flying cars 2009: gOt AnY gRaPeS¿?¡!
Sailor uwu
Still got any grapes?
Tom Ritter
Nobody: Not a soul: Nobody in the universe: Not a single human being: The duck: *waddles away*
Cookie Monster Productions
Anyone watching in 2019? This was amazing! Great animation! Hey this reminds me of one of my friend's quotes: When life gives you lemons, Throw them back at life 😂
The guy running the stand looks like Jon from Garfielf
Instead of the infinity stones Thanos actually collects grapes
ErikTheViking Ful
He protecc He attacc But most importantly... 10 years later, everyone is bacc
shadow the hedgehog
He protec He attack But most importantly He waddles
Brian C
Came from TheOdds1Out just to listen to this again lol
Classic meme, but SO GLAD IT DIED in 2009
Me: I'm not watching any nostalgic memes again Duck song: I'm about to end this man's whole career
MATT80282 625
Duck: I m about to end this man wholes lemonade Stand
Iill glue you to a tree and leve you there all day stuck And the duck said oh, [REMOVED]
Aniruddha San
Who is here after *THEODDS1OUT* ??
Ktoś tam
When life gives you, paint, recorder, and silly voice
alien qween
who remembers watching this with their crackhead cousins at age 7? ... nobody..? just me? okay... -oof.-
lashy land
10 years later I still love this song lol
Wolf Weirdo
I was a year old when I watched this. I finnaly found it again
Why does no one question the fact that there is a talking duck?
mykah mebane
he asked if he had glue before he asked if he had grape because the day before he said if you ask again I will glue you to a tree and leave you there this duck asked if he had glue he said no so he asked if he had grape smartest duck ever
Obligatory payment of tribute for the tenth anniversary of a very nostalgic video. Will be back in 10 years.
Lyfe Lyfe
2:09 - he looks like he's about to do a.. *KamEhaMehAAAAA-------* 2:13 - never mind.
Matthew Cottee
Leave my lemons alone 🍋
Kirishima Eijirou
How long do ducks live: 5 - 10 years The Duck Song: 10 years old Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Piano version on my channel)
Directed by Amy Schumer and produced by Kathy Griffin.
x. Seraphina lol .x
Top 10 rappers eminem was afraid to diss OMG 1.3K Likes! ♥️❤
Tahira Haider
Anyone here in 2019?! I know I am not alone 😉
YouTube in 2005 - Me at the Zoo YouTube in 2009 - The Duck Song YouTube in 2018 - Crap (Fortnite)
This video: *made 10 years ago Youtube: *recommends it after 10 years
Dj Borders
got any glue? no why would I.. *oh.*
Bram S
Ducks live 5-10 years this means hes dead next month:(
"Tell me the duck story" Well it all starts with grapes